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2 October 2011

Chapter 21
We would like to take this opportunity to delve somewhat deeper into a very interesting topic, namely that of the scientific community and how they will continue to make new &;discoveries&; in this upcoming period. As we have stated earlier, they are in fact on the brink of making many, many seemingly unexpected discoveries, namely so-called break throughs in science that will cause the entire scientific community to go up in arms as it were. The reason for this is easy to explain, because the discoveries they make will in fact make them all question the value of the knowledge they have hitherto acquired. We refer of course to all of those outdated theories on how is dispersed, how the quantum field is build up, and also on how time and space is related. Some of this has started to seep out already, and already the scepticism is apparent. This cannot be true they are saying, we cannot believe something that is flying in the face of everything we know and take for granted. Well, you are in for a nice surprise, as much of the current textbooks you are using can soon be tossed on the scrapheap. We have told you earlier about how we implant new information into fertile brains by going the way of using so-called transponders, i.e other living human beings, to insert new knowledge into the trained brains that will instantly know how to process this new information. That way, we can make sure that all of the knowledge you are so desperately in need of in order to ensure the survival and transformation of your much scarred planet is received and spread throughout your scientific community. But this is not an easy task, as the ingrown scepticism to anything radical and new is very, very strong indeed. Just watch as they will try to tear holes in any new and astounding theory coming their way, as it is inherent in human nature to cling to the old rather than embrace the new. And now there is so much old knowledge that needs to be discarded, it will seem that everything and everyone have to start all over again from scratch. But let us reassure you that this process will go ahead, no how hard so many of your scientists will try to drag their heels as soon as they discover that everything they have taken for granted is as much an illusion as everything else you see around you. It will be an interesting period in these upcoming months, as there is so much coming your way you cannot even begin to imagine the magnitude of all of these &;discoveries&;. We put the brackets in here to signify that these discoveries are certainly not coming your way by accident, no they will be planted there by mightier brains than yours, if we may be so bold. As we have stated on numerous occasions before, yours is certainly far from the most advanced civilization out there, but now you will be put on a fast track towards developing into something a bit more sustainable, both as a species and as a planet. Remember, the planet has been set up to survive, but you as a species are hovering on the brink of extinction, therefore you cannot be allowed to keep up your current manner of living. In other words, you need to be re-educated, and this process will now be sped up considerably.

As we were saying, this will be a very interesting process to witness, as there will be new theories, or rather findings, that will go contrary to so much that is already universially known to be the ”truth” here on your planet. We have earlier reminded you that the current grid of energy that you are coupled to is in fact one that severly limits your prospects of developing, as it has been put in place exclusively to hold you back and make you easier to manage as it were. In other words, you have been withheld from so much crucial information that all the rest of creation have been party to for a very, very long time indeed, and as such you have been lagging ever further behind. Now it is time for all of you to take that quantum leap into , and it will be an amazing process indeed. Not only will you find that ever-elusive ”theory of everything” that your scientists have been searching for for such a long time, the one and only solution that will explain oh so clearly how this magnificent universe, or rather multi-verse, is put together, you will also out of seemingly thin air finally discover that all-encompassing, everlasting source of energy that will be able to fuel all of your endeavors from this day and to eternity. In other words, you will move into that new , on par with the rest of the civilizations out there, and not a moment to soon either. As we said, you are hovering on the brink of extinction, and your actions are taking you further and further out on that brink, but now you will be stopped in your tracks and brought back firmly and soundly from that brink. This process involves several steps, and many of them have been discussed already in this manuscript, but now we would like to give you a little peak into that wonderful world of , as seen by the eyes of your scientists. And let us just say that they all chose the right time to be here, as no one in the history of mankind will be able to live through such a record breaking time, when such quantum leaps of discoveries will be made in such an infinitesimal amount of time. Just remember, when the time comes to announce the winners of next year´s nobel prizes in physics, it might not be the right ”person” who receives the awards. In other words, this knowledge that will come to light does not emmanate from the human brains only, it will be firmly planted there by beings heralding from a very different place altogether. Be that as it may, we will let you all have your 15 minutes of fame.

Let us just give you a few short examples: We have already alluded to that elusive particle known as the neutrino. Your scientists have already made a landmark discovery on this particle, even if the doubts about the rightness of this discovery is very high indeed. We refer of course to that record breaking these particles have been clocked to, namely that of one exceeding the of light. Jaws were falling all over the place when this discovery literally saw the light a few days ago, but now they are all scrambling to find faults with the measurements made by this glorious team of scientists. Let us just say that the measures were indeed inaccurate, but not in the way that the rest of you think. We predict that in a very short time indeed, your scientists will come to the inevitable conclusion that there are in fact particles that move beyond the of light, and not by a mere fraction either. Remember, this is all about the feasibility of travelling faster than the of light, and as such has been an elusive dream for all of you humans. This is a stated fact for the rest of us, as we are all very, very adept at travelling back and forth across the timelines. In other words, travelling faster than the of light is indeed a prerequisite in order for you all to literally join the rest of us. Trust us when we say that this discovery is very imminent indeed, even if the scientists that first set their eyes on these astonishing results will have hard time believing it for themselves, and as such will certainly try to drag their heels about saying it out loud. No matter, this discovery will in fact be made in several different locations almost simultaneously, as it is indeed imperative that you humans get this concept into your brains once and for all. Remember, there is no time to dither, as progress needs to be made fast indeed.

