The advantage of the incomprehensible is that it never loses its freshness.  be told we were never meant to react- just create, were in charge here!  Often radom ideas come from ….until we filter them.    If you follow your hunches you can pave your way to  and happiness.   The greatest thing that is happening to people in the now is that they are forgetting: that which is less joyful.  Life is proceeding rather than receding……and there is amusement and childlike inquisitiveness bursting forth.  When you give yourself permission love and laughter go hand in glove.  These are unpredictable times with oh so much adventure.  Life can be even fuller…regenerative, sharing differences, accepting anothers opinion.  Can it be that we are bringing about a fully conscious society that is solution focused?   No matter the data or scientific study we are outdoing ourselves, reaching beyond and taking the brass ring.   Even Gaia is cheering us on, knowing our potential is restored.  These are not words but in motion, feeling that is rich with knowingness, a song that will play on with additional melodies.  All is bright, immortal , one day you will be someones ascended master merging spirit and body into oneness to transcend the elements.