29 2011

: Gaia's Daughter of

The loves trees. Always has. She connects with them almost every day. You have no the lengths she will go to just to spend time with her favourite tree. She finds the and information exchange absolutely incredible.

While she has always known how special and precious they are, yesterday (October 28th), it donned on her why. Note: Dates are irrelevant to Us, so We rarely mention them, somehow this particular date could prove meaningful for some, so it was added.

You see, plants – trees especially – hold a very high vibration, higher than (most) humans. The reason is simple, they have consciousness without ego. They also are masters at being and at truly letting Nature takes its course. They hold great wisdom – their own as well as that of the natural world.

We recognize this will/may seem a little far fetched for some of you. Still, We prepared you for this in earlier messages.

Be with Us for a moment, in reflection. Why do you think you feel so elevated, so wonderful, peaceful, energized, recharged, relaxed and renewed after spending some time in a forest or a park surrounded by graceful trees? Just the fresh air, exercise and sunshine?

All of you have experienced moments with high vibration human beings, you know what that is like. How just being in their presence soothes you and raises your own vibration. Trees do the same thing. The Messenger can vouch for that.

You can experience this just by walking in the forest or a park, which is like being in a gathering filled with high vibrations. If you pay close attention, you will notice an overall shift, an elevation. To have a better idea of what the Messenger feels, you have to get up close and personal with a tree. Mind you, it may be very subtle for you, and it is possible you need a few tries before getting it – especially if you feel self-conscious or silly doing this exercise.

While it probably does look quite silly, remember that most appears silly to anybody not open to it or to observers who cannot actually see the energy (which includes people who value ).

However, in Our opinion, you Earthlings do so many things that are even more silly. Watching television for instance. Not just content-wise, but for what it does to your own electromagnetic field.

The proper way to hug a tree – energetics (Taken from "How to Hug a Tree, posted April 13, 2011 – with a few additions)

* Find a tall tree, tall enough for you to lean on it without being bothered by branches.
* Your entire body, from the coccyx to the back of the head, as well as the , must be in contact with the tree. The most important thing is that the coccyx and the head have the most contact with the tree, while the is required, a light contact with the tree is sufficient.
* Touch the trunk with your open hands, you palms. Just place them by the side of you, a normal position. It is possible to "sit on your hands", it is more comfortable for you, having the palms of you hands on the tree, and the back of your hands on or nears your buttocks.
* Close you eyes.
* Breathe deeply.
* Just concentrate on the area from your coccyx, along the spine and the head. Pay attention to any feelings that you experience. The coccyx/spine are the key areas.
* You will know when it is done.
* Thank the tree, by turning around so you face the tree, putting you palms and your forehead on the trunk, closing your eyes and saying "thank you!" in your head.

So why are We bringing this up again?

The reason is simple, you need it. The Messenger has been feeling the intensity and the energies moving around and accelerating. Chances are that you have too. She has also been struggling quite a bit, having a rough time being around lower-vibration people and recuperating. Somehow they bring her down, instead of her either maintaining her vibrations or contributing to elevating theirs.

So We showed her why she has been feeling this great need to connect with trees – way more than usual – and why things tend to get worse for her when circumstances or weather prevent her from "seeing her friends" for a few days.

The season does not matter. Energy and vibrations still flow even when trees are dormant.

This is a very simple and mostly free way to recharge, raise your vibration and connect with the self. While trees may not speak to you directly, connecting with these silent masters help you establish contact with your higher self and the wisdom of the world. You can work with them in any way that feels right and natural to you. They are your constant allies.

They also help you get in touch with Us.

And if you are blessed with a yard and have trees growing there, consider yourself quite abundant. After all, you have direct access to living Masters right outside your door…

The Messenger is a bit weary about this channeling, even though it makes complete sense to her. Not that she's worried you will think she is odd. She knows she is (smile).

More and more, she sees the simplicity in everything; truth or answers where emptiness (or its appearance) used to be.

For once she feels she must add a few things for the sake of clarity or unity. She wants people to know that even if they do not understand everything that is written here, that it is OK. As long as it feels right, to hold on to that feeling.

Knowingness or clarity will come in due time – as long as you feel the energy or the vibrations resonate with you, you should concentrate on that, your feelings, your heart. If you know sometimes feels right to you, no matter how silly or crazy it may seem to others, do it. The answer will come when the time is right. After all, she has been connecting with trees for decades, and was only given that particular "answer" or information yesterday.

Trust in divine timing. It is the only one that truly matters.

This is all.

Much Light and Love to Everyone.

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