The of the Divine Mother burns with love and gratitude for the group prayers that you are carrying out.

In my heart flows the same gratitude and of what all of you in the group in are doing these days.

If you could measure you are achieving with these marvelous group prayers; if you were really conscious of the inroads you are achieving, all who are present here, with your prayers and your songs, you would keep on doing it every day over and over again, by sharing the results you have obtained.

We accompany you also in your group prayers, as well as a very large choir of angels and archangels who are also present when you gather, in order to increase the effectiveness that can be obtained with an inconceivable intensity, creating a thrombus or tornado of Light and Love that dissipates all darkness it finds in the adjacent spaces and even beyond, in other sometimes remote places where this help is urgently needed to transmute the involute and retrograde energies. It also contributes to the rescue of souls who are lost in a dark pit with no way out.

My utmost gratitude to all who are present here.

We know the sacrifices and the efforts many of you have had to make, but the task and spiritual work that is being carried out and the results they generate in the whole planet and among all of humanity are well worth it.

All of you, receive the Love that the Cosmic Father/Mother sends to you from My Heart, with great gratitude and a profound joy.

– Oxalc, 2nd, 2011

Channel: Kris-Won

: Gloria