Channeled by:
October 29, 2011

Many blessings of love and light are finding their way to you dear precious ones. Questions, problem solving, learning newer and better ways, self-help; all and more dear ones leads you to further self-discovery, self-love, self-belief, and so much knowledge and wisdom.

Let us first those questions. Some questions are created from the ego, and some are merely from very curious individuals who wish to know now what is to happen, where they are going and so forth. All that you seek dear ones is already inside of you. All the tools that you need to get you there are also inside of you. YOU are your own asset for all that you need to grow in all avenues of your life. There is a fountain of knowledge already inside you, just waiting for you to discover. All the experiences you have had so far will help you with what is yet to come. Get a good mind set, positive thinking regarding where you are going on your journey. You already know there will be challenges; so don’t spend too much of your time with possible scenarios of what could be. Start working from your heart, and begin living through that wonderful loving heart with all you do.

As you learn to go within to answer your questions, you will learn how to do things yourself. You will become more self-reliant, which will incur you to become much more confident of yourself. you give yourself to second guessing will be diminished as you will develop deep trust and faith for yourself and the gift of intuition. Your ego will have no place or very little. How wonderful that will be. The gift of your intuition once you have established this trust and faith will become stronger over time as you learn to focus more intently and with more purpose.

You are already learning newer and better ways of living and being. You have been adopting these for a long time now. Sometimes what you have learned gets updated, or slightly changed to move the flow of the times at hand. Continue this growth; continue learning and becoming ALL that you were always meant to be. How do you know what you are meant to do? You follow your heart dear ones. Don’t set expectations for yourself that are unrealistic. Unrealistic expectations can easily lead to disappointment and low emotions. Set your expectations at a reasonable and achievable height, and don’t forget to reward yourself each time you surpass each goal. We are cheering for you; you need to be cheering for yourself also.

You have an abundance of energy, love and light all flowing inside of you that fills and refills continuously. You will know when you need to regain your own energy. Some of you have already felt and energy depletions. This is not unusual as you manoeuvre along your spiritual journey to ascension. As you are raising your own vibrational frequency sometimes you feel a bit unsteady until you adjust to the new level. Take your time dear ones. This is no race.

Ever since you woke to the light and love of God, you have been working at transforming yourself. This rebirth you are passing through is bringing you closer to the Oneness many have been seeking. Transformations are possible more than once dear ones, most likely a few times in one’s life. I know many of you have many other troubles in your daily life that can bring you down from time-to-time. You lead very busy lives and some of you do not get to relax and breathe longer than a few minutes. Take in those precious minutes as little miracles and blessings dear ones, as that is what they are. We of the Divine know you are struggling with many hardships still and we send you gifts of brief moments even though they may seem unsubstantial. You are much loved dear ones. There is so much joy for you to have. For the few moments you may have throughout your busy day, notice your guides with you, the warmth of the sun even on a cool day, the uplifting feeling of the breeze, the sharp and exhilarating feeing of a raindrop on your face. Not all experiences has to be contrasted with negative descriptions, there are many positive aspects that cross your path all the time that needs to be noticed. It is a nice break to notice something else than what you are mostly worry about. Not only does this give your precious mind a break but allows you to focus on something else, something like a tiny, vacation for your mind and spirit which will also have positive effects on your physical body.

My precious dear ones, it is time once again to depart this dear soul. I have enjoyed our time together today. Not only am I able to guide you when you call upon my assistance when you need reminders of having your own answers, but . Never forget this dear and precious ones.

And so it is, Ascended Master Rakoczy through Julie Miller