19 October 2011

Channeler: MysticBlack

Past or ~ of

Planetary Logos Past Times

I wanted to address this a bit as I see ALOT of confusion and searching for things that well frankly are of PAST times. By this I mean there are ALOT of channels via Pleaidians, Draconions, Reptillians, Aucturians etc…..

We are in the NOW times, I feel NOW we are hueMANs living an experiance here upon our earth. It is to me expodential growth. Progressional growth.

If we stop to think a bit (using our visionary creation) we can vision a Ball/Planet like as of Earth. Some see Aucturus, Sirius, the Pleaides etc…. Orion all of these Logos of many a planets.

I will ask you this…….are those holding life forms as we know here upon our earth? Some people know of way back times of wars in the stars/galaxy. Orion/Lyran wars etc…. If you can imagine earth here going thru a total shakedown………ALL inhabitants removed or fall off the planet….having to migrate or move to another location or home. Then you maybe can see how our Earth home came to be. In this thought as well, it will reflect that we are ALL of those inhabitants of these galaxies/planets……….so here on Earth we have Pleaidians, Aucturians, Draconians, Reptillians…an the list continues on

Earth is a grand mother, a school as well as a hospital. She is a wondrous container holding balance and giving life to ALL of these beings for expedential soul growth. Here on her grounds we have Free-Will movement. Chances to experiance ALL things that we our souls need or desire to experiance.

So here on Earth we have ALL races and beings blended in a mosh/mix. We dont run around with scrolling marquee banners announcing whom we are. has directed us here to our earth, to find a balance a rhythym a harmony in vibration to END old pasts, DIS-ease, Dis-comforts etc….that our souls had priorly been or undergone in times long ago. It is a chance for RE-BIRTH, new Creations.

How do we heal? We are on a discovery journey here. It is NOT for us to say to another you need to "heal or to change" however it IS up to us to say and feel this within in our discoverys. Is to look upon your own truths AND to change them, heal them. Bring them to a center point of BALANCE, Roundness AND Wholeness of COMPLETION of your journey. This is ALL the requirements of in True Pure Form! If you can not find that balance in center you may NOT be able to move forward, you will find yourself back sliding into a same path or routine OR be in stalagnantation of NO growth and NO movement, a Stunted growth persay.

It is IMPERATIVE that you RELEASE all pasts and find forgiveness in ALL things and ALL beings! I can not stress this enough! You maybe will say "forgive, why or how"? Ask yourself some questions when addressing this issue. Some examples of these questions should be such as

1) What good is this serving me now?
2) How is holding onto this serving me?
3) Is this keeping me stuck in a cylindrical cycle of round and round
4) Is this for the better or worse of our/my well-being
5) Is this something that can or will pass if I re-lease it
6) If time cures ALL pain why sit and spin on things, causing a rutt in your life
7) Do you actually think a Light-Being of GOD/CREATOR wants you to be Judgemental or Stuck in a void?
8) Is Bliss the true define in a well balanced societal life form?
9) Is what you carry around with you a heavy burden or does it feel good and light?
10) How does his/her actions really effect you for whom or what you are?
11) Do you have FREEWILL? To move about freely in your decision and or lack there of?
12) Can anything or being actually "harm" you in the ways you are feeling….OR………Do you ALLOW them to?
13) What do you feel your purpose in this life is or should be?

What is healing? Is it a balance or is it wounds of pains that we hold onto? I say it is ALL things! All things that may cause our soul dis-ease or dis-comforts. All things that are unto Balance and comfort.


You may ask HOW is it this is even possible. I say unto you it is NOT possible if you Cling onto pasts or keep wounds re-opening as I see ALOT of people still doing in their decisions and lives. GET OUT OF THE PAST we are in the NOW TIMES! An I undo you yesterday is of PAST as well TODAY is the NOW!

We can NOT ever achieve a soul balance in this as long as we have "comparrisons" or "competitions" even seeing Light/Dark etc….it will be IMPOSSIBLE!

Most people want good things in their lives and others lives as well. However how can this occur when we keep putting "tags or logos" upon this such as better or worse……higher or lower? Pointing fingers outward instead of inward….what can YOU do to bring yourself up in a world you may feel dis-placed or out of sorts with? How can YOUR actions or lack of benifit or harm you?

I dont ask that you forget about past hurts, pains, upsets, etc…….I would say hold those as a lesson BUT move on forward always moving AWAY from that. If you HOLD onto those in mind, its like a non -releasal an it will keep these wars fueled and growing! They will always return to Haunt You, which brings you back to start circle and you have gotton nowhere. Now your frustrated and still the fuels flare even higher as you build that rage or frustration level more and more. Its IMPERATIVE that you Re-Lease these things as there is nothing that can be done of PAST …….but the NOW you can do something………you can move forward knowing these things were harmful, neglectful and damaging on multitudes of levels.

I ask you forgive yourself FIRST of all an to LOVE yourself unconditionally. To err is human, however to err again is redundant and a repeat of your cycle/cycles. Which will cause you all great frustrations in turn tossing fuel into those fires again. Can you start to see a pattern here.

As you step into this comfort zone it flowers into an unconditional love for ALL an is easier to re-lease things as well. Each person is on a different stage of growth and each soul is in different need for lesson for that growth. LIke a baby being just born as opposed to a toddler or a teenager up to an adult. Its ALL stages of growth. See ALL things and beings in an unconditional feeling, an please give them the allotments to grow and to come to flower past their thorns……as you have also done of this. There isnt a single person on this earth plane that has not err'd. I ask you if your mother treated you as evil or negative whilst growing up ….where do you suppose you would be. She never gave up or someone in your life NEVER gave up…..or you would NOT be where you are today. Source/Prime Creator/GOD loves ALL unconditionally and allows for ALL to grow as needed.

I ask you to please CLOSE the chapters of wars and strifes in your lives. Give that PEACE a chance to flow in an through, you might just be surprised at its results.

I will close transmissions for now an leave you to ponder on these words.

Unconditional Love be HIGHEST order to and for ALL upon your golden paths of self fullfillment and enlightenment upon your
rainbow eyes. Your world is FULL of wondrous beauty all around you. Please see and feel that in each step and breathe you take.

Blessings unto you dear souls
Gregores Ceres Hatonn/Aton/Aten
Commander of