A Message from John the Beloved
September 29, 2011

Beloved children of God, how pleasing it is to speak to so many through this open vessel I have chosen. I am John the Beloved. I AM an Ascended Master. I work within the Divine Pink and Ruby Ray and Sacred Fire. I am also known as the Apostle John, and very close to Jesus. I see many adventurers at different places on this journey to the uniting with their own God Presence.

I say your own God Presence because each of you has this within you. You have travelled far beloveds, and have learned much over the centuries and today in this lifetime. And all you have learned is now helping you awaken to return to the light, and the Unity of God. God has never been far from your side. God lives in all of you. You have your very own God Presence deep within you, look; uncover all the negative sidelines and you will see; the light you seek has always been there. It only became covered up through time and events. Now you are working at uncovering and finding yourself. Each of you woke at different times, working your way to the light that is shining within you, as it was meant to be.

You were all meant to wake at different times in order to find guidance within your own circle of peers that have attained various levels or stages that differ from your own. Thus, giving you the opportunity to guide those newer, more newly awakened ones. Each of you has your own wisdom, and knowledge to share from all the lessons life has brought you. The clearing you have done that moved you forward to the next interval of your journey are a joy that the body can feel. This joy and how it was achieved is worthy of being shared. All will go their own way, but the adventures and experience learned are great teaching tools for others.

As you move through the journey that brings you to your own Inner light and God Presence, the challenge for many is staying true to who you are. Knowing who you are, believing in yourself, knowing your strengths and utilizing whatever weaknesses you may have to a positive force when necessary. I witness many that struggle here, and lose their place of awareness; sometimes only temporary, other times this can last a lifetime. Learn to recognize if you are at a low point and feeling lots of that is causing negative reactions and loss of your valuable . Once you see this, it’s imperative to focus on rerouting yourself back to the light, moving towards your own light and unity with God.

This returning to your Inner Light and Unity with God requires a lot of focus and ability to be true to oneself. Not to hide behind veneers of misplaced ego-placed ideals. From the adventure you are on, you will uncover a great deal of information, leading to revelations of yourself and those around you or who has been a part of your life. Some of these revelations will be shocking, and you might want to hold on tight because you will learn many wonderful insights about yourself. These insights can hold both negative and positive characteristics, some you may wish to change, alter or remove. You are growing and developing so quickly, basically re-birthing yourself into a new reality that you are choosing by the choices you are making now.

I will come to your aid, if you should request it when you need support with learning your own inner mysteries. Do not fear yourself beloved ones. Within you is much to behold. A beautiful light that is forever linked to God, and shines through every part of you more and more as you reveal more of your true self. I will come to you when you request my assistance with deep love and respect for all that is dear and sacred within your very own being. Once you are able to unite with the Light that is within you that rekindles you with God’s own light, you will see more clearly and love more wholly and unconditionally. As this unity brings an intuitive ‘knowing’. Have faith beloved ones, that the challenges you have succeeded thus far are not held in vain. They indeed help steer you towards more and more chapters for you to explore.

Each of you have a place within my heart of Gold, and I cherish ALL of God’s children. It is time to end our discussion, but know full well that you never walk alone. I will return and speak again. Be at peace in the love and the light of our God that we all share.

And so it is…John the Beloved – Ascended Master through Julie Miller