Message from Master, Saint Sarah
Channelled by:
October 19, 2011

Dearest sons and daughters of God, I welcome you into my embrace of Light and Love. I AM Ascended Master, Saint Sarah, also known as Sara La Kali. I AM the patron saint of the gypsies. I come today speaking of PURE love for you, for others and of ABSOLUTE pure love for God.

What a marvellous path you have chosen, a path filled with many wonders, delights, pleasures and of course hardships. But what is life without hardships? It’s the combination of all dear ones that make up the wonderful being that you are; filled with so much Light and Love that is welcomed by so many.

First and foremost it is necessary and equally important before you attempt to love others, even God, that you are able to love yourself just as much. Can you do this? Can you love yourself so much, with so much purity that your entire being, mind, body and soul radiates with such PURE love? Oh, I believe you can, trouble is getting you to believe you can. {smile}

You have worked so hard pleasing so many in this lifetime beginning with your parents or caregivers. You have tried your very best, see that you have. Right now knowing that you DID your best in all situations will shed more light towards the PURE and ABSOLUTE love for yourself, for others and for God. I know there are events and situations that still come back to haunt you, after so many years have passed as you still feel you did something wrong. Investigate what you ‘think’ you did wrong. Look closer and see if you had other choices available, if you were coerced, or peer pressured, and if you were acting alone see what it is that still troubles you today. There is always something dear ones, no matter how small the memory that can stay and linger for years, even lifetimes if not dealt with and released. Holding onto that serve nothing only drags you down dear ones; prevents you from coming into your own Light and Love of yourself. Take the time dear precious ones to delve into your past, fixing what you can and removing all that no longer helps you.

From doing this you will learn much about yourself, about what you felt was true and what is true to you now. You will also see a change; a great change on your perception of many things including yourself and people that you have known most of your life. You will gain much wisdom and knowledge from your personal investigation of yourself. You will also see all the precious and wonderful characteristics you have that are very much God-like. You will find balance from ALL that you discover dear ones. What makes you, YOU is the combination of all attributes and characteristics. Find peace with what you find and LOVE who you are. Easier said than done for some people, yes I know, even for this dear child whom I speak through. As a child she was never told she was loved, so she found it hard to love but did in actions and now can speak LOVE of herself and others with her words and pure intent. I know there are many like her, that are beginning to learn this and are coming home to their own hearts, and to the Oneness they seek with God.

As you become more comfortable LOVING yourself, you will begin to love others more easily and openly. These people that are in your life will see the difference of your giving and generous heart. The PURE and ABSOLUTE love I speak of will take time dear ones, especially for the ones who struggle with this, but nothing is impossible. YOU WILL learn to love yourself as much as God loves you and you will return that love and share it with all that you meet either in person, or even through other means. You will find enough strength, self-confidence, faith and trust to open your heart as wide as possible. You will no longer fear the risk of being vulnerable as being vulnerable is no weakness but a strength in itself dear ones. It shows you are willing to trust, that you have feelings, you are loving, and it shows you care. Loving so openly can be a risk of being criticized, or judged that will bring pain and hurt, but you will have enough wisdom and understanding of yourself that you KNOW who you are, no matter what the words spoken are. The love and belief you have for yourself will help you conquer many obstacles dear ones, and so will having the Light and Love of God in your hearts.

The journey you have awoken to has been leading you along a curvy and sometimes bumpy path. Yet you have always managed to pull through stronger than when you started each new challenge. Look at all that you have achieved dear ones. Look at all the joy you have brought to so many. Allow yourself to take credit, you did the work, and you deserve to revel in all of your accomplishments. Not all accomplishments are on a grand scale, remember an accomplishment could be something as simple as watching a plant grow that you started from seed, or your child remembering to tell you they love you or thanking you. SEE dear ones; see all the good, all the joy and all the love you have provided. YOU are LOVE. Along the way you have been teaching this love to many that you meet, it your own special and unique way. You are coming home to the Oneness of yourself and your heart, and with God. Your ability to Love yourself and others at a most profound level of purity that is absolutely filled with ALL that you are brings you closer to this Oneness.

You will see your guides and God in a different light as well. You will feel propelled by a force that comes from within to love God as purely and absolute as you love yourself. You will see yourself wanting to be like God, even if you are a woman, man or child. ALL can live as God, as all of you are a reflection of God. When you let God into your heart, and this love touches your very soul, you are giving the most pure and most absolute love of all. And God thanks you in return by embracing you in HIS own glorious light, that surrounds you, gently and lovingly as the gentle father HE is.

There is so much inside of you that YOU will uncover. I am never far from you dear ones, if you should need my guidance; I am a gentle call away. It was a great joy and equally pleasure to speak to all of you today. The love I carry in my heart for all of you is to be shared equally and for all to know how truly special you are to me.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Saint Sarah