6 October 2011


Chapter 22

Today´s missive will be of importance to many, as we would like to go into some details concerning the mass of the energies currently coming your way, or in other words how these missives of intelligence will not only your way of living, but also much of what you see around you. As we have previously stated, there is currently a large influx of particles into your atmosphere from the surroundings, some of them come from – or rather via – your sun, but many of them come from other sources altogether. These sources are located at many areas in the interstellar space, and although the particles are indeed of different origins and compositions, they have the same purpose in mind, namely that of fast-tracking this planet and all of her inhabitants so that they can reach their targeted destination in a very short time indeed. Let us explain. At present, there is much to be said about how you have been able to mismanage yourselves and the resources you have at your disposal, and as a result, you as a species are heading for destruction in more ways than one. However, as there are so many other civilizations out there having a vested interest in your survival, you will be steered in an entirely new direction so that the odds of not only survival but also prosperity will be greatly stacked in your favour. In order to do this, you will need more than a few helpful hints here and there, as this has been tried before to no avail. In other words, you will be forced to , and these forces of are already washing over your shores, and have been so for rather a long period of time. As you have seen for yourselves, this has been a slow revolution coming, but now the momentum will increase manyfold, and the speed at which this about-face will come will make many a jaw drop.

You as a species have been accustomed to a certain way of regulating your lives, and although much has been changing on this planet of yours for the last centuries, you have become accustomed to change at a certain speed. Also, in your minds, change come in the form of a well-defined chain of events, and as we have said earlier, you expect them to come in the right order as it were. Or, as you would say, a linear form of evolution, were each step up on the ladder is followed by the next logical one, and all new steps are firmly based on the previous one. Well, time has come to throw away this ladder, as you are all clearly climbing in the wrong direction. We have come to tell you that from now on, consider yourselves as riders on a new form of altogether, namely one that will take you out into the unknown, and one that will whisk you away to new shores in a very, very short amount of time indeed. We say this in order to prepare you for something so unexpected, and to give you another little hint that all of your old ways of regarding processes of development must be thrown on the scrapheap of yesterday once and for all. In other words, forget the old paradigms, and open your minds and hearts to a whole new way of exploring that vast sea of possibilities presented to you.

As we have alerady mentioned, your planet is currently entering the first stages of that cosmic &;washing machine&; called the photon belt, and as such not only will the grimes of yesteryear be thoroughly washed away, you will also be literally hosed down with a whole new set of . What we mean by that, is that in to be cleansed from all of the old baggage weighing you down and holding you back, you will be infused with a massive amount of that will help you all take a literal quantum leap into your new future. And this is vital indeed, as you have no way of surviving without it. You are lagging far behind the rest of us, but now you will be yanked ahead and pulled up alongside us. You are in for a rather interesting ride indeed, but also one that will take a toll on you all. In fact, this is already taking it´s toll on all of you, as you have discovered by now. This massive influx of in certainly making itself heard in your physical bodies, and at times can be almost debilitating. Let us repeat once again that this is indeed not harmful to your body, the only danger is if your minds go into fear because of all of these strange physical reactions. As always, fear is the most debilitating force there is, and therefore we caution you all once again to try with all of your might to stay out of it. It will only make everything worse, therefore rest assured that you will not only survive these imminent onslaughts, they will actually strenghten you beyond measure.

Let us give you some examples. As we have been saying, yours is a civilization much less evolved than those around you, but the time has come to take in the slack as it were and pull you up amongst the rest of us. This will be done in many ways, and in a manner most unusual from your perspective. In other words, this will be a literal revolution, were you take the step from one level to another one much higher up, but bypassing all of those intermediate levels in between. You can in other words expect something very, very different indeed from the world you are currently living in today to manifest within a very limited space of time. So much of what you take for granted will be left behind, as it is more than outdated indeed. We refer of course primarily to your utilization of carbon based , as this is the main thing that not only hampers your evolutionary speed, but also endangers the planet you are living on. As stated previously, you will very soon ”discover” (with more than a little help from your alien friends) a totally new way of literarly powering your whole creation, and more: a way of living that will not do any damage whatsoever to your environment. You will, for the first time in eons, be a species living in a sustainable manner, and when this way of living finally sees the light for the first time after the fall as it were, it will certainly be a day to rejoice not only for you but for the rest of us as well. You have not only been living above and beyond your means, you have also done so to the dertiment not only of your own planet, but to the whole of creation, so we are all to havning a more palatable neighbour, to call it that.

