18 2011

Chapter 24
A more detailed description on upcoming events.
You have by now gotten more used to these periodic downloads of energies, and this will indeed hold you in good stead in these upcoming days and weeks. Although this process will often seem to be less than pleasant, keep in mind that everything we do to you during this process is to make sure that you will all come out of this as far, far stronger than you have ever been before, o rather than you have ever experienced in a human body. The process in itself may be exhausting, even tedious at , but never forget that ultimate goal of attaining the body of a sacred crystalline nature, the one that will carry you all into eternity and beyond. Let us explain. By now, you have all felt the onslaughts from all of these recent energy updates on your seemingly frail bodies, and as such you might ask yourselves what good might come out of this at very, very draining process. Some of you have already lost hope in that seemingly elusive day of regaining your powers, but let us just assure you all that this day is actually so much closer than you think. In other words, you can almost see that longed for finishing line just ahead of you, and although the last hill towards it might seem to be on the steep side, never lose hope in your abilities to get you there in the very near future. This is so important, because if you lose that hope, we cannot you to continue towards the completion of this process. It is like the old saying that you can lead a horse to water, but you cannot it to drink, and as you have all gotten mightily thirsty by now, we hope you all see the sense of yourselves moving forwards on this, the final stretch, even if it moving your feet only a fraction of an inch at the time.

We will repeat this, as it is indeed all up to you to choose to cross that finishing line or not, and even if we might support you and encourage you all we can, the final decision rests with you, dear souls. That is your choice, but that is also your only choice in this matter, as you cannot choose neither the intensity nor the pace in this, the final assault. In other words, consider this as a friendly warning that the days ahead will be intense indeed, as there are still so much information needed to be downloaded into your bodies. And time is short remember, not for us, but for you, and as such time waits for no one. Again, we think you will find that the hard work you are about to embark upon will seem to be more than worth it when you see the final results, but we would like you to be very aware of the fact that at times the work might seem to be more than you are capable of taking on. Rest assured that you will not be burdened by more than you can bear, and we have all the information we need to be able to deduce just how much you can take on. Remember, although this period will be perceived as an intense one for you all, the intensity will vary according to your own personal set-up. We have explained before that you have all individual roads to travel towards that final goal, and you best keep this in mind as the days advances towards that jubilant day. This is because even if you might feel reassured by the fact that you are not alone in fighting this final battle with your own strength and willingness to continue, you must keep in mind that no-one is going through exactly the same as you. Therefore, do not lose faith even if your journey differs from those around you travelling in the same direction. We have touched upon this subject before, but now this will be more important than ever. Remember, you cannot do anything wrong, except going into fear. That will mean losing your way altogether, but anything else is fine, no matter how different your yourself from all others during this process.

As the days progress, so will the intensity of these upgradings, so best be prepared for some moments of uncertainty. Not because you need to have any doubt whatsoever as to where this process is going, but because you will experience reactions that may be very new to you indeed. What we mean by this, is that in order to get your physical body ready for that final assault for the finishing line, there might be some actions we need to take that may seem to be very strange indeed. As you might already be aware of, most of these complicated proceedures occur while you are in your sleepstate, and even if some of these rather abrupt and intense interventions in your body may leave a lingering memory of some in your mind, some of you may experience strange goings-on in your body while you are more or less fully awake. We say this not to frighten you, just to prepare you for the possibility of undergoing something very unusual indeed. The reason for this is very simple. As we have already told you on numerous occasions, your whole physical body is literally being rewired, and as this entails correcting the whole control mechanism for your physical body, this will have some noticeable effects on you even while you are awake and alert. We cannot go into detail, as these will vary both in intensity and appearance according to your own personal set-up, but let us just give you a few examples of what might come about in these next few days so that you can be prepared if anything seemingly amiss befalls you. Just remember, it will be a normal reaction to this process if your body seems to be behaving strangely, but if you are in doubt, please feel free to seek advice from the community if that will put you at ease. Remember, going into fear is not something you would want to do at this stage, but if reassurance from a professional helps you to avoid that, do not hesitate to get it.

Back to that possible list of reactions you might or might not experience in these upcoming days. As we were saying, we are currently in the process of rewiring your whole nervous system, or in other words the controls for every process going on in your body. This encompasses not only the processes you are aware of, such as the moving of your body parts and the respiratory system, but also all of the more hidden communication going on inside of your body every . So you can see, there might be a number of &;distress signals&; coming to the surface during this rewiring, but we hasten to that although they might be perceived as odd, they are in fact nothing more than a small twitch in the command system as it were. Some of you might experience these twitches very literally, as one or more parts of your body will move or contract without reason, much like a muscular tick only perhaps a little stronger. The senses might be affected in many ways as well, and you might be hearing recurring ringing noises, or see spots of color or darkness lingering in your eyesight. You might also have problems with focusing at times, and we predict that many of you will think that your eyesight is failing and needs to be corrected. We think you will find that these ”problems” will disappear after only a few days, as it is only a minor and temporary inconvenience as your brain struggles a bit to adjust to these new signals as it were. Again, do not hesitate to seek advice from others if you feel so inclined, but we predict that by the time you get an appointment the aforementioned ”problem” will have dissipated, or the specialist will fail to find anything wrong with you. As we were saying this will only be a temporary ”miscommunication” as the old lines are disconnected and the new ones inserted. There might also be some sensation of heaviness or stinging pain in parts of your body. Again, this is nothing to be worried about, and it should dissipate after a short while. Most of these more diffuse symptoms may be hard to pinpoint, as they will seem to be moving around in your body. Also, your neck and back or other parts of your bone stucture might be affected, and you will perhaps feel soreness in your muscles. It will in many ways be like soreness from exercising, but the effects come from these new eletric currents coursing through your body in these new wires, and as such your muscles may seem to be working overtime to adjust to these new signals. Again, this is only temporary, and it will also go away after a short while. Much of these symptoms might be more than familiar to some if not all of you already, but we wanted to go into some detail concerning this as many of you will experience a considerably higher frequency and magnitude from these ”side effects” in this upcoming period. As always, forewarned is forearmed, and we wanted you to be aware of this beforehand, so that the reason for them occuring is well understood. This will hopefully help you to handle them with ease should they occur anywhere in your own body in the next few days and weeks. Never forget, you are monitored closely every step of this process, and although you at times might feel that you are trapped inside a body mayhaps behaving in bizarre ways, do not fear for the integrity of your body. It is and will be stronger than you could ever have hoped for, and once this process is finished you have something far more solid and long-lasting than you could ever dream of. We wish you all the best in the days ahead, and rest assured that even if it might not be the most comfortable period for you, it will be amongst the more important ones. Just hang in there as they say, and know that all is well no matter how hard you body tries to tell you otherwise.