3 2011


The main theme for October 2011 is Point.

The image is that of facing a well-known view, in fact a view you have become so accustomed to you hardly notice it anymore. And now you have just realized that you are turning away from this view 90 degrees to the right and leaving it completely behind in order to face a new view. Suddenly it dawns on you that the old view will be gone forever, never to be seen again in the same way. There is nostalgia around the permanence of the loss of this old view. It is familiar to you and it has served to inspire, entertain, give you feedback and be a placeholder in your life. You realize that once you turn towards the new view the old one is gone forever. And despite the inadequacies of the old view in matching a new time, there is a resistance to giving it up and turning towards the unknown. What if the new view isn't as good as the old one? What if you won't be able to see the new view? What if it is not a clear view, or an inspiring one? What if there is no new view?

The Turning Point can also be called the . When one season ends and another begins, as in moving from Summer to Fall, there is no going back. You have passed the . And as you move clockwise around the medicine wheel from one direction to the next, you are at a as you arrive at the new position or direction. The natural progression in is always clockwise or to your right. That is the way the clock works, the seasons roll, and wheels move forward. So we are at the point of turning clockwise into a new landscape providing us with a new view.

We have been creating this new view for a while now. We just have not turned our sights on it as yet. The new view has been waiting for our much-needed focus on it to come into being and we are just now at that point but some of us still unwilling to make the final turn. What we do not realize in our resistance is that the new view is fabulous, inspiring, supportive and perfect for where we need to go. However in order to see the new view we must turn away from the old one and turn towards the new one. This is happening whether you are choosing to or not. We are truly at the Turning Point right now.

Another image to work with is the idea of the Turning Point as the point at which there is enough in a certain direction to insure a result. If you have been ill and are recovering, there is turning point in your illness where you are insured a recovery. The same thing applies to an ending or a death. There is a certain turning point at which there is a certainty about the outcome. When a lot of energy is being put into building a business or starting a project, or cultivating a relationship, there is always a turning point at which it either takes off or you see that it won't work. This month you have the opportunity to experience turning points in many aspects of your life. Perhaps you have set certain intentions, and worked with them over time. This month you may get to experience a turning point in manifesting those intentions.

Other themes of the month are Transition/Transformation and Death/Rebirth.

Transition/Transformation and Death/Rebirth are similar in that they both use the turning point to move from one point to another. The main characteristic of this change as a turning point is that there is finality to the ending of one experience that automatically turns you towards another one. What is the experience of the Turning Point trying to teach us this month?

What we need to learn is to be more present so we can fully embrace what is in front of us and then let it go with gratitude for the experience it provided. We need to learn to be less attached so that we can turn away from the old view and toward the new one with less resistance. We also need to learn to be more trusting and confident that the view we are creating that we are turning toward is exactly what we want and need. We need to face this view with confidence, enthusiasm and excitement instead of with fear.

Many of you know that there is a marker at the end of this month that marks the official end of the Mayan Calendar, namely the date of October 28, 2011. There are many predictions about what may happen at this time. Some predict 3 days of darkness, some predict major earth changes, some predict that nothing significant will happen, and other predict that the changes will be mostly personal, emotional and psychological

October 28, 2011 is simply a marker as it is impossible to predict what the Turning Point will manifest. What we can predict is change and transition that brings us all beyond the point of no return.

How the month shows up:


Use the month to get present. Use the month to fully take in your experiences with gratitude and use the month to fully release what you are turning away from. You may go through feelings of nostalgia, sadness and even some grief, much of it general and not really connected to anything. Nostalgia is in the air as we are turning towards a new view. See and experience everything with presence. Practice saying goodbye to what you know, and hello to the unknown view ahead. This is an incredible time where you can experience the turning point towards the positive in many areas you have put energy into. It is a good month for manifesting especially something you have been putting your focus into for a long time. You may also feel compelled to finally let go of what is holding you back from that new view. Make friends with death and the finality of its lessons.

A good exercise to do daily would be to face a literal view that you are familiar with and then to turn 90 degrees to your right, trying on the experience that you will never see the old view again. Take in the beauty and wonder of the new view and see its possibilities as positive and supportive. Do this as many times during the day wherever you are to practice the experience of the turning point.


There are aspects of relationship this month that point to moving towards more balance of the masculine and the feminine. There is an underlying practicality to the times that will govern relationships as well as other things. Since we are in a time of increased relationship awareness, be aware of all your relationships, not only to other humans and animals, but also to nature, your thoughts, work, , , habits, dreams and intentions. Since this is a practical time, do what is practical. If it is to heal a relationship, heal it. If it is to eliminate one, eliminate it. If it is to transform one, do that. There is a soft ruthlessness that comes with compassion but also a sense of not being willing to put up with what does not serve. Watch when things want to become dramatic. This is not necessarily a dramatic month but one of persevering towards what you know is right. The opportunity is for stronger more balanced relationships to emerge as they move through their turning points. Be careful not to blame.


