Talyaa Liera a message from Polaris channeled by Talyaa

Saturday, 1 October, 2011  (posted 3 October, 2011)

Close your eyes a moment. Go ahead. Relax. now and drop down into your . Your beautiful, beautiful . Ahhh. Did you feel what just happened? Your body relaxed. You let go of everything you were holding, just for a moment, and were completely present, aware, and yourself. Just for a moment.

Imagine what your life might be like if you could manage to be in that space, in that very present awareness, all day long. Imagine who you might be if that were the case. Imagine what being you would feel like.

That is what you are doing this month. You are re-structuring. Re-creating. Re-living. Re-newing. Dreaming yourself into being. Becoming You.

This is hard work! So much creating. You know the saying wasn't built in a day? Well, neither were you! And neither is this complex, messy, beautiful world you are co-creating with all of humanity and the planet's beings. You are a work in progress. A masterpiece! Ever closer to perfection, ever closer to being as real and true and as expansive as you were meant to be. As you are now choosing to be.

Make this your personal New Year this month! Create a proclamation, and proclaim your desires to the world: I am in this moment and henceforth choosing to create myself anew, to drop down into my heart and allow myself to Be, in all the beauty that is mine to claim. I now become Me.

Hold on! Some of you are thinking, Hey wait, aren't I already me? What's up with that? I've been working on this Me thing a long, long time…when am I going to be finished? When do I feel gooood?

Oh, but you will! By choosing to step firmly upon your path and claim what is already yours, you will feel a shift. Just like that. Just like what you felt when I asked you to drop down into your heart. Remember? If you want that feeling again, go ahead: close your eyes. Breathe. Now again feel your beautiful, . Feel its indelible connection to every other heart, to the breath of the universe, to the divine, to your sacred destiny. Feel how you expand into your bigness. Feel your path stretching ahead of you, the path that now includes you claiming your birthright, choosing to Become You.

Daily practice to support the energies of October and your personal proclamation:

Honor your path and your personal proclamation by choosing a daily reminder of your expansiveness, of your path of creating yourself anew. What speaks to you? Rituals are powerful when they honor one or more of the senses. Which of your physical senses speaks to you now?

Hold a stone in your hand and feel its song

Stand under a tree and breathe with it

Draw a Tarot card and gaze at the image

Indulge in a sensual massage

Immerse yourself in a tea ritual, sipping slowly

Let the bass notes of loud music permeate your being

Taste delicious fruit

Breathe the scent of just-fallen rain

What does creating yourself anew look like? Feel like?
How is this month different from any other?

Think back now to the past year. Remember. Remember where you were and what you were feeling and doing, one year ago. Now feel into today. What has changed? Who are you now? Who are you becoming?

In the past year, we were engaged in tearing away what was no longer needed to reveal the foundation. You have good bones! And so much beauty can be built upon good bones. But restructuring, recreating, reliving….this is difficult work sometimes. Disconcerting. You may not feel much like yourself. You may feel that something is missing. You may wonder whether you are coming or going. All are okay and to be expected.

If you don't feel like yourself. You aren't! You are changing. Be open to the possibility that you are now letting go of the parts of you that you do not choose to keep, that do not serve you best and that do not reflect the beauty of who you are. Breathe and relax.

If you feel that something is missing. It just might be! Be open to the possibility that what is missing is what you don't need. On a soul level, you are directing yourself to create the experiences that serve your growth as a beautiful being. Be open to the perfection of the masterpiece that you are creating.

If you wonder whether you are coming or going. You might be doing both! Rest in one of the daily practices above to ground and renew. Remember that tomorrow is a new day, that you are at all times in the midst of and that you can choose the that you experience.


Creating yourself anew is hard work. Do not feel surprised to feel a spectrum this month, from amazingly energized and jazzed about yourself and your life to unexpectedly tired and lacking in or motivation. Do your best not to be too unnerved by this. Ride your spectrum as if you are riding your own inbreath and outbreath. We all have a natural external rhythm: heartbeat, breath, digestion, brain function, thought patterns, sleep. We also live by natural external rhythms: the sun's journey across the sky, the turning of the year, the moon's pull on the oceans. This month you will likely find yourself more in touch with the natural internal and external rhythms of your life, helping you feel more connected both to yourself and to the world around you.

Personal experience this month will also likely include the sense of starting over, beginning again, or reliving past familiar patterns. This is your opportunity to reflect and release, using these walks through yesteryear to remember where you have been and how far you have come. Do not discount the importance of this. Pay attention to the seeming coincidences and synchronicities around you.

: I AM wiser than I remember being.


With so much going on for us on a personal level, you would think that relationships take a beating this month, but much like last month they are only made stronger this month by the deep internal shifts occurring for us on a personal level. As you choose carefully from the personal buffet of qualities that you are creating as part of the future masterpiece of You, you also choose much of your relationship experience as well. In other words, what becomes important to keep as part of your personal experience also becomes part of your closest relationships. If you have doubt of this, look around: see the mirrors of your intimate relationships reflecting yourself back to you.

Affirmation: I AM willing to see myself in the mirrors those closest to me provide.


As we continue to approach our collective future, our coming-together within community becomes increasingly important. Now is the time to reflect on the shaping of the communities around us. How do they serve? Are your communities meeting your needs? How can you contribute to the evolution of your communities? What role do you play in the greater world around you?

Communities this month remain in flux. Leadership changes, vacuums are created, and new energies step in and step up to fill the holes and bring the evolution along. This is the perfect time to reevaluate your role within the communities you are a part of, and to consciously make choices and changes that serve your coming needs.

Affirmation: I AM willing to step into the role now that best serves me.

Global Politics

Change hurts sometimes. Growing pains, right? This will continue to be heartbreaking to many. If you have strong feelings about how the world should be and how we should be treating one another, this may not be the month for you. Expect unkindness of action, acts of outright inhumanity, and egregious power plays. War, genocide, civil rights abuses. Lest you become too disheartened, some perspective – as a species we have always created pain as one way to experience growth. It does not need to be that way, but it will take time to change. Do your part as you feel called to do, and remember that often things get worse before they get better, much like a painful broken bone will heal stronger than it once was.

Affirmation: I AM a harbinger of peace.

Earth Changes

Water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink… This is a juicy month. Gaia's interpretation of that will likely include flooding, typhoon, and torrential rain. This is a watery planet that was once one vast ocean. We are not too far from that state now, and we rest precariously upon the rocky outcroppings that lie above the surface of all that water. Remember that and honor your watery past, perhaps with a daily gratitude ritual: fill a glass with fresh clean water, and sip it slowly, feeling our collective watery beginnings.

Affirmation: I AM the evolution of all who came before me.

Global Spiritual Changes

You can feel it, can't you? So close! So much happening under the surface. So much hope in the world, and so much pain. It is all a part of our global experience. And just as we each are individually creating our masterpiece, creating our Selves anew, so too do we create our collective experience, the evolution of Gaia's inhabitants.

Each day explodes with possibility. New ways of healing, of experiencing, of being come into being all the time. Use your discernment powers by dropping once again into your beautiful, beautiful heart to know what spiritual path is True for you, what tools you take with you into your creation.

Affirmation: I AM the embodiment of the majesty I see before me.

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