5 October 2011




What is it to manifest? It is to reveal, to bring into light, to embody and materialize. We are aware that this sounds simple, and it is simple – when you are aware and know fully that you are pure spirit, pure , and .

Become aware that your pure spirit, pure consciousness and pure energy has been manipulated and programmed since the birth. This is the time for humanity to out of the haze and numbness of powerlessness and fear, to shake off misconceptions and beliefs about lack and scarcity.
Each carries some aspect of this limiting programming. These beliefs have been handed down from one generation to the next, sometimes in words, but more often in the energetic stance or energetic signatures of parents, teachers, leaders, employers, and the of the entire matrix.

The work for each human in this is to shake off this programming, lift consciousness and up to the place of totally knowing who they are as a multidimensional starhuman.

Each human is unlimited, infinite, and powerful beyond measure. Each human is a creator, an and a manifestant of the highest degree. Step into this knowing. Step into this awareness. Step into and embody this true clear power.

You and all others are transforming the remains of any dysfunctional patterns, beliefs and behaviors that are in your human .

Scan your life, review and discover all the times when you asked and did receive. Make a list for yourself of the multitude of times you had a need or desire, asked for it and it appeared, it was revealed and made visible. You will discover through this process all the times in which you manifested your desires.

The last aspect of the cycle is to allow yourself to receive what you have asked for. Practice more allowing and practice more gratitude. Relax into the process and know that all is well and that all is unfolding as it should be.

Your beloved planet is embraced by incredible infusion of Divine Light of Awareness. When any bright light shines in a place that has been dark, all is revealed, and the dysfunctions and patterns that have been hidden in the shadows can be transformed as they are brought to awareness and full consciousness.

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