3 October 2011


Loyalty is a quality to be admired. Loyalty to truth and is most important. Loyalty to anything or anyone else before truth is destructive to all.

Innocence is always loyal to self and truth, it has not been infected with the need to be different or please others, in favor of what is. Innocence has no doubt, judgment, fear, blame or false loyalty. Love and truth is our nature along with , happiness and light.

Ignorance is lying to self and not living or knowing the truth. Fear, darkness and lies have no hold on us when we align and remember the truth of who we are.

To sort through the in your life you must discern and discover what is true for you. The world has conspired to keep us in confusion, blending the truth with the lies and convincing us of what we know is not true. We buy it out of loyalty to family or or desire for things to be different than they are and hoping they will change or that we are wrong. Bad move, this is what puts us in the middle of what breaks us down as people and community.

People are loyal to the lie to save jobs, position and property. Man made reality is often based on agreed upon loyalty to a group idea or dream of how things can be controlled to occur.

Universal truth is based on harmony and alignment of what is. Loyalty based on truth, love and harmony of real experience will always work.

Loyalty based on what others think, want, or can control is always going to fail because the truth does win out. The law of attraction and other Universal laws work on truth and cannot be controlled.

Look at your life. Where are you loyal and what does it cost you?

In this time of looking for answers and truth we begin by trusting ourselves and being loyal to what we know to be true in all areas of our life. Letting go of the lies and walking in truth will always lead you to powerful real places.

Begin to trust your and intelligence instead of following lies to be loyal to something else.

Loyalty to truth will always give you a compass and a pathway to your best opportunities, health and life. Trust you and go for it…even if no one else agrees.

Enjoy the Journey,

Janet StraightArrow

Be The Medicine, Live the Power of you!