10 October 2011



Dear Friends,

The Full Moon is Tuesday, October 11at 8:06PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a beautiful and practical time full of feeling, of love, of possibilities, of wonder, of friendship, support and delight. Use the turning point exercise (described in the forecast) to imprint yourself with the positive aspects of embracing the new view. Honor all the turning points in your life. Do something that feels balanced and nurturing and creative. Look at your life as starting new with a full field of practical support and abundance.



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With and Moon in opposition at Full Moon, we are always presented the opportunity to fully experience the two extremes of a polarity – to increase our awareness of the paradox of duality. At this Moon, we dance with the polarity of self identity and partnering or independence/interdependence. In Aries/Libra we are expressing through the masculine elements of fire and air. We are ready to express new ways of being in the world and experience the impact of a significant partnership in our lives. The Moon in fiery Aries will illuminate all the issues of 'who am I now?'. If your fire nature is in balance, you will feel motivated and enthusiastic and connected to your passion and sexual .

You will be ready to your creativity with joy and a sense of adventure. Fire nature out of balance might look like exhaustion, feeling drained, anger and panic arises, even bitterness. Forgiving others is difficult, judgment is easy. Stagnation, no movement or growth, is apparent.

Airy, Libra Sun, on the other hand, brings forth an attitude of optimism and hope. We feel balanced and flexible and accept the process of change with clear eyes and goals. We trust the change and growth we experience. We seek harmony and relationship with all we encounter. When we feel rigid, stuck and threatened, and can't hear others and chaos begins to suffocate us, we need to remember to take to the air, to rise above our situation and get a new perspective.

Saturn is conjunct the Sun in Libra within 1º and will be exact on the 13th. This will focus the lens and get us on the right track. Being in integrity and responsible use of authority are always important issues with Saturn. You just can't slide when Saturn is at his post. Be prepared to be held accountable for 'thought, word and deed' especially if that hasn't been your strong suit in the past. You want to be aware of tendencies to be self-critical as well. Saturn is also opposite the Moon so we can feel unappreciated or inadequate. Replacing that voice with self-love will help expunge those old, negative mental programs. 'I love myself; I love all that I am'. Staying power, perseverance is also a benefit of Sun-Saturn proximity.

We are blessed with some truly beautiful sacred geometry in this chart. Both a Grand Trine and a Mystic Rectangle are centered on the Full Moon and North Node. The Grand Trine is made by North Node, Moon and Mars all in fire signs, (Sagittarius, Aries, Leo). So all that fire nature mentioned earlier – the enthusiasm, motivation and energy is doubly available and wanting to be expressed.

The Mystic Rectangle, formed by the opposition of the Sun and Moon (always opposite at Full Moon) and the North and South Node (always opposite) and made up of two trines and two sextiles in a rectangle formation, is really an aspect of practical manifestation of available . The Sun and the Moon make it personal and the North and South Nodes make it an evolutionary mandate to bring into our life styles and thought patterns what we want to see manifested. When I see the energy and planets lining up in such a reflection of perfection, I feel we are way beyond the mind and in direct contact with Source – communing with the Divine just by being present in its field. Just such an opportunity arises in this Full Moon chart. The moons of Aug 13, Aug 28, Sept 12 – just to name the last few were all notable for this perfection of alignment. It's a rarefied period energizing and supporting us to lift ourselves to the next level of the spiral. As we enter the final eighteen day cycle starting Oct 11 of Calleman's , we have stood in the face of incredible evolutionary energies of change. We are asked to move beyond lessons and experience of Duality – right and wrong, mine and yours, them and us, good and bad, and embrace Unity – within ourselves, each other, and with Spirit. We have held firm in the face of symbolic (and real!) tsunami, volcano and earth-quaking energies, we have had to repeatedly let go of what we thought was stability and truth and embrace change we thought we never could withstand, yet here we stand brighter, stronger, leaner, cleaner! It's a done deal. Consciousness has taken a great leap forward. Yes, there will be continued resistance to the reconceiving of the structures to anchor the new energies, and the on-going will continue to catalyze revolution and transformation in the next few years, but what is taking place under the cycles of the outer planets is aiming our planet in the direction of a collective consciousness that springs out of the heart of each one of us recognizing our connection with all life and acknowledging that we are created by Spirit out of what Spirit is – All love, all beauty, all intelligence, all truth, all creativity, all powers..

Three planets and asteroid, Juno (partnership and committed relationship), are in Libra. We benefit from Libra's -ruled love nature, her desire to make everything gracious, harmonious, pleasing and fair, giving of herself for the satisfaction and well-being of others. We all have something to learn from the diplomacy and concern for others that Libra embodies.

Venus, of Libra, has moved on to , and Mercury and the Sun will follow later in the month. wants to go deep, scrutinize motivations, face endings directly and let go. is unafraid of the shadow side and is the force that calls up that latent energy to increase its power. Following the Full Moon period we will find these personal planets opposing Jupiter in Taurus increasing our instinctive awareness and ability to take risks.

10/24 Sun moves to Scorpio
10/26 Super New Moon in Scorpio 1:57 PM MDT
10/28 End of Mayan Calendar according to Carl J. Calleman
11/06 Daylight Savings Time Ends
11/10 Full Moon in Taurus 1:17 PM MST