8 October 2011

Channeler: Gillian MacBeth-Louthan

Set your Heart and Light for October 22-23 2011 and point your magic wand in the direction of the Smokey Mountains and Sevierville TN. Women of a Great Light from all over the world come to experience the 5rd ANNUAL GATHERING OF SHE: ‘THE PROPHETIC SHE’ held at the BLUFF VIEW CONFERENCE CENTER in HIDDEN MOUNTAIN RESORT-Sevierville. . This Event Horizon comes to fill your heart with a soft powerful feminine light that heals and guides. Each houses codes of Light that will awaken the Divine Feminine allowing you access to ancient and future truths. 2 Days of Journeys Working with The Prophetic She in all her Sacred forms.

This years Gathering of She goes beyond a conference and meeting point. This Gathering of She embraces a power beyond logic and known ability into a place that issues a fierce feminine decree ‘we will not succumb to the will of what was written and decreed for millenniums past, we will create a promising future.’

This year’s Gathering of She asks you to put on your big girl panties and stop whining about all that has gone wrong in your life this past year and step up to a place of full fledged creation, on such a vast paramount scale, angels fear to tread . A place where victims do not live, a place reserved for those true of heart and Great of Spirit. A bold intelligent place that risks all to save what goodness still dwells upon earth. We all feel the pull in our hearts to do more, to be more, to achieve more. A quickening is upon us and we feel it in every cell of our body.

This Gathering of She is for those daughters of light that cannot give up on hope or humanity. Together we will seed a future that is deemed to continue into a place beyond what we previously have known as truth. Within each of us is a seed of light that came from the stars and holds the future within its very nucleus. Within us is a love that is so deep it cannot be compared to any measurement on earth. When all agendas are placed aside, the vibration of pure possibility awakens from a deep cellular sleep.

We are granted the gift to shift what appears dark and thick with sadness. The energies come to confuse us and take us from out destined path of light. Day after day one thing after another comes to steal our peace and our joy. We push our hearts needs to the side and serve ourselves up a plate of cold disappointments. The disappoints serve only to lower our immune system and change our into a place of confusion. Most days we do not know if we are coming or going. We are emotionally stretched in so many ways our tapestry of light is worn thin. The Great Comforter comes on Wings of Light to this Gathering of She, promising a place of cosmic resolution where the pixels of truth are seen on a virtual wide screen.

Each of you is a living pillar of light, like a nebula, a star nursery; you were born to succeed in ways others can only dream. Each of you represents a multitude of light masters and councils of light that came to earth to help her through this upcoming transformation. We each have a symbiotic relationship with earth, we feel for her as she feels for us. The beautiful Smokey Mountains of east Tennessee is the perfect energetic place to come to a place of higher knowing. The land is pure and the people are good hearted, no matter what their spiritual or religious beliefs. Autumn in the mountains is refreshing as all the colors give to one an optical healing that goes beyond understanding.

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