Sunday, October 16, 2011

(Please read New Earth 10 before you read this.)


At the moment of the opening you must completely surrender to the . You must “die” to your old life and be “re-born” to your new. This act of “dying” is not to die to your body, for you will need to continue using it as you participate in the great transmutation from the third dimensional world into the higher frequency world that your Soul has chosen for your Maiden Voyage. In other words, you will NOT die to your body. You will DIE to your . Dying to your means that everything, every person, every place, every situation to which you have been attached in the that you are leaving must be totally and utterly released.

Most important, at the same time that you release the old, you embrace the exact replica of your reality in its higher frequency expression. In this manner, you will stay manifest within a form while allowing that form to transmute with your consciousness fully attached to it. When you “died” in past/, you allowed your consciousness to detach from your form, so that the form could continue its death process without your needing to suffer that difficult transition. In some of your physical lives, you may have been afraid of death and clung onto your form even when it was no longer habitable. In other words, you had a difficult death. It is the unconscious memory of these difficult transitions that you must release.

In other words, you must release the memory of being afraid of death and holding on to what was no longer yours to experience. Simultaneously, you must release your current third while you, simultaneously, make a mental imprint of this reality so that you can take it with you into the Portal. Then, as you travel through the Portal toward and into the higher frequency expression of your reality and form, you will carry within a mental imprint of that which you are transmuting. It is this mental imprint, copied and “saved to” your High Heart, that will transmute into its higher frequency of expression.

When you return from your entry into and journey through the Portal, as many of you will do, you will see the exact body and reality that you left. Except, it will be the higher dimensional expression of that reality. In other words, you will:
· Release the physicality of your present reality while you maintain a mental image of that reality, which is “saved to “ your High Heart.
· With this image created and saved, you will release ALL attachment to that reality.
· However, you will remain in constant contact wit your physical body for it marks the “return point” of your journey.

The next important component of your journey through the Portal is that you will need to awaken your multidimensional perception so that you can perceive and remain in contact with more than one frequency of reality through out your entire journey. In other words, you will need to perceive your starting point of the third dimension in great clarity to copy and paste it to your mind and heart, while you also perceive your fourth dimensional aura. When you can perceive your own fourth dimensional aura, you will know that you have expanded your perception beyond the confines of the third dimension.

This expansion of perception is vital for the Portals are not grounded in the third dimension. In fact, the Portals are only seen through your fourth dimensional perception as their openings are on the different octaves of the fourth dimension. It is for this reason that we have been telling all of your to create your tunnel of light through the Lower Astral Plane, which is the accumulation of ALL the negative that humanity has created around their planet. If you have not yet created this tunnel, please do so now.

The way that you create this tunnel of light through the darkness of the Lower Astral Plane is, of course, with your great power of unconditional love. Therefore, between now and the Opening, please review your life and unconditionally love EVERY person, place, situation and thing which still holds any fear-based memories of anger, sorrow, revenge, competition etc. etc. In other words, you must “Forgive them, for they know not what they did!”

This sweeping unconditional love and unconditional allows you to unconditionally accept the FACT that you came into incarnation at this time to participate in the process of Personal and Planetary Ascension. Once you realize that participation in ascension was your “purpose for incarnation,” you will be able to unconditionally accept that EVERY negative experience of your present reality was created by your Soul. Your Soul created these “problems” so that you could clear all that was left unfinished at the time of your birth into this ascension reality.

You may think that this task is too much for just one life. However, once you remember that you are a great, Multidimensional Being who has volunteered to enter the “scene of many crimes” in order to assist your Planetary Expression of SELF, Gaia, your many heartaches and challenges will pale in the multidimensional light of your higher purpose.

If you cannot unconditional love, unconditionally forgive and unconditionally accept that every moment of every experience of your present life pales in the face of your higher purpose, you will not be able to detach from your present reality enough to totally surrender into and through the Portal. Your inability to release your past will deny you the gift of infinitely living in the present.

Therefore, our beloved grounded ones, we plead with you to “forgive them for they know not what they did.” And, most important, forgive your self for you knew not what you did. You were asleep then, and EVERYTHING that you did or that happened to you was orchestrated so that you could Awaken. Yes, many of you have had challenges since your awakening, but because you knew you were awake, you saw these situations as initiations rather problems. Because you were awake you could, eventually, look each of these fear-based situation straight in the face and say, “I love you for the lesson that you have taught me.”

