4 October 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

Take the time to ground and center yourself. To clear and/or smudge yourself. To feel the peace. Feel your (inner) peace.

Mind you, it may be challenging for many of you to sense that peace. It seems a little restless or edgy. Barely there.

Still, peaces comes naturally to some of you, enveloping you fully.

The more you schedule quiet times for yourself during the day, the easier it becomes to shield yourself from any dense emotion coming from others (fear, anger, grief, anguish…). Maintaining your center as well as knowing what is yours (emotions, memories, thoughts), what belongs to others and what is a part of the collective (as in the entire human race and the culture, race, religion… you belong to) is also easier.

Often you forget that you are so much more than yourself. Your spirit or soul carries so much. You remember most of what happened to you in this life, but not not necessarily in others. And your family nucleus also holds many cycles and memories.

These are very active times. Clearing and shedding are happening at rapid rates, and tend to be quite intense. For some of you, this process started quite a few years ago, and you may (or may not) have been fully aware of what was going on. It is possible you are holding on to "things" that should have been released long ago.

If you have a daily practice of grounding and centering and your life remains off centre, it is very likely that all the dense emotions you are feeling are directly or indirectly yours. These can stem from your current life or your lives of long, long ago and need to be released.

Perhaps fear or anger is preventing you to release everything that has been coming up.

Something is making you hold on to parts of the old you or parts of previous yous (including collective events that were or are part of you). Mind you, this may very well be unconscious.

Even if it seems irrational, it is possible that at some level you fear you will no longer be yourself or that you will be a lesser you if you let these things go, for they somehow have been such an integral part of who you are, of your journey, even of your drive to bring about changes into this world.

Releasing often leads to all kinds of change, most usually for the better. Still, you may believe you need all these heavy memories to shine your light, even if they take a lot of room and .

We are not saying that your are refusing to change for yourself. Sometimes you see quite clearly what needs to be done, but you are afraid to leave loved ones behind as you evolve.

If any of these statements apply to you, take some time to reflect on what or who could be holding you back on a subconscious level.

For instance, are you unwilling to forgive past wrongs? (either done to you or that you did to others – forgiving others or yourself).

Do parts of you refuse to stop being angry towards someone for example? No matter how hurtful his or her actions may have been, it may not have been intentional. Sometimes people are so overwhelmed by their own and suffering that they are totally unaware of/blind to the impact of their actions on others. Never mind how much you suffered then, what good does holding on to that grief or anger do for you now?

You deserve some peace, and serenity. How about letting go what no longer serves you so you have room to bring the high vibration energies/emotions in? Yes, your spirit is immense, but you still need to make room for the new and beautiful. It is harder to find the beauty and the in yourself (and in others) when there is so much junk laying around.

Remember that lack of self-love manifests in a myriad of ways. We are not necessarily referring to you, but to those around you: friends, family, colleagues, strangers. So many acts are not "personally" aimed at you.

Everybody is reacting to their own releases and activations differently. If you think it is rough for you, have a thought for those whose eyes are closed, who have absolutely no clue that anything bigger than them is happening. How lost/scared do you think they feel? Especially if they are going through some of the physical symptoms of the "detoxification".

Letting go of all dense emotions and memories will not only help you, it will help others. They will see that there is light at the end of the tunnel. They will realize it gets better. And thanks to you, their eyes may open a little to the vastness of what is and find a way to embrace the occuring changes.

Another reason why it is important for you to be willing to let go of events/feelings/thoughts from the past Earthlings, is to allow the energy to move freely, to flow.

Another thing that could be happening is your has somehow found a way to run your show. Sending you all sorts of sabotaging thoughts and memories that will make you want to hold on to the dense emotions for dear life.

The ego has its purpose, We have touched upon this before – it is actually quite helpful as a very secondary role. In a way, your ego helps prevent people from stepping all over you.

Just remember that when the ego sneaks in from backstage and tricks you into becoming the star, then you are not really yourself.

Let us put it another way. your higher self wants you to be the best version of you that you can be. It wants you to shine your light bright because it knows the unique gifts you have to bring to this Earth.

The ego just wants more room for itself. It is like a child who refuses to share. The ego simply wants what is "best" for itself, even if it not in your best interest. It cares very little about you. But you need it. And you need to keep it in check.

Pain and suffering is normal as you grow and evolve. However, it should be minimal. Yes, it happens, for a few days in a row here and there, but it is not meant to be experienced for long periods of time. There is no gain to be made in constant, long-term suffering.

