10 2011

Beloved earth humans,
We are the Arcturians and we are here to embrace each of you with total love and feeling of joy. We are to speak to you with the voice of truth. There are so many misleading from the spiritual realms brought to you and often you do not know which one to follow or which one to believe.

Now we want to ask you to consider: there are different levels of vibrational light. Each message vibrates — and it is not the content on which you are able to whether a message is coming from Divine and Christed Sources, but the frequency, the light quotient, if you like, is it which tells you whether you can trust the source.

Now how to find out about this level of frequency, which vibrates as a communication to you?
We suggest that you always first call upon the Christ, the of Christ and the Love of Christ — or the you are trusting the most. Open up to this Light and Vibration. If you call upon it, there is no way that it would not come to you, embrace you, touch you, vibrate around you, infill you, if you allow so. And so, once you fully feel this light, it’s characteristic, it’s blessing, it’s love, then you can compare the vibration of a message you are reading. If you feel that this message is compatible with the Christ Energy you know that you can trust.
If a vibration is less, then be what you allow to influence you. Know that the lower the frequency the more manipulative the intention behind it, and the more misleading it can be, drawing you into levels of experience you don’t really want to be in, but have allowed to influence you.

Always also know in your heart the pathway you are desiring to walk. Consider deeply whether you are satisfied with levels and illusionary mental visions or whether your heart desires the highest light, which is free of form and content, but bliss, love and joy. The highest dimensions are always light, being and the full feeling of It. And it comes with the Peace and the Silence of Being, so that you can bathe in It.

All worlds are mere transitory states and stages of experience. Full satisfaction of your heart is where the feeling of happiness resides. It is without form and specific content. It merely IS.
We love you so much!

We are the Arcturians