Channeled by higher self
27 October 2011

You are going through a inner and outer healing crisis on a personal and global level.. come through portals on 11-11-11 and this is the day of rebirth. If you hold onto things that no longer serve you, they will be ripped from you. You are being pushed by the masters, star beings and angels to transmute old concepts, , and attachments. Such as the idea of karma, of trauma, anger, being a victim. Look around you is it so? We love you very very much and always are holding your hand in the higher realms. We support your efforts and you are greatly respected coming to this .

You are also transmuting and ending contracts with people who have karmic attachments to you. Since karma is a old it will be transmuted in every way. We are leaving the attachments that many of us created hundreds or even thousands of years ago to embrace our dear family who resonates on a a level, at the same vibration.

Karma is not a universal , its a dualistic and it is overridden by unconditional love for all not just your close dear ones. This means letting go of all attachments and expectations of all others evolution as well. We come here out of love not because we are bound by karma.

This is the awareness of universality. The purpose of all creation is to create new patterns, textures, and beauty of unconditional love. Every time you create a act of love it is recorded in the and this part of us lives on for ever, it is eternal. the two main things to focus on now its to ground ground ground and focus on the light. Some people ask how we release these things? It is by focusing on love that will change your awareness. We love you all from the deepest part of our BEing and we are always here for all. Look at all of you coming together here in the time of crises, this is exactly what is needed and why things are the way they have, this is a "wake up call" and the urge inside of you will get even more strong to change. IT blesses all of creation to see all unifying, lightworkers are the leaders, are the examples of this cosmic change. lightworkers and starseeds have traveled from different dimensions. galexeys and even universes such as we have!!! Feel this divine power inside of yourselves. You are highly advanced souls who decided to leave are asceneded state to help our younger brothers and sisters. This is quite beautiful you see? it is so and will always will be, you have sacerficed much to be here and now is the time you have been waiting for for eons!! you are the masters, you are master bulders and creators. Feel your power! Awaken to this power deep inside or your self..

Everything is becoming unified as we speak. The old concepts and dynamics of separateness and duality conscious will be no more. Such as the concept of past lives or future self. This is all in the present moment. They are present selves you have already accomplished ascension, this is how it is viewed from the higher realms. Trance channeling will becoming conscious channeling. Do you see that these beings that you so call channel are your self????

These energies will be integrated into your body and grounded into gaia's core crystal. You have become adults and now have the opportunity to integrate these higher aspects of your BEing that have never been able to before. You are all one so see these BE-ings of pure love and awareness as a part of you. This is how jesus created miricales. He was aligned with all of his 12th dimensional blueprint and anchored it into the 3d. Masters are what you are. You are the channel, the conduit for you soul essence and this is what speaks through you not something serperate from you. "I" will no longer be a concept either. There is not "I" only we.