27 October 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

As energies intensify and shift, those of you who came here to serve may suddenly find yourself quite busy.

Please remember to stay centered, connected, grounded, and ensure your needs are well taken care of. And avoid spreading yourself too thin, no how hectic things may get.

Some of you may be quite excited of the prospect of "action", of finally starting to accomplish your mission.

Be aware that reality is often quite different than how you picture it. Things will not always be rosy. And be conscious of any "romantic" preconceptions of you may have. As strange as it may seem, do your best to avoid expectations related to your gifts or soul mission.

The is simple, you often imagine serving in known conditions. If you are too dreamy or rigid about how you think things will unfold for you, if life/reality throws you a curve , instead of catching the , it may hit you in the back of the head.

For instance, going back in time, many who enrolled to serve in your Earthly wars got a rude awakening once they arrived on the ground. This is a very human reaction. If you are aware of it, instead of being devastated or crushed by events, you will be able to catch yourself being human, get yourself back together and go to work.

Also, before getting too enthusiastic about what is to come service-wise, please check your boundaries.

Do you know where they fall? Are you always able to distinguish your emotions from those of others? Do you always respect your boundaries – that is, do you make sure you have everything you need first, then care for others; or do you tend to spend so much time on others that you often overextend yourself and get depleted?

The world needs you. And it needs you to be well, strong, healthy at all times.

Yes, a life of service is often selfless, but to have a joyful existence doing this type of work involves strenght in all aspects of your life.

Knowing a certain emotion, impression, … is not yours does not necessarily make your life easier when you feel everything.

Having well defined boundaries – that includes rest and listening to the needs of your spirit/body – will help you be a better worker, no matter what you choose or are called to do. It will also allow you to take the time to enjoy this life of yours.

You can only give out what you have inside you. If you are exhausted for instance, how much can you truly help others?

So, if you already have solid and healthy boundaries, and take good care of yourself, maintain this practice. The better you have a hang of it now, the smoother life will be for you – in good times and in bad.

On the other hand, if you know these things are important and why, but still have trouble applying them into your life, now is a good time to start.

You see, without sound and strong boundaries, it is very likely you will crack under the pressure – whether it is self-imposed or comes from others. And if you do "lose it", you may end up saying or doing things you may regret, including telling people to go to a folkloric place that is always hot and starts with the letter h.

No matter how great your spirit is, if you fail to respect your own boundaries, you snuff your own light.

We can tell you that the weakened man-made structures will most likely collapse. Of course, most of you have been under this impression for a while already.

The end result of such collapses will vary depending on the reaction of various leaders, societies, governments, people, countries… In other words, you know as much as We do what will happen next.

You see, there are quite a few possibilities, such as

Fear. Denial. Chaos. – If enough people are stubborn enough to attempt salvaging what is totally lost.

Resignation. Acknowledgement. Complete positive overhaul – People will realize they have not "failed", but that they concentrated on ways that really did not work, and it took them a long time to figure it out. Give them some time to get over the embarrassment of their stupidity, then you will all start rebuilding… together.

A combination of both – which would vary depending on where the arrow falls.

Something else – Well, We are not the Creator. Contrary to popular belief, We do not know everything. (Lighten up – so many of you tend to be too serious)

After all, this mess the world is in is a direct result of lack of boundaries (and reason) on a massive scale. Executives mistook the "power" of their position or company as their own. The lines between their being and their position got blurry and they lost themselves.

This happens all the time. It is very easy for you to fall into this trap Earthlings. Resist the urge to judge – for any lost getting soul is a tragedy. Compassion will help others find their way back to their true self.

Being able to empathize as you help others, serve others, heal others is essential. However, you want to avoid owning other people's emotions as events unfold.

You must be mentally ready for the task at hand. Knowing when it is right for you to be of service to others, and when it is time for you to retreat and recharge. Your work here is essential. You are a precious resource that you must value. The more you value yourself and care for yourself through these strong boundaries, the better your service is. The more you add to the world.

Remember that only you can take tend to your light.

You have prepared for his all of your life/lives. You absolutely can do it.

But you have to remember that while you have known change is coming, there is a massive amount of people who have no clue. Even if they watch the news every day, somehow they believe that what is affecting the planet will not touch them.

And while you have no idea exactly how the world will become, you sense that the end result will be a better, fairer world.

Be prepared for tantrums from people who want things to remain the same. People digging their heels deep, plugging their ears, closing their eyes and singing at the top of their lungs. Just let them be. Concentrate on people who want to be helped. It will help them exhaust their fear. After a while they will come to you (or someone they trust) for guidance. Like you, they need to feel ready to move on to something else. Nobody likes to be rushed on their own journey. In fact, everybody should be allowed to go at their own pace.

Letting others be. That is another important element of boundaries. It is not only about make sure others do not step on your boundaries, it is also about you not stepping all over other people's boundaries.

Without strong boundaries, if the collective fear/panic is massive enough, you may get swept by it without even realizing it. If you do, remember that you have all the tools to return to your heart, to ground, center and redraw your boundaries.

Again, We emphasize that We have an idea of what will happen as far as and structures go, but that We have no say in what will occur. After all, We did not build them.

We are telling you this because We have witnessed all the wonderful things Earthlings have created throughout time, all the beauty, the joy, the love. But We have also seen the other side, such as mass hysteria. Too many times. We know what it is like. How it can be.

We simply want you to know your boundaries, know yourself, so you can protect yourself if things get out of hand. And if they do, please wait until the storm is over to come out and do your great work.

Rebuilding is futile when the storm is still raging outside. It takes strong boundaries to know when to stay put. We know you want to help, make the world a better place, comfort those who are sad, hurt, lost… But you must know when to do it.

Protect your light. The world needs it. Needs you.

With strong boundaries, deep roots and a strong sense of self (knowing who you are and what you can do) – you will soar high.

No matter what happens (or does not occur) you will do fine.

As things are now, going through the day can be rough feeling everything you are feeling, even though you are well aware that the energy/emotions/sensations are not yours, it can still be overwhelming for you. So be kind to yourself. Always. Tend to your light.

Nurture yourself. Remember that you can only truly give others what you give to yourself.

Service starts with the self, for that is where Love starts.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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