19 2011


A Channeling from from the High ,

October 19, 2011, through Valerie Donner

Greetings, I am Mira. I speak to you today from the Pleiaidan High Council. We are at your command.

We find you in an interesting state of affairs. You are being enlightened and uplifted in a variety of ways and in others you are pulled back into your old ways of thinking. This old reality is drifting into the past but is still affecting you in a variety of ways. The third dimension is familiar. Even if you can imagine living in a blissful, abundant, loving and accepting higher it is all too easy to rely on familiar and somewhat negatively patterned thoughts. You are being called to rise above the third dimension and use your thoughts more in the positive.

We are positioned around the Earth. Our love and caring pours out to you in a myriad of ways. We involve ourselves in helpful ways to assist the Earth’s birthing process as well as your own. We stand for your empowerment and for that of the Earth. We hold a vision for you of the Earth and all of life living in harmony and love. We see you, Lightworkers, as beacons of this Light. This is why we choose to communicate with you, to let you know that we are here, how much we care and love you. We support you in change.

As opens more to the acknowledgment of us and your space family, we can proceed with our assistance. The opening of your hearts and knowledge that we exist will wipe away old patterns. This will serve the Earth and life well. Some may not like our presence but this fact remains, we exist, are one with you, and have a role to play in the ascension of your planet.

Your calendar year 2012 is coming quickly. You will begin to see some important changes. They will magnify the need to change. Much will be cleared. Progress will be made. New truths will be revealed. More people will be seeking spiritual awakenings and answers to questions why all of the changes are happening. The chaos will continue. The Earth will speak more loudly. There will be messages in the sky, the water, the land and sea. The Earth knows of our presence. It is a natural for her. We work together and have throughout eons of time.

You will need to learn to trust your inner guidance and intuition. You will need to keep a firm connection with the Earth. You will be called to assist others, to pray, meditate and connect with us. Look to the skies for messages. Call upon us for clarity and assistance. Feel the earth beneath your feet. Dance in the Light of knowing that we are following the symphony of life as together we move into a higher dimension.

I send you love, peace and healing,

I am Mira from the

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