8 October 2011


Questions and Answers with about the earth grid, ascension and more.

As there were so many questions coming in I have asked Isis if she would be willing to answer some of them, so here it is.

Can we destroy the holographic grids that are under control of some that do not have the best interest of us as a whole in mind, as they use it to control our consciousness and bring us fear and control us through these grids?

First and foremost, any being that wants to work on this will have a need for full conscious knowledge as it is something that requires more than just a knowing it is there, you will have to be able to see it, understand how it works and understand how to work within those dimensions and frequencies as they do not only exist within your 3rd dimensional frequency.

Destroying them is something that is not recommended as the ones controlling have the knowledge to rebuild them in a short time so other solutions are needed.

For example disconnecting yourself from any and all grids will prevent them from having an influence on you in a very profound way. It will however not change anything in the 3rd dimensional reality around you and that is still something you will have to deal with.

So yes it can be dealt with so that the real grid can be activated fully again, but many will be needed to accomplish this and at this moment many are not seeing the real grid as they are not fully open consciously enough to allow for their being to show them.

More knowledge and understanding is needed for those that are willing to take on this task and the way to receive this knowledge is to awaken your consciousness, not just within the highest frequency, but also the lowest frequency.

Who created these grids?

They were created by both sides, as the humans on earth were losing their awareness and ability to keep the grid connected to the cosmic consciousness or source consciousness and were losing their own awareness of their source being, separate grids were created to stay connected in some ways, but also created to control in some ways.

There have been many grids built over time and some are active some are not.

The ones that are active in this time are used to control and they were not built in one moment of time, they have connected many grids over time to start the control needed for the plans they have in mind for the reality on earth.

It is a huge grid system that overlaps at certain points within the earth and it connects almost all humans and their consciousness.

Now this grid system is not only used to send fear, as more and more humans were awakening because of the changing frequencies upon earth and began to realize and see more of who they really are, stories, teachings and more were sent through these grids to keep humans controlled that way.

This is why we see so many who are convinced that love and light is the complete way, or so many that are convinced that all you need to do is wait for it to happen.

There are many ways to control people and give them what they ask for in a way that allows you to control them. This way of control has been used many times over and over again as it will keep the masses from looking beyond what is really there controlling them.

This brings me to my next question, as some say that love and light is the complete way to bring change and ascend or at least become who you really are.

Let me explain to you from my point of view, as a being that resides within and not within a physical body. I can relate to you as I have been on earth within a physical body. This is why we can explain certain things and converse them to you in a language you understand and know. Feelings are something that was created, or the words to express these feelings were created as humans continued to lose their consciousness of their own source being.

There was a need to express vocally what normally would be expressed telepathically. But as will all languages in words and speaking there are difficulties in understanding each other fully. You can see this translated in the different languages all over the world where people express themselves and their feelings in different ways.

Telepathically there are no words for the exchange of energy, within all that is we do not need words as we do not feel the need to differentiate between the energies, it is just a complete experience that contains everything, it does not remain fixed and it is all formed, created according to our intent in each moment. We are just that, everything and anything that is within Source.

From a human point of view we here in spirit feel everything and anything at all times.

From my point of view in spirit within source I do not attach words to any of them as they are all that I am and there is no need to differentiate between them.

Each and every is part of us and we do not have a need to distinguish between them.

We communicate with each other through and we understand them in a way that you are not able to at this time. Not until you release the thought system of the human and embrace the real you which is not influenced by the human thought system.

When we speak to you we use your thought system as we use your communication system to guide you as a human. Once you move beyond this system of duality within energies we can start communication through a more telepathic system, less language related, where you understand the movement between energies and frequencies.

This is where you will see that it is not about fear, or love, or etc.

They are just words that influence the human mind to control and or prevent the human from expanding into the wholeness of everything.

These words can influence the human mind in a prestructured/preconceived way that can control and or prevent the human experience from expansion beyond this versus that into the wholeness of everything simultaneously.

But what about those that say love is a higher frequency?

Each energy particle contains everything that is within source, the highs, and the lows and in between. Each particle can be used to create anything and everything.

It does not discriminate between love and fear, it just expresses what is in your mind and or heart.

Creation is about expansion, expansion of consciousness, expansion of awareness. It is that completeness that yields to the expansion of creation expansion of consciousness expansion of awareness.

We all come from source and from there we move into a world full of possibilities, we explore them all by using each energy particle in many different ways. This is what creation is all about. Exploring the possibilities and in this way exploring your own being as to what is possible in any given moment in time.

This is also why it is said everything is within you as everything is outside of you.

You are everything as you explore and everything that seems outside of you is also within you as everything is one in many ways.

So as to answer your previous question more clearly, yes ascension is possible in many ways and it requires for you to explore the full scope of possibilities and energies as you need all of them to ascend from the physical reality into your own reality of source being.


October 8, 2011
Through Petra Margolis


These are just some of the questions and more will come as it does require a lot of energy from me to actually translate them into the human mind at this time.

I am at a point where I telepathically communicate and understand within an instant and the translation into human thought and word is not needed.

As well as my translation is different in a way that I grew up speaking a different language then English and my expression in the Dutch language is different than English.

As well I would like to add a short story my husband just told me about Ram Das and his guru.

Neem Karoli Baba, the future guru of Ram Das, sent one of his disciples across with the instructions to find a man named Ram das and bring him to dinner.

Ram Das knew neither Neem Karoli Baba or this man claiming his guru wanted to see him.

Ram Das trusted, and they arrived at the guru’s ashram on the evening of another day to find that Neem Karoli Baba told his students that morning a very special guest would be arriving that night and to prepare a special feast. Neem Karoli baba welcomed ram das, expressed his being, and in a short time ram das accepted him as his .

Neem Karoli Baba had a disciple who was very close to him, an old man, a pure pure saint, learned in the Veda’s, and the deepest spiritual teachings of India.

Ram Das was assigned to him fulltime. He was taught Sanskrit and gained an understanding of Indian philosophy that ranged from basic to profound.

Ram Das said that this was one of the most pure saintly beings he had ever met.

He also said that this beloved man had not attained freedom, moksha, liberation, because he was attached to being good.

I thought this is a very important part of what Isis is trying to explain to us as the releasing of all attachments is the way to embrace the wholeness within.

October 8, 2011