25 October 2011


Dear Friends,

is Wednesday, October 26 at 1:57PM Mountain Daylight Time. Do something to anchor something new. Honor the greater Turning Point of the collective. Celebrate the ending of something old and the beginning of something new! Remember about coming from compassion and be proactive with your own intentions and desires to unravel the knots that have held all of your old patterns and in place. If you are feeling stuck, do something symbolic to dissolve the energy such as being in water or take a sweat or a sauna. If you are feeling rootless, chaotic and scattered, you may want to find a quiet place and sit on the earth or a rock and feel the grounding energy of mother earth. And if things just do not make sense at this time, don't worry about it. Ask yourself if they make energetic or emotional sense, as not much may make intellectual sense. And always trust in and the greater plan. This can be a truly magnificent time!



Written by Patricia Liles; contact her at PATLILES@aol.com

New Moon
Sun and Moon 3º Scorpio,
Wednesday, October 26, 2011, 1:57 PM MDT

When you are summoned into the dark, wet cave of the deepest parts of yourself, who do you call out for? You call on the forces of Scorpio and Pluto, Scorpio's ruling planet, to guide you and protect you. You imagine the allies of and rebirth – the scorpion, the eagle and the as your guides, guardians and wisdom keepers. All three engage the forces of transformation that Scorpio/Pluto embody in the mysteries of sex, death, and rebirth. The solitary, nocturnal scorpion takes us to our passion. When we engage in the sexual dance with another, both are transformed. Whether the encounters with our desires are chaotic or powerfully transformative depends on our ability to channel and direct our power appropriately.

The high-flying eagle is our link to Spirit when we have become confused by the illusory nature of the material world and lost our connection to true power. Eagle gives us courage to soar above our small self and the objectivity to sort out the negative voices of ego and to listen to the positive, loving and supportive voice of Spirit. The vision of the eagle supports us. The mythical phoenix, a spirit bird of great beauty and longevity known to most ancient cultures – Egypt, Assyria, Arabia, Greece, , Japan, Native Americans – and always associated with the Sun, rises from the flames of its own death and is reborn anew. With destruction of the old, the power and creativity of the new is released. This part of us cannot die.

As you can see, Scorpio is a sign of power. Feminine power. The dark power of the mysteries abide here. Along with its opposite sign, Taurus, they are the feminine, water/earth fixed, power signs. (Leo/Aquarius being the masculine, fire/air fixed, power signs). Each season contains a fixed, power sign and Scorpio is that for fall. It's the time of the West, of 'reaping what we have sown', of letting go, of death of what no longer serves, of transformation. Scorpio is our ally in lightening our load. Through our portal to the underworld that Scorpio provides, we can break long held belief patterns and deadening habits. Spirit isn't going to do all the work, but if you show up and use the scorpion to set your intentions, and the eagle to communicate with Spirit, the phoenix may surprise you with what can be transformed. More than ever before, in this timeframe, old patterns carried for lifetimes can be brought into consciousness and just ~ pouf! Deenergized. No mental angst, no figuring it out, just eliminated.

This New Moon chart has Sun and Moon, Mercury and with Juno, asteroid of committed relationship, all in Scorpio. Juno seems to be repeatedly showing up in the Moon charts these days reinforcing the importance of balancing the male and female energy in all relationship. Our ruling planet is Pluto, so we must take its pulse to determine the influences for window. Pluto in Capricorn is in an exact trine with Jupiter. That's a blessing; we're grounded and given a green light of inspiration for all that transformation work that Pluto/Scorpio wants to facilitate. We can examine our structural beliefs that block the underlying kundalini energy of transformation that keeps us vital and alive. That goes for our social institutions as well. This is the second of three exact trines of Pluto and Jupiter. (July 7, Oct. 28, March 12) Jupiter in Taurus is helping us bring the institutional dysfunction exposed by Pluto in Capricorn (Nov. 2008) into practical manifestation and redefining our values. Things are starting to move and these benevolent aspects are creating a positive flow. People are taking to the streets to open dialog and protest the 'emperor's new clothes'. It's a worldwide awakening and the perfect manifestation of Uranus, planet of proletariat revolution, squaring Pluto in Capricorn (transformation of structure, government, finance, authority). These two planets are just getting warmed up in their shaking up of the old movie. Next June is the first of many exact squares that will span several years.

