8 October 2011

: El

Kindness is an Art and a Science, a way of being, that leads to Joy. It is a skill, developed through reason, but its action, is of the utmost Love. That expression, of a Divine Attribute, that perfect Union, that leads to Action, and action, creation, is the reflection, of an inner state of being, an inner state of being, that resonates, with the Light, that is within.

Kindness, such a simple term, but its complexity is great, such difficulty, in such a simple act, such, hardship, it contemplating, one state of being, that issues forth, out of Love.

But Love, what is this, act, is it not, in this sense of understanding, the modality in which all beings seek to express their deepest desires at Heart, even, if, and when, we limit Love to but the expression of two people sharing a combined experience, this Love, is the attraction, the perfect expression, we all seek.

Yet, in this manner, there is a Higher Attraction, and a Higher State of Being, and that Higher State of Being, is the Uniting of God-Source, with the Human Vessel, and this Union, is much like a coupling, between two souls, and two physical bodies, on the planet earth.

For it is a sharing, of Heart, between that Source which is the Highest, and the manifestation, which is at its lowest, the Macrocosm meeting the Microcosm, in .

And so, in this sense, if God-Source, being Greater than Us in magnitude, is our Father/Mother, then so, in this sense, are all those who are of a lower vibration than us, children unto us as we are their Father/Mother. What a great responsibility? Do you not think?

For if we are Father/Mother, to all Creation, and if it is our Divine responsibility to be that, then in this sense, my friends, we have just as much, responsibility to how we treat creation, as the Divine Creator his or her Self, for if Our Divine Creator, dearest souls, did as we did, or treated, as we treated, perhaps we would not be so accustomed to "connect" to this God-Source as readily.

But it is, because, God-Source, is, in expression, The Ultimate and Highest Love at all times, and in all moments, this very expression helps all of us, to achieve a Higher Level of being.

And so, dearest friends, it is so important, to treat all beings, with kindness, and compassion, because, you can be the "Source" of their greatest tragedy or the "Source" of their Highest Evolution, that, is all-ways your choice. You can lift your Brother and Sister up, or you can bring them toppling down. Your actions, affect, more than you know.

Be the expression you wish to see in the world, and I promise, you will see a change.

In Universal Brotherly and Sisterly Love, , Eternal Union, and Divine Bliss,

The Ascended