~ Open the Palms to that Which

I AM….


a gentle voice comes to me..

it whispers…~new now ~ is already here

and it always has been….!!!!


you are simply letting go of all of the veils

that have hidden this truth…

it is moving in gently as the first rays of the sun

come up over the highest of peaks…

these rays are coming from the sun…

the sun within you…


as you for love each extends itself

into creation transmuting what kept love

hidden from view…


with each choice for love of self a blank energetic space

is allowed as what was there before is healed and



in that blank space now the New of You

can be within the

warmth of this radiant star…


you…the sun…



you hold all of creation in the "palm" of

your hand…


raise them each day

opening them to the love

that YOU are…

receive the daily infusion

of love….


allow the real world to lovingly be birthed

with each extension of the ray

within you…

send this ray  out with the


"i desire to send the light of love

out into all of creation

for the highest good of all


yes..do this simple act


you are that which you are….

you are Christ Mind incarnate…


would you do this for me each morn???


create your own universe with your


each universe…circle of love

will enjoin all circles

until day soon

enough circles of love

together as ONE

melded into oneness

will  lift the whole of creation

into your New Now…


yet…each of you already have

the "power"

that which is love

to only love

in your own universe

simply by choosing for it…


peace be with you my

and sisters of the heart…




as ~denisa~



feel free to share this with others…

this is an from the


which is available on my web site


or you can email me at deniseanew@aol.com

with love….