Posted: 21 Oct 2011 02:24 AM PDT

Good evening SaLuSa, here is my friend's question: " The question is: What are some things that will change in our lives after ascension that most people are not anticipating and would be very surprised and delighted about?"

SaLuSa: what will change most, dear Fran, is that you will no longer know fear. Fear is a concept developed for duality alone. It has greatly been overused on your world however, has it not? I hope this will make you smile. Laugh is the best way for chasing fear out of your aura.

The other thing, that I find most different in the higher realms, is of course the experience of love. Love, as you know it on Earth, is a very linear and conditional aspect. In the it is an entirely boundless experience. Nothing that any human mind could ever comprehend in duality I am afraid. In a way, everything we do, everything we consider only originates from love. For us, there is only love. All is done from a state of love. Without love, for us, there is no sense.

The coldness of the human heart is something we still try to comprehend. But it is too painful to us to explore this in great detail.
What you will also find surprising is that the of the higher dimensions will be entirely different than that of the level. You will have instant knowledge to all and everything you ever desire. There will be nothing that will ever be impossible for you all, once you ascend.
You will have instant knowledge. In fact, as our worlds are merging day after day, always a little closer, you must have good insights of what our world is like. You dwell with us, all of you sometimes, but the knowledge of these experiences does not protrude into the human reality. There is a filter, not allowing for this higher reality to be acknowledged by the human mind. This net will soon be permanently removed however, and you will all see us at long last!
Peace and joy within your heart dear friends.
SaLuSa from Sirius