While you review your life, be sure to seal each memory with unconditional love and for the lesson that it has taught you. You are in the process of leaving the reality in which lessons were often difficult, painful and filled with fear. In fact, you are leaving fear. We can see from the brilliant light of our grounded ones that many of you have already made this transition of sweeping forgiveness. Remember, forgiveness is not a passive act. In fact, forgiveness is a call to action to correct that which was so out of alignment with your Soul that it actually caused you pain.

You Soul created this situation in your life so that you could realize how out of alignment you were with your higher expression of SELF. Therefore, forgive and release ALL pain NOW so that it no longer dampens your sensations of the higher worlds. Release ALL judgment, for judgment is a mental condition that separates you from others and from your SELF. Every experience of your entire life was PERFECT for it has brought you to the fully awakened state of consciousness that you NOW enjoy.

Please take a moment of break now to fully embrace this part of our message. We will return with Part II, which is activating your Multidimensional Perceptions.

Monday, October 17, 2011


Dear Grounded Ones,
We now return to assist you in activating your multidimensional . However, first we wish to tell you about the fatigue you are all experiencing. This fatigue is the process of your third dimensional of perceptions shutting down so that your multidimensional can take over. In the interim you have two working in a different manner within the same biological vessel. Therefore, this vessel is overtaxed and experiencing great fatigue.

The best course of action during this process is NO course of action. In other words, be still, quite, calm and peaceful as much as possible. Do what you love, be with your loved ones, go where you love to go and, most important, love your self. You are all the hope of Gaia, and you are the Portals to New Earth. Yes, YOU are the Portal that you will open. You needn’t look around you, above or below you. YOU are the Portal for which you search.

There are many Portals around your reality, just beyond your third dimensional perception. However, in order to perceive these Portals you must look INSIDE your self. Through turning inward you can consciously co-operate in activating your multidimensional operating system. We will now guide in doing so:
· Look into your Inner Third Eye and see a small candle . As you focus on this , it changes into a spectrum of all the colors at once. Can you see how each color is distinct at the same time that it intermingles with the other colors?
· Now with the force of your attention drag this flame down into your High Heart. Can you feel how it expands as it enters your own source of unconditional love?
· Look now into your ATMA, your Three Fold Flame of Life and see that there are four flames, then five, then six and then more than you can count.
· See how these flames light a Pathway from within your heart that travels around and around you like a huge Portal—Your Portal.
· Feel your self within your Portal, the Portal of your Multidimensional SELF.
· Now, in the same manner as your saw the first original flame, see your Portal as a spectrum of color. Again, each color within your Portal is distinct but intermingles with all the other colors.
· In a calm and peaceful manner, observe as the colors within your Portal accelerate into a higher frequencies of color than you have never seen before.
· Focus on that which was once red and feel its power.
· Focus on that which was once orange and feel its warmth.
· Focus on that which was once yellow and feel its power.
· Focus on that which was once green and feel its expansion.
· Focus on that which was once blue and hear its tone.
· Focus on that which was once indigo and follow its trail around and around the Portal.
· Focus on that which was once violet and observe as the Portal spins faster, faster and faster…

As the spin of the Portal exponentially accelerates around you, maintain complete peace and total calm. YOU are the Core. YOU are the eye of the vortex.

As you feel the energy around you transmute into higher and higher frequencies of expression, remain centered, receptive, and AWAKE. Slowly, you open your Third Eye to look through your Portal. What you see is many different realities at once. Just as with the colors, each reality is distinct, yet intermingles with all the other realities. This vision almost excites you, BUT you remember to stay calm, centered and peaceful. You are the observer, while you also participate in each of these realities in a timeless manner.

At first, it is confusing to simultaneously observe and participate, but as you surrender to this process, you find that you quickly adapt to this new skill. You feel as though you are at a huge banquet, and you taste each delicious meal, careful not to eat too much and deny yourself another taste.

As you “taste” each reality, you become aware that some realities are possible realities, whereas others are probable realities. Then, much to your surprise, you realize that you are experiencing all of these realities at once, within the same moment of the NOW. You observe them before you, behind you and swirling all around you. Faster and faster the many realities spin through your Portal and deep into your Core.

