5 October 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

As you sense change in the world and in yourself, sometimes knowing what is "normal" is quite challenging for you. You may be questioning pretty much everything, including how you are feeling and wondering when will things be "normal" again.

For instance you may be asking yourself: "Why am I feeling so tired/exhausted these days? No matter what I do or not do, I have trouble shaking off this fatigue…"

Well, at this particular , it is quite normal for you to feel this way. You see, all this volatility and instability in , , everything that is moving in you (and leaving you) takes a lot of .

So much is going on. Only most of it is invisible. So you keep on trucking as they say, forcing yourself sometimes, pushing yourself. Sometimes even being unkind to yourself, telling yourself you are lazy, clumsy, that you "suck". And sometimes you even say it to others.

Doing so will only prolong the fatigue. How about some compassion for the (and other)?

What you have been going through during this Earthly year is absolutely incredible in scope and intensity. Cut yourself some slack. We can not do it for you.

You are changing. You have changed. But so much of remains the same. Love, compassion, understanding and gentleness are not necessarily embraced by corporations and governments, We get that.

Remember that We have been saying that this new world is being shaped by people. That means you.

Now we know you have obligations, duties, responsibilities. There are things you absolutely have to do. We understand that. Still, We urge you very gently to find the tasks or activities that can wait or that you can say no to, and schedule time for yourself, for your family. It will do all of you a lot of good.

If you have children and they are "fussy" these days. Refusing to do things they usually love, trowing a tantrum because they do not want to go to their swimming class or piano lesson.

If they are usually easy going and gladly attend all their activities, well maybe they are feeling this intense fatigue too. Maybe even more than you. Is it really such a big deal if they miss that class? It may be what they need to recuperate this week and be happy at home and at school (or daycare). By honouring how they are feeling, you are teaching them to listen to the cues their body gives them/themselves.

Be willing to change the way you interpret sharp behaviour changes. The more "irritating" they act, try being more gentle and compassionate. Easier written than done, We've heard)

Remember that things can be even more challenging for (sensitive) children, for they have more vivid memories of being solely in spirit. Being gentle, open, loving and compassionate can be quite challenging when they are throwing a fit. It is a lesson for both of you. Things will either get better or worse depending on your reaction.

Bodily or emotional fatigue that is disregarded may evolve into physical ills. Fatigue is usually the first sign or symptom of shifts in , solar/planetary activity, activation/ release/ detoxification of the self. Please keep that in mind when you feel the urge to push yourself when your body is pleading for rest.

We understand that self-care days (or mornings, afternoons or evenings) tend to be frowned upon, but the sooner you tend to your needs and the needs of the ones under your care, the faster things will settle.

Normal is more than relative. What it means to be "normal" is evolving. Everybody's perception(s) of the world, what is true, what is real is changing at different speeds. Normal will never be the same.

For instance, it is now normal for the to channel. It is part of her life. That personal fact still falls way beyond the standards of normalcy and "sanity" for most of society, so she is mindful about who she shares this information with.

For her it is not about "hiding", it is about respect. She knows some people are not yet ready to see things differently, to admit that there may be more to life than what they believe.

Gentleness and love takes many shapes you see. You can love and accept yourself as you are, honour your light and respect others for who they are and what they believe in. It is possible to show great regard for everyone's definition of the world. Oneness also means discarding that "either or" view of the world.

Love and compassion are in high demand right now. And rightly so. You only have to look inside and take stock of how you are feeling right now. When you actually look around you, you can be shocked at what you see and sense in others.

Everybody is on a journey. Even those who are blind to the fact that they are.

Remember that you can be the spark for change just by being yourself. When you are grounded, centered, cleared and clear, your mere presence can be soothing to anyone and everyone who comes into contact with you. Even the cashier at the grocery store who has been having a rough week. Your smile, compassion and open heart can instantly change the course of her day, even her life.

You have no idea how powerful you are and how bright you shine.

Never mind what normal used to mean. Appearances or images no longer matter, for they are only illusions. If you listen to your body's wisdom, are true to yourself and honour other people's truth, the entire Earth will shine beyond belief.

THAT, Earthlings, is what truly matters.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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