Another very interesting source of information will come in regarding the so-called dark matter and pervading your universe. Your scientists have for a very long time scratched their heads as to just what this energy and matter is comprised of, and now they will finally be able to ”see” this with their own eyes. The reason for their confusion is the fact that all of this unknown matter and energy is indistinguishable to all of your instruments, it cannot be measured in any way, but we will show them a way to do just that. And the results will be mind blowing indeed, as this is the energy we have been referring to that will enable you to stop using that old fashioned carbon based energy once and for all. And we do not talk in decades here, we talk of a timespan of a few months at the most. In other words, your world will be transformed from a energy consuming, polluting planet to a clean one in very short amount of time, too short to believe for the rest of you. Well, watch closely and see just what transpires in these next few months, but remember that the interest of many of your fellow human beings is still to stick to the old way, as that is how they make their money.

Over to another topic altogether, namely the nature of your medical society. This has in many ways so much to learn, or rather unlearn, as they are still stuck in the old way of regarding your human bodies and all of the ailments they attract. Much have been said about the research on the , and much will come about in the next few months, but maybe not in the form you might expect. You have all been encoded to expire as it were, in other words you have been made to last only a short period of time, and all of this encoding is written into your DNA. The scientists have been trying to unravel all of these encodings for many years, but now they are in for a nice surprise indeed. They will find that there is indeed a very easy way of reshuffle all of the information already stored in your genes, and this will have repercussions far from the field of so-called hereditary diseases. This will also entail that much of your standard proceedures of treating illnesses will have to be changed, as they are mostly concerned with treating only the symptoms of the illness, not the underlying cause of it. As we have stated earlier, you have all been retrofitted with mechanisms that will ensure your fatality, namely processes that have been timed to stop after a certain amount of time, and then the breaking down of all of your bodily functions will start. After that, an inevitable death follows. Now they will realize that this process can and will be made null and void, and therefore the old process of slow decay known as old age will halt in it´s tracks. We have told you earlier how this process has already been set into motion in those of you who have already decided to open yourselves to the light, but now they will learn how to do this on the rest of the population as well. The real secret is that they will be able to do this without applying any of those expensive medicines that they are all so eager to develop and market. The source for this reprogramming will be a very much simpler one, namely one that involves vibration. And when we say vibration, we refer of course to the subject of ”retuning” your body with all sorts of benign wavelengths, emanating not only from light but also from sound. This will indeed be old news to many of you, as you have already experienced this personally either in this life or in a previous one, as this is of course the old way of healing an untuned, or in other words ”sick” body. But now we refer to certain breakthrough discoveries that will be made in the scientific community that will once and for all dispel the old notion of ridiculing this way of healing. They will see for themselves how cells suddenly are turned from cancerous to seemingly normal cells in a very short amount of time, and they will also see that other cells seemingly damaged beyond repare by other debilitating diseases will appear normal and vital yet again. Watch closely as these advances is medicine starts to seep out, only to be abruptly stopped in it´s tracks by others. Never forget that there are many out there with an interest in holding back information that will literally cause their empires to erode as their sources of income evaporate in an instant. That is why we are covering our bets on this one too, and we will make sure that these discoveries will be so numerous that they cannot keep them under wraps no matter how hard they try.

Another discovery that will be made will be on how to ensure that the supply will be sufficient, no matter what kind of tantrums mother earth will throw in this upcoming period. Remember, your climate is a very fragile one indeed, and you have made yourselves very vulnerable by scaling down on the types of foodstuffs you grow. In many instants, you have manipulated mother earths resources in such a way that the diversity of crops is almost non-existent. You grow the same strains of crops on large strecthes of your planet, and as such you are very, very prone to loose it all to disease or climate change. Again, greed is behind these developments, as there are money to be made from ensuring that all farmers need to buy their seeds from the same manufacturer, and as such you have taken a very perilous road indeed. Now discoveries will be made not only on how to ensure viable produce, but also on how to grow it. You have resorted to gigantic farms producing enormous crops which is then distributed over large distances. Now you will discover a new source of , one that can be grown locally, and one that actually contains a very, very high amount of nutrition in a very small amount of mass. A new ”superfood”, if we might call it that. And not only will it be nutritious, it will also be able to prosper in any sort of climate, no matter how cold, wet, dry or hot it is. In other words, something that will be able to feed you all in a few years time. This ”crop” is of course something seeded by us, as this will be a new sort of lifeform seemingly never seen on your planet before, but it will in many ways resemble some of the innocuos looking grasses that surround you already. In other words, it will not seem to be of foreign origin, and that is because this sort of grain was very common on this planet before this timeline was started. In other words, we will be bringing back and old staple, known to those that lived during those elusive days of lemuria.

That is all we have for you today, but we will return with more on this subject at a later date.