You feel yourself expand to embrace each reality within the growing Essence of that which was once your Self. You find your distinct Self within each of these intermingled realities. But which you is YOU? How can you BE so many different versions of your Self at once? You sequential thinking cannot count them, and the myriad experiences meld into ONE. How can you be so many and yet ONE?

Suddenly, the vision stops.
Your eyes fly open, and you are within your physical form once again.
You at the same person you have always been.
Or are you?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Dear Arcturians,
Is there more i should know about 11.11.11? Will we leave 3D Earth at that time?

Our Beloved Ascending Ones,
You notice that we no longer call you “grounded ones.” We have changed your names because you have changed your frequency of resonance. It is because of this shift in your resonant frequency that you are all having symptoms of transformation. These symptoms are particular to each person, as each of you has a “weak link,” which is the function or area of your earth vessel that resonates to the lowest frequencies. These lowest freuqency areas of you body are places in which you have habitually stored your stress and fear-based emotions.

It is time now for you to “empty the trash.” It is release of stored stress and fear that is causing your many symptoms and physical sensations of discomfort. We want to tell you that from our perspective, many of you are almost completed with this process. Your journey through the 11.11.11 Portal will assist you completely release all that resonates to a frequency lower than love. In fact, most of you are preparing for this release in your daily life by choosing to focus on what you love and finding that it is extremely tiresome to perform certain mundane tasks.

What is actually happening is that you are “putting in your order” for the reality to which you wish to resonate. You see, New Earth is not far away in another place. New Earth is a resonance, a frequency of Earth. This frequency has been “held in place” so to speak, for the entire “time” of physical earth. New Earth is the bookmark that holds the frequency Path back to your Multidimensional SELF. Due to the extreme challenge of the Kali Yuga, Dark Night of Gaia’s Soul, many of you have lost your way. The 11.11.11 Portal, which will be opened and experienced by our Ascending Ones, will be held open within your consciousness.

With your Path Home to New Earth open, all of our Openers will progressively activate higher and higher states of consciousness. Let us explain the term “Openers.” YOU are the Openers. All of you that consciously and unconsciously, via dreams and imagination, will be the first ones to open your own Inner Portals. We say “Inner Portals,” for all roads to the higher dimensions are traveled from within. Once you have opened your Portals, you will hold these Portals open until the NOW of Gaia’s Planetary Ascension. If you think you are having symptoms now, wait until you are holding open a Portal to the fifth dimension. However, with this immensely increased flow of multidimensional light and unconditional love, your process will swiftly be completed.

In other words, 11.11.11 opens the Door/Portal. Some of you will hold this Door opened to assist Gaia in Her ascension process, and some of you will go through the Door to prepare the way for others. However, usually, those who open the Portal, will hold that Portal open for as long as possible. This means that, “The first shall be the last.” Or “The stays with the Ship” until the very last moment. There will be no sense of sacrifice for these dear Openers for they will simultaneously be experiencing both the reality of closing 3D Earth AND the reality of blossoming 5D Earth.

The process of consciously experience two realities at once, will fully activate your Multidimensional Operating System and put you in constant contact with your Multidimensional SELF. Will you be able to always be conscious of this constant connection? That will be your next challenge. For those of you who have volunteered to hold the Portals open, your powers of creation will be greatly amplified. In fact, we see that many of you are already having this experience.

With your thoughts and emotions becoming manifest at a increasingly immediate rate, you will need to focus on BEING the Master of your Energy. Remember, you energy is the state of consciousness that you have created for yourself by allowing certain thoughts and emotions to be held within your aura. Furthermore, by standing in the “opened doorway” your energy will be emanating out into the aura of Ascending Gaia more than ever. We tell you of your challenge with complete confidence that you will be able to successfully fulfill your chosen Mission.

In fact, we know that in the reality to which you are ascending, you have already fulfilled this Mission. If you listen to our last sentence with your 3D, time-bound thinking, you will be very confused. Your third dimensional thinking is one of the first things that you will need to release. The best way to release this outdated thinking is to accept the Flow of unconditional love that we send to your NOW! Unconditional love is the healing force of the Multiverse and the highest frequency of transmutation.

You are told on your airplane rides, “In case of emergency, place your oxygen mask on your self first so that you can place it on others too.” In the same manner, we say, unconditionally love your self first, so that you can better unconditionally love others.

The Arcturians