The Sun has just gone into Scorpio on Sunday past, October 23. The personal planets are in Scorpio; now is the time for breaking through to a new level and transforming what needs turning over. Be ruthless, Scorpio likes that. What have you got to lose! All the juice is in change now at every level. There is a deep cry resonating 'I want to be all that I am!'. There is no going back to 'the way it was'. Who wants that anyway? We are experiencing a lot of resistance and polarity out there. Evidence of shadowy material in need of attention. Watch your own resistances come up (anger flashes, emotional reaction, rebellious action, vengeful judgmental thinking…) in this New Moon period, step back and engage with them.

Pluto is in sextile aspect (60º) to the Sun/Moon signaling again the opportunity to work with our passion, mystery and engagement with death and the dark feminine to instinctively seek our renewal. Pluto is in a very creative quintile (72º) aspect with Ceres, asteroid of the Harvest Goddess who nurtures and heals. Learning to balance with give and take, forgiveness and release is highlighted between the masculine yang and the feminine yin forces. Also reflecting this archetypal balance of the female/male continuum is the exact square of Venus in Scorpio square to Mars in Leo-always a touchy combination. There may be conflict to be resolved in the clash of the yin Venus in her feminine power and yang Mars in his expressive, Leo masculine power. This is an intense, passionate combination. to conflict and power struggles need exploring and practice. Mars is in exact sextile aspect to Saturn, so under Saturn's paternal eye, Mars may be able to temper his dominance and let his warmer more cooperative, protective and generous side come forth. Exact aspects give more power and intensify the relationships between planets.

This New Moon is also a Super New Moon made more powerful by the Sun/Moon/Earth being in close linear alignment and Moon being closest to Earth increasing the physical pull on our planet and on our souls. It occurs days before the Calleman end date for the Mayan Calendar, Oct 28, a point gathering collective attention and expectation. We are dancing with the dark side of the Moon with New Moon in Scorpio. Halloween, All Hallow's Eve, our scorpionic holiday, falling with the midseason pagan holy day, Samhain, at the mid point of fall and winter is where the veil is thinned, our dead ancestors are honored and we are beckoned to take the shadowy journey to the underworld for our own renewal. The cackles of Kali and Hecate are most resonant now.

The forces are with us to take back the energy and power infused in suppressing and projecting our shadow selves. The dark feminine forces are available for destroying all that we have created to protect ourselves from the shadow, that which keeps those fears in the dark, creepy cave place that we want to avoid at all costs where our instinctual desires, shame, guilt and denial percolate and wall off our treasures. When we are brought to our knees and all false dignity is in shreds at our feet with surrender being the only path open to us, the dark feminine goddess turns in our direction and releases our personal power and innate creativity with a seductive smile and we feel the soaring energy of renewal and connection to what we really are – Spirit and love. Our Pluto-Uranus square is our collective call to make this plutonian underworld journey, to own and offer up our violent, angry, dominant, greedy and needy natures. And no, we don't like seeing ourselves this way, but there's nothing out there that we are witnessing that isn't right inside each one of us and the only way to make change is to make this scorpionic journey ourselves.

, that healing bridge of light between the visible and invisible worlds deeply connected to our core woundings and to our healing gifts-half man, half animal, is continuing to travel closely with Neptune. Together they trine the Sun/Moon/Juno energy. Neptune will move direct on Nov. 9 returning to early Pisces in February. moves direct Nov. 10, both have been retrograde since last June and encouraging us to do our inner work, clean house and mine the vein of compassion, forgiveness and loving the self. We are learning faith and trust in Spirit and to listen to our inner knowing for guidance under the tutelage of Neptune/.

So, you get the lay of the land. New Moon is the time of setting new intentions for the next cycle of increase. In the Celtic tradition, Samhain was the beginning of the new year. Make your intentions explicit and concrete. Altars to the ancestors are appropriate, sage your house and enjoy the rituals of the time of the dark feminine.

11/10 Taurus Full Moon 1:17 PM MST
11/24 Sagittarius Full Moon/Solar Eclipse/Super Moon/Thanksgiving in USA 11:10 PM MDT

Written by Patricia Liles; contact her at PATLILES@aol.com