from Master, Sanat Kumara
Channeled by:
October 16, 2011

, have you ever wondered how your life would have been if you have always followed the way of Love, living as God, loving unconditionally like God; mastering LOVE in every aspect of your life without any side detour? A question worthy of thinking about that will lead to further reflection and understanding yourself. Take the time to get to know yourself, learn and MASTER all that it is to be like God. It is never too late to live in the way of love.

If you have found yourself in this lifetime that is confusing and unsure which way to go, call upon the and myself to assist dissolving your confusions and uncertainties. The Love of God is inside each of you, ready to flow freely through your beautiful , and soul. Through this PURE love you will find clarity in your life and within the world around you. This new way of seeing ignites an urge of to LOVE, to shape, to move (with action), combining ideas and lessons, ALL from the love that is free flowing in your . The INTENT dear hearts to love all must always be pure and holding no judgements, assumptions or any other low energy ideals. Love freely and purely for the simple joy it brings to you and to those you share with.

When add Love into the actions of your everyday life dear hearts, you are adding more happiness, more LIGHT, and of course more LOVE. Even though in own personal world may be small compared to the entire world; that is where you begin dear hearts. Filtering out all the discord and areas that no longer serve you or those around you well and exchanging that for newer ways of thinking and lighter ways of being. It is not only possible but very much achievable dear hearts. Focus is all is required and the want to change. This change once you begin, will fill your entire being with more light and love from God, expanding the you have to be able to hold more which will give you the ability to love more. Relax your fears of giving so purely and love dear hearts, LOVE yourself and LOVE all as God loves all HIS sons and daughters.

Many of you are making your way up the ladder and have changed so much since you began and there is much yet for you to achieve along the way. There is never an end to as you are learning. The more you are able to conceive in thought and action the closer you move towards your own Oneness with yourself and with God, which also forwards you up the ladder of . Never stop the climb dear hearts. Reach for your masters, whoever they may be when you are in need of additional support, guidance, and love. They will never turn you away; they love you completely and wish for you to succeed in every turn of your precious life.

My message today is to remind you of God’s love that resides within you. There are still a great many humans living on this planet that deny the existence of God. There are few who are aware of their Oneness with God, and there are many who believe in God but not enough is done with this belief. They keep it to themselves because they are waiting for God to make some special move or motion that will encourage them to act. There is not time like the present to act on God’s Love. God moves through all HIS sons and daughters each and every day. The action of God does not have to monumental, only noticed that it is there. You are surrounded by many blessings dear hearts which are gifts from God. Blessings can be a pretty flower blossoming, or the sudden smell of an aroma that brings you instant comfort, or cloud patterns in the blue sky, the list can be endless. God speaks to you all the time, you do not need to listen, only pay attention to the subtleties. Even through the ones that deny God’s existence, God shines down love on all people as each and every human to God are all sons and daughters of HIM. God has no reason to discriminate or to cast judgments. HE has accepted all of you as being unique with your very own individuality that brings in a very special CREATIVE aspect of being God-like.

Speak of your love of the Almighty Presence, of God loudly within your heart. Fill your heart with radiant colour and allow yourself to love dear hearts. Don’t hold back, there is nothing to fear when you are living from the purity of your heart. Accept God into your heart and feel the joy this brings your body, mind and spirit. Feel yourself become lighter as you do this more often. We have come to the end of another wonderful moment together through this dear child of God, your sister. The love that lives in my heart is infinite for all of you.

Namaste, Ascended Master, Sanat kumara through Julie Miller