The environment is in a time of pulling into itself its energy and resources. You could say it is an internal time for the environment with not a whole lot showing up on the outside. However just as a large wave pulls energy into itself before crashing onto shore, the environment is in the of pulling energy into itself biding time until the next show. There is no predicting how it may show up.

Mother nature is certainly not finished with its support of our process of transformation, evolution and change. Our lesson is to trust the process and see it as supportive instead of inconvenient. The best preparation is flexibility and the willingness to face the wave head on. Use the exercise of turning towards a new view with the environment in mind. It will help you to feel as a co creator instead of a victim.


Your health will use the turning point theme to either get better or to get worse. Which way it goes is entirely up to you and depends a lot on where you have been putting your energy in this area. It is not too late to make choices to improve our health and your relationship with the physical body however those choices cannot be ambivalent. The universe needs to see that you are serious. You must show a strong intention by being willing to turn away from the habits and thoughts that keep you from your optimal health.

This is a month when you could actually experience miracles and situations turning around almost overnight. Your beliefs will have much to do with this.

This is also a month where you may feel fatigued and need more rest. The pace of the last few months has left many of you feeling like you need a break. It is a good time to take care and nurture yourself.

Support the immune system and the adrenals.


An excellent month to fine-tune what you want, where you are going, who with and how. The turning point here has much to do with letting go of any old judgments about what you have or have not accomplished and what you have or do not have to show in your life at the moment in terms of traditional success. Turn away from the old view of how you believe things ought to be done and be willing to open up to a new way of doing things. This may require a restructure of some sort but the outcome may be phenomenally successful. Some projects you have been steadily feeding with your intentions and hard work will reach a turning point and suddenly you will see your hard earned results.


Some global issues will reach a turning point that you will be able to define as positive and some will pass a point of no return that signals their demise. This is true for individuals as well as policies and global issues that affect countries, states and regions. As we delve deeper into the awareness of how everything is related, it will become more and more obvious through the domino effects of decisions impacting all the countries of the world economically and in other ways. We are building towards more awareness even thought it will still take some time. Be ready for more startling events and scandals to be uncovered. Don't get caught up in the judgment and polarity these truths could bring. Accept wit compassion and forgiveness and keep turning towards a new view.


October 1-7: There is a quality of stillness to this time frame almost as a wave gathering its energy. It is a good time to reflect, to be aware, to practice staying present and to be fully in whatever experience you are having. This is more about being than it is about doing. Practice gratitude for everything and be aware of the impermanence of what you experience. Spend time in contemplation and be aware of your own process rather that be distracted by what others want or are doing. You can easily be derailed by chaos at this time. Setting up just right for the turning point requires being focused without distraction. Eliminate chaos whenever possible at this time.

October 8-15: Feel full, feel nostalgic, feel emotional, feel expanded, feel blessed, feel supported, feel inspired, feel excited. This can be a stable but higher centered time that is marked by the full moon on the 11th. Breathe deeply and turn any sadness, grief, disappointment, anxiety, worry or despair into the peace of letting go. Make friends with death as an ally to help you let go of the old view. Get excited about the possibilities the new view will bring. What if the new view is so wonderful you could never have imagined it?

October 11: Full Moon is at 8:06PM Mountain Daylight Time. A beautiful and practical time full of feeling, of love, of possibilities, of wonder, of friendship, support and delight. Use the turning point exercise to imprint yourself with the positive aspects of embracing the new view.

October 16-23: You will definitely experience the turning point during this time frame. It can either be a painful experience of letting go or a euphoric one of movement to a new paradigm. The veil of the physical realm is thin and you could have a lot of astral bleed through where you feel that you are dreaming in snippets while awake. This is a great time for meditation and spending time in conscious daydreams. Make sure to be proactive with your intentions during this time. This is also where you can begin to see your hard work paying off. Never cease to prune, get rid of, or eliminate those elements that need it. Just like toenails that are too long, they will trip you and limit your mobility after awhile.

October 24-31: This is a busy time energetically as the wave that was invisibly collecting power is now ready to explode onto the shore once more. If you are the wave, it is time to show up in your glory and creativity, proactively choosing a new view as you cross the point of no return. Many will need compassion during this time as they will feel lost, and possibly feel loss as well. Hold them in compassion without taking on their confusion. Trust in spirit and in the greater plan. The small mind has no idea what the new view looks like. The larger mind of spirit does. Your rudder in this turbulent ocean is your own anchor into your own intention, power and integrity. Be certain of your own turning point, face the new view and laugh out loud

October 26: is at 1:57PM Mountain Daylight Time. Do something to anchor something new. Honor the greater Turning Point of the collective. Celebrate the ending of something old and the beginning of something new!

Have a wonderful month!



Source: The Power Path