25 October 2011


Spiritual teachings are free.

I would like to address this subject once more as it is a very important part of what is happening on earth.

The system of exchange has been used in many ways, from exchanging , to and labor to exchanging money at this time. Even if it is only between you an Source.

Slowly we see all of you going back to the system of just exchanging energy.

There is always a system that is in place, not just upon earth but in many other places within the cosmic worlds as well.

The main thing people see at this time of lack is that they would like everything for free.

And some see their spiritual progress as being received for free as they have not taken any classes where money was exchanged.

Now there is different ways of exchange as you all know, one of them is buying a book. When you buy the book that contains the information that is useful for your spiritual path. You have paid money, so an exchange has taken place between you and the person that wrote the book, or at least the company that printed the book.

When we see the old Buddhist tradition where many would leave all physical ownership of anything they owned within the physical world behind and step into the tradition of becoming a monk. They teach in a different way.

Many of these temples were supported within the community as many in return they received the teachings they needed to follow their own path of ascension. Or any other services like healings and more. Another exchange taking place in a different form.

Now as far as teachers at this time, they perform services that are available for all. It is completely your choice to take any lessons from these teachers. There is not a rule that says you have to, there is no rule that says you can’t.

Each and every person has chosen their own path toward ascension, some have decided to do it alone, and others are in need of guidance and teachers.

This is their choice and their choice alone.

As I explained even the ones that say they would never pay for any spiritual teaching usually have worked through an in some way.

It might have been just a donation to someone that was in need and gave them insight into part of their being for free.

It might have been through buying certain books and in this way completing the exchange for what they received.

Each and every is also guided within their own way as to give the teachings freely or ask for an exchange.

Just like the students they have their own choices and own path they follow.

Many teachings can be found within your own being, some just need some help to get there, and others don’t and find other ways to get there.

It is something that is not to be judged as each has their own way of finding their path.

No matter what the path though there are that will be present when you receive teachings through others.

For example the channeled messages that are out there. You support some of these channels with your energy, your interest, sharing, participating in conversation as they bring you the messages that resonate with you.

Again another form of exchange.

There have been teachers and students at all times on earth and this is something that will not change.

When the first humans took their place upon earth, temples were created for the teachings that were available at that time. You can see this throughout all of your history. And many have memoires of being in those temples either as a student, a teacher or both.

When the shift into the new earth reality begins, there is going to be an even greater need for teachers as there will be many awakening without any prior knowledge to what you have been receiving all this time.

Temples will be built again for those that are ready to receive, and they will be supported by the community.

The exchange of money is something that will slowly disappear as this will become outdated and many will return to the exchange of food and labor. From there everything will move into just an energy exchange once more.

Each person that is on the spiritual path at this moment will find their own place within this new earth reality, either as a teacher, maybe as a student or just as being part of the support system within the community. Some might choose not to do so and live a life of just searching within and be self-supporting.

Each person will make their own choice just as at this time each person will make their own choice.

I would like to remind each and every person that you allow others to make their own choices.

There are many out there who have gone on spiritual journeys to other countries and received the greatest gifts through these journeys. Are you going to tell them that they should not have paid for that?

Each person is capable of making their own decision in this, you are welcome to give your opinion, but it is your opinion and might not be the choice of that person. Do not judge any person for their choices, even though you might think they are wrong.

In the end the outcome will be the same and you will both ascend each through following your own path.


Through Petra Margolis
October 25, 2011