Yes, is part of the process, but it is more like a bump on the road, it is not the road itself.

Do you see what we mean?

If it persists, it should be checked and fixed, like a faulty suspension that makes your car travels unpleasant. And just like when you have car problems and you go to the garage to get it fixed, sometimes you need help to move things through. That is OK.

Yes, you need time alone. That does not mean you have to go through it alone. There is a big difference between the two. Being self-gentle and self-loving means getting support and guidance when you need it.

Suffering is not the end-goal, growth is. The quicker you move through the pain, the faster you will achieve the gain.

While it may be challenging for you to accept this right now, there will come a time where you will experience some discomfort, but no pain or suffering. Actually, you will feel peace, serenity and joy that will trump the discomfort. The can vouch for that.

So if you are deep in a dark tunnel, let that be your light that will help you find your way to get help and go beyond whatever it is you are going through.

As your release, detoxify or purge, whatever happens to you, just allow yourself to feel and release – provided that you are safe/in a safe environment – if you are in an unsafe or dangerous situation, please do what you must to take care of yourself and head to safety – that includes getting medical care if physical or mental/emotional ailments last too long.

Yes, physical symptoms accompany growth, but if they last too long or change (aggravate), something else could have happened along the way. Just be mindful that the traditional medical field may not fully be open to certain things and divulge what you feel is appropriate and necessary.

Assuming you are safe, if you are angry for instance, let the anger wash over you, feel the anger, then release it. If you need help getting it out of your system, drum, scream, punch a pillow, break some dishes, write everything down by hand on a piece of paper, then burn it.

The goal of "evolving" or growing is for you to free yourself, to feel free and be true: unconstricted, unrestricted. You are able to feel the energy and emotions flow through you seamlessly because you are open (free of any blockages or knots).

The dense emotions also flow through you provided you let them be without holding on to them. They are simply energy, just acknowledge them and let them go. Refusing to admit (if only to yourself) that you are disappointed, for instance, will harm you. The will stay stuck in you, and that will create further knots and blockages, like an inner dam or clogged pipes if you like.

Remember that it is OK to feel the entire range of emotions. You are allowed to be angry (or in joy) – use that energy for positive change, to make things right. Discard the emotion itself, the label it carries and just use that spark of energy the emotion holds to fuel you.

As long as you are human, you will experience all the human emotions. Mind you, the way in which you perceive these emotions will change.

Please be true to yourself, honour yourself. Nobody but you is allowed to tell you what you should or should not feel.

A lot of you experiencing grief/anger right now are simply remembering all the repressed emotions you have lived through in this life and others before that: either your own or ancestral (Almost all cultures, religions, races/people have experienced some sort of persecution or oppression at some time or another – now still – that is an extremely heavy load to carry. All of this is being released so you can get move towards better things.)

And since your society seems to accept some emotions more than others, and that acceptance is also gender-based, be aware that much of your release can manifest in the form least tolerated by your current gender.

For instance, it is acceptable for women to cry and "be emotional", so most repressed emotions or memories will often manifest through male-accepted emotions such as anger.

As for men, who have been shown it is OK to be mad or aggressive, then the "softer" emotions of hurt, sorrow… you know all the water based emotions that are easily/rapidly released with a good cry, well those emotions will surface more in males.

Call it balancing.

As We keep saying, be gentle to yourself. That includes feeling/ releasing emotions that society/ family/friends have denied you to feel. Allowing yourself to clear will help you lighten up. There is no need to feel so heavy. Shed all the extra invisible heaviness that weighs you down.

You are perfect as you are. What is imperfect is society's view of reality.

So please, take that quiet time for yourself. Give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you are feeling, acknowledge it, then RELEASE it to the Earth.

Prolonged pain or discomfort are not desired states. Such anguish dims your light. Be good to yourself. Ask for help if you have trouble getting rid of dense energies.

For it is only when you are experiencing peace and love that you are able to grow, evolve and make your world a better place. By that We mean bringing about positive change is almost impossible when you are feeling drained, ill, angry, frustrated… So lighten up your load and your mood.

Each and every one of you has something great to bring to this world.

Everything is always up to you. And that includes taking great care of yourself, of your needs first, and asking for help when you have trouble going over that bump on the road by yourself.

This is All

Much Light and Love to Everyone

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