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14 October 2011

This next installment will go into closer details concerning the changes that are about to occur, and also how they will occur. You are about to go through such a profound turnaround in your world, and as we have already said on numerous occasions, there will not be much left of what you today take for granted. Many have a hard time understanding just how these radical changes can come about, and the recurring question on everyone´s mind is how long will it take. You are by now well informed that your concept of time is something you need to start letting go of, as this is only hampering your welcome into the new tomorrow. You have it so ingrained into your system, therefore you have a hard time believing that pulling your so very skewed world into a completely new direction is too much to even think about accomplishing in your lifetime, maybe even that of your children. Again, this is something that needs to be accomplished in a much, much shorter timespan than that, as you as a species will not be capable of surviving in the world you are currently creating. You are too self-destructive for that, and as such time is indeed more than short. But on the other hand, as we have a totally different way of approaching the question of time altogether, we are not overly concerned about any lack of time. Far from it. We know that we have all the time in the world to accomplish this, as we have the ability to free us from the restrictions of a timeline altogether. You, on the other hand, need to be aware that you are in fact running out of time, because if you want to join this salvage-operation, you do not have any time left to dither. In other words, no stragglers will be allowed, and we do not take on those arriving after the gate has been closed so to speak.

However, we are more than confident that those of you reading this have already made much of your preparations, and you are already sitting with your boarding cards ready, eager to embark upon the journey of your lives. Yes, we do intend to use the plural here, as everything you have ever done in your previous incarnations on this planet has had this as the end goal. No second has been wasted, even if you feel that you have spent much of this and what you may remember from previous lives struggling to get by. Now the time has come to look back for one final time, before you step aboard that express heading for tomorrow. And what a tomorrow it will be! Believe us when we say that everything that have been grating on you will finally disappear, and you will all finally be able to take that first breath of clean air. Not only that, you will also see that everyone around you are crying tears of joy as they behold the miracle lying before them. We do not speak in idle words here, as the aftermath of this mayhaps rather dramatic rebirthing will be more than wondrous indeed. Remember, you have been bred to expect less from life than anyone else living in this multiverse, and so things we take for granted will take you by storm as it were. In other words, no more tears of sorrow, as fear, lack, brutality and poverty will all be left behind as soon as you enter you new world. Do not take this lightly, as we are indeed talking about the new reality you are about to experience, and if it at times seems like nothing more than a pipedream, this is the reality everyone else but you are facing each and every morning. There is nothing we are looking more forward to than welcoming you to our reality, or rather, welcoming you back to the reality you once came from, as this is the only way to live. You have lived far too long under that burden the dark ones put upon you, but now the time has come to let it go once and for all.

Let us give you some details on this upcoming period. As you might be aware, there are heavenly fragments coming your way, that is, a fragment of something far, far larger is currently heading in your direction. This fragment has been given the name of Elenin, and although much has been heralded about this seemingly infinitesimal rock, not much about it has been true. Do not for a second believe those that say that this heralds the apocalypse or that it will herald the advent of stupendous destruction on this planet. Far from it. That is not what this little scout is heralding. Rather, this is only a small precursor of what is to come, but it will not come and go unnoticed in your neighbourhood. On the surface, it might not look as much, but do not get fooled by the cover as it were. For this is indeed something so foreign to you, and nothing like it has ever graced your skies. What you are about to witness, is the arrival of something so momentous it would make you all stop in your tracks if you could see it from our perspective. As we have already stated, this multiverse is comprised of a matter your scientists refer to as ”dark matter”, or in other words a form of they cannot detect. What this little piece of seemingly crumbling substance is, is something that will help them see for themselves just what all of this so-called dark matter really is. Dark matter is nothing more than information, and not only that, it is a living sort of information, not just cold, hard numbers like the ones you have stored on your computers. No, this is something much, much more advanced, and now the time has come for you to start communicating with this dark matter. We predict that your scientists will be very, very baffled by the results they will be starting to see on their screens, as this little harbinger of change will make it´s voice heard in so many ways on your little planet. And not only the scientists, those of you alert enough will certainly pick up the signals this little beacon of hope will start to transmit, and what you hear will certainly make your heart sing in more ways than one. In addition, it will serve as a final wake-up call to those still fighting to come awake, and as such you will see many interesting results from this tiny fly-by. Just do not expect the mountains to crumble and fall into the sea, even if there might be a slight rumble and crunch emanating from mother earth herself as she welcomes this visitor from afar.

Never forget, something seemingly insignificant and unobtrusive sometimes carry a large punch, no matter how hard those at the top try to downplay the importance of any such event. We are aware of that small gathering of people, calling themselves the 99%. Watch how the media are trying to ridicule their movement, it is indeed a well proven way of trying to stop anyone bold enough to open their mouth and trying to get their voice heard above the din of blatant disinformation carried out all around you. Remember, these are only a few of the large mass of downtrodden peoples all over the globe, and just as they did in the arabic states, these downtrodden and seemingly meek spirits suddenly find their voices and start to shout out in encouragement to the rest of you. They are not many, but they are indeed very, very important, as they will soon manifest into something so much larger. Never forget, those sitting complacently at the top, skimming off whatever they want from that mass of humanity are the minority, and as such their power over you is only an illusion. And now, that illusion is starting to crack as more and more of your fellow human beings are starting to see clearly through the haze and smoke generated by these oppressors of yours. Remember, an oppressor comes in many shapes and sizes, and not all of them carry a uniform. In fact, most of them look very civilized indeed, in their clean cut costumes of shirts, ties and jackets. But never forget, something sinister is indeed lurking behind that well-manicured facade, and now the beast will come out as they see for themselves just how slippery their hold on humanity really is. As we mentioned earlier, that small and almost insignificant visitor in your skies is indeed a harbinger of enormous proportions, but as the actual size of it seems to have diminished considerably, so has your scientists interest waned in it as well, and as such it will be able to go under the radar as it were and deliver it´s cargo unhindered. By that, we mean that the harmonics embedded in this tiny little roaming spirit is of such a magnitude, it will be able to blast through any kind of noise trying to shield it out, but as your self-appointed guards have redirected their interest, the effects from this broadcast will be even better than we had planned. It might not look much on the outside, but we defy anyone who thinks that this tiny ball of spacedust is without any effect on your small planet at all. Think again, as it is indeed ready to let it´s voice be heard in a many an unsuspecting ear in the days ahead. Be still, and you will be amongst those fortunate enough to detect it´s message through the statics of the ever-present noise generated by those trying to keep you down.