20 October 2011

I am God I am Love Unconditional I am Bliss I am the All that is I am the Fragments of which you ARE You Are as I AM I experience All that is as You see it. WHEN YOU truly KNOW me You know I AM You. I have always been always shall BE. A

llow me to NOW lead you your . Allow my LOVE to blanket you. DO not FEEL alone at this most amazing time for it is ALL part of the PATH of a SCOUT.

THERE is no other BEING like YOU. YOU are your OWN creation therefore the routes shall very GREATLY. There is splendor in each of your CREATIONS. YOU are realizing NOW you ARE creating a WORLD, a way of living on this plane of existence.

The ONLY FEAR remaining is THAT OF the you have worked so hard to created thru your spiritual growth and ascension not COMING to be REAL. YOUR has been in a constant state of flux over the last few years . Your PREPARED for whatever the SHIFT may bring to FRUITION It is your 3D self who keeps asking what if like a small child wondering if we are there yet.

At this time I shall say this, the time has already come to pass on other planes of existence. Fruition into the 3D reality is materializing at this very time. Currently you are still emerging thru a . The SCOUTS are bridging the way thru the darkness by feeling there way for this new in the Universe we shall inhabit.

The scouts as shamans feel thru their journey within where this energy is in the universe. Thru there heart center they are alerted to new frequencies in which they venture out to verify resonance on on coordinates to the new energy. These Scouts are the finest thinkers/creators able to create and change dimensional wheel patterns as they happen in the NOW.

In other words as waves of frequencies hit these scouts which would wipe out circuits of others beings these scout take the wave force of energy alllow it to flow thru them and again recenter to and continue the mission where others will lose thier frequency and become disoriented as to which direction to get back into the flow. These scouts are Beacons of Light for those who become lost in the darkness as well as great adventures into the unknown. Thru their ability to recenter thru these waves they can adapt to the new frequency of the wave and continue building thier dreams of a new world without any progress being delayed.

This is the universal way which is happening outside based on what scouts are seeing as they go within to their god source for their navigation.. As these scouts pave the light bridge thru each experience they are able to master their being expands which in turn expands the entire universe. This chain reaction propels you forward.

Once in flow as changes occur you are able to reprogram circuitry to allow adaptation to new fields of energy and flow coming in. It is thru this adaptation your being is able to be able to make the final switch over to the LIGHT Bridge to the New Energy.

The light bridge that is being created therefore is more like a stepping stone bridge or pathway as you must make small energy propelled hops across it. Small bursts of energy will expand our consciousness in size to where our new consciousness along with Gaias shall envelope a dimensional space of time which appears invisble to all but the scouts, which can feel its existence.

Once it is located the bridges begin attaching to the new energy and relaying the grandure dreams of a new consciousness plane of existence, like a business plan to a larger being of a great world we are ready to create.

This new energy then allows the total integration. Integration of our purified collective consciousness allows the downloading and construction of the based on the flow of 2 major energy bodies Gaia and our Mass Asecended consciousness. Thus the downloads and programming the cloud of our consciousness shall grow