14 October 2011

Channeler: El Anora

Ja-Shahn, is there a message you would like to bring me today? You have been in my thoughts lately.
Dearest El Anora, thank you, for coming into this space, in this moment of now, to re-ceive, this message, of Universal Cosmic Love, in alignment with the center in Self, I am grateful, in humbleness and Love, to receive this communication now, and with kindness, and the flowing of Heart, into Heart Space.
Dearest El Anora, what is the meaning of Universal Cosmic Love? Dearest One, I ask you this, with the kindest, and most compassionate nature of my Heart, and I sit, in kind reflection, of this inward journey, which is the pathway of Universal Soul.
If Love is Universal, dearest one, this means that it is for All, and if dearest one, it is Cosmic, it means that it spreads across the entire Universe, without limitation, and if it is Love, it is the great force of attraction that permeates all things, and creates, and unites, joy and Truth, in all things, at all nows.

What is Universal Cosmic Love, dearest El Anora? For dearest One, this state of expression, in Love, joy, humility, and Truth, is beyond, dearest one, the ideas of “conception”. It is, “difficult” to enter the space of the “unknown”, to “Trust”, and to be, the expression of “Heart”, for to do so, dearest one, means, in Love, and Universal Cosmic Love, entering the space, of “non-knowing”. Yet, dearest one, from that space comes forth the “eternal knowingness”, and in that “eternal knowingness” is “trust”.
In any moment, at any now, and in any expression, no matter, dearest one, what the world is going “through”, passing “through”, to Love others Universally and Cosmically, is the grandest gift, dearest one, that one being, can give to any one thing.
Dearest Light Beings, I Ja-Shahn, of the Pleiadian , speak directly to “you”, for in this space of Light and Love, and from the Joy in your Hearts, in the humblest respect, to all that you are “enduring” and have “endured”, I ask, with the greatest Love in my Heart, for All to wrap all in the Golden Light of Christ Consciousness, and Universal Cosmic Love.
Dearest Light Beings, you have known I am Presence, Christ Consciousness, Angelic Presence, Masterhood, and many other “names”, but dearest ones, The Pleiadian Light Force, comes to you in this now, to bring you, once again, a “new” title of “attainment”, Universal Cosmic Love.
Dearest Light Beings, we would, in Love, never “force”, anything upon you, this is, in the most sincerely love and kindness from Heart, simply a “suggestion”, of one possible aspect of “attainment”, to add, to what you currently believe and envelop. Universal Cosmic Love.
Dearest Light Beings, “in-voke” this “presence” of Universal Cosmic Love, and “watch”, dearest Ones, the Universe change around you, through the “compassion”, for all beings in the Universe.
Dearest Light Beings, this is not, to “express”, that this one “suggests”, that you “Hold on”, dearest Ones, it is with Love, that this one would not “express” this in-ten-tion, but instead, to express, in Joy, Love, and Humility, to let go and allow. Universal Cosmic Love=Let Go and Allow.
Dearest Ones, you could, even, create a “Campaign Slogan”, “Universal Cosmic Love: Let go and Allow”. These, dearest ones, are but suggestions on the path, to creating a grander design and a new world.
I love, in Universal Cosmic Love, and Christ Consciousness, all of you very dearly, with the most humble respect, and so, does the Entire Pleiadian Galaxy.
We respect, and Love, all “choice”, in every moment, never to “in-ter-fere”, but to “re-embrace”.
In Love, Joy, Humility, and Truth,
Your friend,
Pleiadian Light Force