In order for this change to take place in a not too distant future, much has been set into work already, and even if some of the processes have been visible to the naked eye, much is going on behind the curtain as it were. As you well know, the level of vibration on your planet has already been raised significally these last few years and months, and there are already many results to show for this raised vibration, both in the esoteric and in the physical world. It is not by chance that dictators are toppeled, the financial market collapsing and that the surface of your planet is creaking at it´s seams, they are all connected to this raised vibratory effect. In addition, the awakening of thousands upon thousands of dormant souls are also directly linked to this influx of energies, as they are in so many ways nudging you and steering you to open your eyes and remove the last vestiges of sleep from your brain. Now the wake-up time for the rest of the human population is coming, and it is indeed coming in fast. As we have said earlier, this awakening will be perceived as rather abrupt and none too subtle, as they will have to face the glare of the incoming light without the preparation and motivation the rest of you have had. Remember, that is their choice, just as you had a choice between waking up or staying asleep during these last years, and cudos to all of you who chose the former. It will certainly give you all a leg up in the coming months when everything will be turned on it´s in more ways than one.

Remember, yours is a society in dire need for change, and this time the change will come at a pace not set by human standard, but by ours, and we certainly adhere to a clock very, very different from yours. We also have a very different way of going about things, in that we are not hampered by a single timeline or dimension, and as such we can create something vastly different from what excisted only a fraction of time ago. In other words, we are free to mould things into shape in a very, very effective way, therefore we will return again and again to remind you that you have to drop all pretenses of knowing just how this planet of yours will evolve in this upcoming period of time. Remember, you can only envisage what you already know, but the tomorrow we are speaking of is something so very different from anything you have experienced, therefore you will have a hard time wrapping your brains around the fact that the world as you know it will indeed cease to exist in the mere blinking of an eye. And no, we do not mean cease to exist as in to be destroyed, but rather to be morphed into something very, very different and so much more wonderful than the worn and weary planet you are all inhabiting at the moment. The remnants of glory you see all around you are but a fraction of what is to come, therefore we would like to give you some time to digest the fact that although much of what you refer to as ”written in stone”, in other words impossible to change, can and will do so within a very short timeframe.

As we were saying, the changes will come in a way that is almost impossible for a human brain to grasp, as it will occur almost simultaneously on many planes. In other words, a mulitelevel turnaround that will turn humanity´s life inside out in the manner of a few short seconds. Or, to be more precise, in the manner of a fraction of a perceived time-sequence. You are about to experience timelessness for the first time, and as such it is indeed impossible to give you an exact timeframe for the event, as time itself will be suspended. This will enable us to make all the changes we want before connecting you again with time as it were. As we have already told you, this disconnection/reconnection sequence entails a very intense preparation period indeed, and if everything is not carefully planned, much can go awry. We do not forsee any glitches, as we are all very much aware of what hangs in balance, and as such the testing and preparations have been more than rigorous. But now, the signal to start the proceedings have been given, and it will not take long before you see the results from all of the hard work we have done together. Do not expect paradise to appear in front of your eyes just yet, as even if the proceedure itself of changing your gridconnections will seem to be almost instantaneous, the lead up to it is a bit more time-consuming. We do not say this in order to keep you all in suspense, only to make it clear that this is indeed a very complex situation, and everything needs to be taken care of in the right manner in order to achieve that glorious end-result. But now the show is on the road as it were, so be prepared to be astonished in more ways than one as the barrages of high-energy influxes are already on course for your little planet.