19 2011



There is much to have discourse on in this amazing time upon your dear Planet , for all about you changes are being wrought seemingly overnight and without too much fanfare. What used to take months and years to accomplish and bring into manifestation now comes forth in the twinkling of an eye. Truly it is a magical and powerful time to be walking on this . People the World over are learning that the power of their and following through on their with determination and resolve can open many doors that they thought locked forever. Nothing is forever, Dear Ones, and this has been and will continue to be proven over and over again as time marches on.

All is in a state of change, a state of flux and flow, sometimes ebbing, sometimes at rest and sometimes in flow and this is just a fact in the great Omniverse. Even is always moving, always growing and expanding, always learning and experiencing, for such is the stuff of life. Life is to be experienced to the fullest, with full awareness and consciousness and this has been something that Humanity as a whole has forgotten, as the system that has been long established upon Earth has kept Humanity in a constant state of fear of survival, and not leaving much room or to move beyond that perception. This is now in a state of flux and people everywhere are beginning to awaken to the knowledge that they have the power to choose their experiences and that their experiences can be good, can be positive, empowering and nurturing.

As we continue to move into the last weeks of this month and on into the next, observe the happenings around you, observe the people around you. Do they seem different to you or is everything still what was once considered normal? By observing with keen interest, one can begin to discern the changes that have been taking place within the hearts of Humanity. There is more determination and resolve, yes – but there is also a greater tolerance and respect for each other than has ever been evident between people since the ancient days of forgotten civilizations when love reigned upon the lands.

As people begin to honor the Divine within each other, and accept the uniqueness of each individual rather than each other for not fitting into their expectations of what they should be, more harmony and peace will fill the land, for when Humanity feels these states of Being within themselves, the outer manifestations of their lives reflect this. This is why the Family of Light has been telling you for years that what is taking place within is reflected back without through those you have chosen to walk with in your current life. As you continue to release old patterns of feeling and being, remember this, for it will help you gain a greater awareness of what it is you need to work upon. Your partners, family and co-workers will mirror back to you what you are feeling within.

When pondering on the purpose of the emergence of issues that come forth, remember that it is all about you. You are the one creating your scenarios, for you are a creator and you are more powerful than has been apparent to you. What is taking place as the issue comes forth is calling for you to bring out into the open, hidden aspects of yourselves that need to come forth to gain recognition and balance, love and healing. These are the very ways in which you gain the Mastery of yourselves, of life in the physical realms. So we encourage you to keep on keeping on, Beloved Ones, for the Light of a new day is dawning, indeed, it is here now!


©2011 Marlene Swetlishoff
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