3 October 2011

: El

ones, we Love you, with a that is eternal, pure, and beautiful, a kindness, that is gentle, and loving, and humble. Dearest Ones, we are never "separate" from you, we are a part of you, as you are a part of us, and the "future", is our future to, dearest ones, there is "fear", but there is also "Love", dearest ones, there have been many times, in this existence, and in these moments of now, and in this pre-sent, awareness, that you have, "come close to destruction", dearest ones, this "will not happen, this will not occur, if you do not stand firm in your faith, you will not stand at all."

Dearest Ones, this is a phrase, dearest Lesley, uses, many times in her life, when she, in Love, finds herself, in a place, where there is great "fear", and in this Love, and in this Awareness, know dearest ones, that I send you the same message, "trust", and have "faith", in the journey, of Heart.

Dearest Ones, we will not leave you, nor dearest ones, shall we abandon you, dearest ones, if others say we have "pulled out", dearest ones, know this is "fear", not Truth, we, dearest ones, would not have, in Love, spent the last few centuries or more, preparing you, for this journey, if, dearest ones, we were not prepared to see it through.

Dearest Ones, there are many of you, that in this , ask yourselves, this question: "How can I possibly make it when I am so trapped in illusion?"
Dearest ones, we have come to give you peace. There is nothing you have to "do", it is not a question, dearest ones, of what you have to "do", but dearest ones, who you are. And, dearest ones, if you understand yourself, as Love, and understand, and come, from this understand, then, dearest ones, you will, in Love, find your actions, proceeding out of this place, of Heart space.
Dearest ones, we have not "left", you, dearest ones, have pulled back, in your Heart Space, dearest ones, we did not stop sending our Light, many of you, dearest ones, stopped receiving it.
Dearest ones, we, in Love, humbleness, and compassion, will never abandon you, never disown you, you cannot, dearest ones, "offend us", you cannot, dearest ones, cause us "harm", you cannot, dearest ones, do anything, or be anything, that would cause us, "To flee".
Dearest ones, in compassion, how can, in Love, we be attacked, by, dearest ones, something that does not exist? Dearest ones, in Love, this is not a reality, that, we perceive, nor do, in Love, we Be or Express at any moment, there is no, sense, dearest ones, in the Consciousness, of "worry" or "fear", there is, in Love and Compassion, at all moments, only Universal Cosmic Love from God-Source, and, dearest ones, this is the place, where we shall all-ways, greet you, in any moment, and in any situation, when you find yourselves, caught in illusion.
Love and Compassion, dearest ones, is the only place, dearest ones, that we shall ever be, and in Love, dearest ones, it is the only message, we will ever send.
Dearest ones, if we, were to participate, in your illusion, it would, in love and kindness, only cause more of you to "fall" into that illusion, we would, in Love and Universal Cosmic Love, and in the humblest Compassion, rather, send you the most joyous Love and Light, at all moments, and at all now's, for by doing and being so, it is this Universal Cosmic Love, that helps, All, to transcend, dearest ones, the state, you are currently in.
And, dearest ones, we will, at all now's, and until, if, and when, send this Loving Energy to you, there is no "specific criteria" you have to meet, there is no "cleaning process", you do not have to "meet the mark", or "obey the commandments". This Universal Cosmic Love, is free to All, it is from God-Source, and, dearest one, God-Source is open to All, it is not, dearest ones, if you can receive it, because all have the capacity, it is, dearest ones, if you will receive it, because that is your choice.
Do you see, dear ones, do you understand, what I am telling you?
Do you see, dearest ones, in Love, humility, and compassion, that at any moment, and at any "time", dearest ones, you can, in Love, step into this place, of awareness?
Dearest ones, it is not a matter of "when", but a matter of if.
Dearest ones, we Love you, and we have eternal Compassion for you, and we are humble to you, because in Love, we respect you, but dearest ones, please understand, that not in this now, nor in future nows, shall we ever participate, in Love and Kindness, in any event or situation, which does not express, at all levels, Universal Cosmic Love, and we would never send messages, to you, dearest ones, that does not cause your Heart, and your Mind, and all levels of your being, to enter this Highest State of God-Source, for to do so, or be so, dearest ones, would only cause you, dearest ones, to "fall" further into illusion, and that, dearest ones, is not something, we are "capable", of doing or being or expressing.
Dearest ones, this one knows, in Love, Kindness, and the deepest Compassion, that you would like us to "choose sides", dearest ones, in Love, Kindness, and Compassion, there are no sides, dearest ones, this is illusion.
God-Source, Loves, All. , dearest ones, is available to All. Perfect Joy and Light, is available to All. Dearest Ones, all are "worthy", all are "valuable", all are beautiful.
Dearest Ones, in Love, we will, in Love, Humbleness, and Compassion, continue to send, in Love, messages of Universal Cosmic Love, and the Highest Energy of God-Source, at all now's, to all beings, and at all now's, until, if, and when.
We are all-ways, pre-sent, in experience, dearest ones, and shall now, and all-ways, be here, to bring this Universal Cosmic Love to you.
My name is Tar-Lasha, and I am of the .
Dearest ones, I wish you the kindest, and most loving compassion, to All Hearts on this day.