by conversationswithadama
You know when you were a kid, and you knew your parents were going to buy you a bike – and you waited and waited with such excitement. You felt that once you had the bike, life would suddenly become so exciting, you could join the other kids, you could get places fast. Once the bike arrived, and you try it out, you are wobbly and you come to realize that: I am in charge of this bicycle – and I have to ride it. The bike 't going to ride you.

I believe that the Emergence of the Telosians, as predicted in Dianne Robbin's books and those by , coincides with the collective rise in that everyone is ancitipating, that is predicted by the Mayan Calendar, and by indigenous prophets. However, it is important not to put the cart before the horse, that is, to recognize that it's not primarily about looking for something external. It's about an inner awakening.

This inner awakening is the point when you realize, fully, that you must look to yourself alone for enlightenment. It's the point when you realize that the bike isn't going to ride itself, that you are riding it, and that you are responsible for staying on it and directing it. And you choose whether to direct it toward the positive or the negative. Awakening is a realization that creates a change in perspective on self and .

The Ascension of the earth is happening just as surely, and steadily, as the rising . Individuals around the globe are more and more awake to truth and free from illusion and restriction. Many speak of a tipping point, when a major awakening occurs on a mass level. Because we are all linked in consciousness, every person who wakes up creates that much more clarity for the collective. So, the rising represents the mass effect of millions of individuals opening their minds and hearts to divine truths – that they are sovereign beings of light.

What is important to understand is that when this awakening hits critical mass, the shift will not manifest as physical or external first. It will be internal: the opening and awakening will happen from the inside. Once this inner shift takes place, this this release of struggle and negativity, then the external reality will follow suite and will reflect our new inner clarity.

Then, and only then, will seeming miracles begin to manifest such as interacting with beings from Inner Earth or or Space – termed the Intra- and Extra-Terrestrials. Only then will society shift to completely harmonious models of living, governing, worshiping.

Many people are looking so hard for these external things to occur. But the fact is that these are side effects of the much more powerful event: the inner choice to awaken. It's happening gradually right now, but picking up speed. The more people choose love and empowerment, the more the collective has the freedom to do so, and so then the "sun" rises higher and higher in the sky until everything is fully alight with the sun of our Being.