10 October 2011

The subject we are speaking of today, is a very interesting one indeed, as we would like to give you some information concerning that fragile layer protecting your planet, and how changes in this layer is already affecting you all. We refer of course to the so-called atmosphere, this thin membrane that separates you from the vastness of space as it were, much like the embryonic sac protects an unborn child. Without it, you would not be here, and as such any action that might damage this could create havoc for all of the living beings currently inhabiting your earth. Most of you are aware that this has already been damaged thanks to that infamous cocktail of you have been spewing out for decades, and as such it seems that you have opened yourselves up to much interference from outside sources, but not all of this will be considered as detrimental to you. Let us explain. Your atmosphere not only keeps all of your vital gaseous substances inside, so that you are literally able to breathe in the oxygen your bodies crave, it is also protecting you from most of all of those not so benign particles floating about in space. In other words, you have a sort of umbrella over your heads protecting you from the worst of these fallouts emanating from all sorts of processes going on out in space. In addition, it acts as a shield that deters most of those free-floating objects you refer to as meteors from entering your space. Most of them burn up before hitting the ground, often times putting up beautiful displays of fireworks as they disintegrate. The earth´s atmosphere is mostly invisible to the naked eye, except when these fireballs enter it, or when it is lit up by the displays created by all of those electromagnetic storms hurled out from your friendly neighbor the sun. They go by the name of auroras, and are a stupendous sight indeed.

Lately, these beautiful displays have increased in magnitude, and they will continue to do so in the upcoming period, as they are indeed the most visible part of this ongoing reprogramming project. The colors washing over the sky is but a tiny part of this accelerated influx of particles however, and we would like to go into some detail concerning those not-so visible, but very, very powerful little missiles coming your way. As we have already told you, those elusive but powerful particles going by the name of neutrinos are only one of the of these new harbingers of change that your have yet to discover, but they have started to see signs of some of their brothers and sisters if we may call it that, and what they are starting to see is very, very interesting. For many years, they have designed a model on how your earth´s atmosphere behaves whenever it is struck by one of those outerwordly blasts of that comes mainly from the sun, but now they are starting to see new and disturbing patterns, and they will soon realize that all of their calculations need to be recalibrated. The reason for this is partly because the stream of incoming is changing in so many ways, both in frequency and in mass, but also because the set-up of your atmosphere is changing ever so slightly. On the surface, it might not seem to be dramatic, but the effects of this change will be dramatic indeed. As we have told you earlier, many of these particles can penetrate anything, seemingly without effort, and as such they have no problem penetrating that protective layer already. When they do so, they set off a chain reaction that actually engenders a totally new layer of particles, one that will help you to prosper from not only the current influxes, but also all of those coming in at a later date.

Let us give you some details on this, as it might be hard to understand in all of it´s complexity. Human beings are a carbon based creature, or have been up until now. The rapid changes going on at cellular level in your bodies are actually turning you into something else, namely a silica-based crystalline being, one that is perfectly tuned to receive signals from off-planet sources. This will make you all into powerful antennae, much more powerful than you already are, and as such you will be able to join in that universal choir singing the songs of the multiverse. This may sound strange, but this is indeed vital for your further development on this planet, as you can no longer keep living ”offline” as it were from the rest of creation. As we have already stated, everything and everyone in creation is linked together through that all-encompassing network of energy permeating everything, everything that is, except you, but now that you are being reborn as pure crystalline beings, your surrounding needs to be adapted to that way of living in a connected environment. As we have repeated on numerous occasion, your current grid has been put into place in order to hide you from the rest of us – or rather to hide us from you – and as such the reception on your planet has been very feeble indeed compared to where the rest of us lives. It can in fact be compared to living in a very, very remote area, where you have a hard time finding any clear stations on your radio, where most of what you hear is background noise. That is how it has been on your planet, but now that not only you but also your atmosphere is being literally rewired, the reception will be loud and clear indeed. So if you think that these last downloads have been powerful, think again. They will be nothing compared to what you have in store once both you and this ”antennagrid” has been upgraded to the premium. Do not think that your physical body will have an even harder time being at the receiving end of so much energy, because by then you will all be literally so streamlined and pure that this information will go straight through you without much fanfare at all. In other words, the going will be much, much easier once this whole system has been set up, and as such you will be able to evolve at a much more rapid speed than the current, somewhat sluggish pace you are able to withstand. This will be good news indeed, for this will in fact put you at par with the rest of us, and as such a future success is indeed guaranteed. You will in other words finally be free from this shield that has been averting your eyes from the most important discovery you will ever make, namely the fact that you are indeed a full member of the universal family, and as such both your powers and your rights will finally be restored to you. But in order to get there, we must not only modify your physical bodies, but also your physical surroundings, and therefore your atmosphere will go through many changes. Some of them have already occurred, and your scientists have already seen so much hitherto unknown atmospheric phenomena playing out. But stay tuned for more, it will be a great show literally unfolding in front of your very eyes. Look to the sky, it is indeed where all the change is coming from, and now the time has come to fire up the most impressive display ever seen by human eyes.