Since moving near Mt. Shasta, where there are numerous people who channel beings from another dimension, I have been giving deeper thought to what channeling is for me, and why I practice it.

First of all, I practice it because it is personally enriching to me. I share it, because I enjoy sharing. I've written more about my experiences channeling and what it means to me in the link above, "What Channeling Means To Me." In summary, Adama once described very beautifully what channeling is when he said that when I channel his voice, he reflects to me the light and love that I have forgotten, so that I remember who I am, and then share that remembrance with others. He does not add anything to me, nor ask me to leave my body, but simply radiates profound love, which I then feel and send out. It's that simple.

For me, if channeling ever becomes a point of division, I believe the point is lost. For me it is not so much about information. Information on physical upgrades, lost races, past lives, etc are interesting and helpful but it's not the point. For me anyway, the point is to expand my ability to love and to experience freedom.

There has been a lot of buzz lately about whether Adama and the Telosians will actually be visible to our eyes this year. I will publish some information on this shortly, on what various channels are saying on this topic as well as what I have received. But this is a perfect example with which to make my point:

What my mind thinks about my external reality is so small, so inconsequential, compared to what is in my heart. The heart is vast and simple. The heart doesn't mind when the Telosians emerge or when "First Contact" is made.

My mind finds the idea interesting. I would love to see Adama and I know I eventually will. Whether I can see him visibly this year or not, however – my heart has no investment in that. The Telosians will come to my attention, and they will leave my attention, but what part of them is in the Light of my Heart already stays there all the time.

Will Adama come see us physically this year? I don't know. But I do know he is already with us now. The first thing Adama said to me was: "I AM ALWAYS WITH YOU." And I am still learning what that means.