October 18, 2011

God /Clearing

My Dear One,

Today let&;s begin with a thought of hope for . Such large shifts in such a short period of time have never occurred on planet Earth. Gaia is in the final push of a great delivery. In this intense labor have been thoughts of despair & thoughts of hopelessness. However, underlying all this pain is the of this . In a short time frame you will witness the new of a planetary shift that opens not just the planet and not just humanity but the entire cosmos. You will witness this shift as a global reawakening and you, My dear are an important part to this shift.

When you accepted the daunting challenge of this life experience you agreed to amnesia of your true self. This, of course, was done to experience the gifts of free will & duality in their most pure form. Now is the time to understand the amnesia was only temporary. In your human experience as an awakened being, you are now fulfilling the role as humanity’s helper.

You each have so many gifts to use and share. Now is the time to ask your , “How can I assist?”. Listen quietly and you will know, feel or hear the answer. Each of you are a of the masses and in your teachings are ways to assist those who still slumber in their amnesia. Not all wish to awaken & that is fine. This is ‘free will’ in it’s finest experience, is it not? But millions are now awakened and millions more are beginning to stir.

There’s no need for a soap box. Simply by being your truth, places around you that attracts those seeking some direction. Be the beacon of love and light. Open your heart & mind to your truth and know how much you are loved. The birth is nearly complete & you are the in the delivery room. Keep your wits about you, breath with the Mama & get ready for a miracle to occur.

Channeled by

Suzanne Spooner
The Art of Universal Knowing