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Saturday, 15 , 2011  (posted 16 October, 2011)

My dear friends, we love you so very much.

This is a of great movement and great light upon your . And while it may seem that the world is in chaos, dear ones, we see this stirring up as a wonderful of sorting out your priorities, getting in touch with what matters to you, and making for the things that add life to your lives. For if not now, when? This is your life dear friends. Today. , and the next. What if you had only a year to live? What would you change? Would live with freedom, abandon, and passion? Would you spend your savings? Would you make peace with those with whom your heart still holds burdens?

To live as if life is a precious gift is truly the way to feel most alive. And while we understand you are not going to quit your jobs, spend your savings, or necessarily call up everyone who has wronged you, dear ones, you can treat each moment of every day as the gift that it really is. Your lives no matter how long are so short in the scheme of eternity. Problems that seem huge at the time disappear with passing years, let alone lifetimes. So called "mistakes" you have made are all but forgotten and all that is remembered is the growth that ensues.

Nature does not plan for the future. The trees do not hold onto their leaves, saying, "But how will we make and for ourselves next summer? What if the temperature isn't right? What if there isn't enough sunshine? Maybe I should hold on to these leaves after all." No indeed, dear ones, the trees let go of what is no longer useful, trusting that in right timing, all that they need will appear. In order for them to grow, they must conserve their energy in the winter, so they will be inspired to grow in the spring.

So too you must dance with the timing in your heart. And so so many of you want so much more! Take one small step today towards one of your dreams dear friends… on tiny step. And then another one tomorrow, and the next day. Life passes, why not pass your life doing those things which give you joy, fuel your dreams, and inspire you so you can manage life's necessitates, all the while knowing there is so much more to be enjoyed!

God bless you! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

Message From Ann

I am writing this message two weeks before it goes out, because when it reaches you I'll be in Sedona, teaching Dancing with Angels! I couldn't be more excited! It seems like just yesterday that it was May and I was finishing up the first one. Five months seemed like such a long time back then. I felt like I had all the time in the world to edit the sound files from the May class and make them available on CDs. It takes 80+ hours for me to create a 4CD set when I look at editing, artwork, production, web changes, store updates, etc. Back in May, it felt like I had plenty of time.

However, months passed and I wasn't even inspired to work on the CDs until a little over a few months ago! And then when I got sick a few weeks ago, I was pretty sure I would never be able to release the CD set today as I had been hoping to do.

I needn't have worried! Within a week, lessons learned, I was feeling back to normal and after so much rest, the editing went very smoothly, and of course, God's timing was perfect! I was listening to the May class while preparing and getting inspired for the one today! It made perfect sense. And although it was time consuming and I did spend a few solid weekends working on it non stop, time passed without me even noticing because I was so consumed and inspired by the project.

Sometimes seemingly large and impossible tasks get put off because we're simply not inspired. Sometimes however, we put them off because we feel intimidated or life gets in the way. Whatever the reason, the minute inspiration hits for any of your dreams, jump on it! Prioritize it! Make time. Ride the waves of inspiration when they hit because energy breeds more energy, and as you spend your life force doing things you love, you get more.

I still feel a little intimidated every time I start a large CD set or a book. It is a huge process to create and edit them, not to mention all the rest of the work. And yet it is SO satisfying to see a take place, and a project that was once just an idea, turn to something tangible that I can hold in my hand.

Do you have something you want to create? It might be a book, a work of art, a foundation, a peaceful evening and a luscious dinner, time for a massage, time for meditation, a life in which you wake up rested? Whatever it is, try to take small steps until the dream begins to pull you in and then you can coast on these waves of inspiration, taking one more step, and one more, until the dream becomes close and closer to reality!

Have a happy week, one small wonderful step at a time!


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