21 October 2011

Today´s missive will be a rather interesting discussion on how you will perceive these upcoming changes, as there will indeed be many ways to handle what´s in store for you all. Let us explain. The human mind is a very malleable one, and as such it has been easy to restrict your views as it were. In other words, you have all had a sort of shield in your heads that have kept you from seeing the entirety of creation that surrounds you. You have in many ways been blind to the world, but as we have told you now the scales will fall away and you will finally see for yourselves just what a miracle you are part of. But do not think that this will everyones´s lookout on the world, far from it. Remember, there will be many, many around you who actually will choose to keep their eyes closed to , and as such they will not be able to perceive what you are about to see. In other words, the population on this planet will in many aspects be split in two: those that embrace their new surroundings, and those that obstinately refuse to change their whole outlook on life. Remember, with seeing comes remembering, and also a realization that you have up until now been living in an illusion, and not everyone will be able to handle that. In stead, they will go into denial, and they will refuse to have anything to do with this . That will be their , and there is nothing you can do to change their minds. In other words, it is entirely up to each and every one of you to decide if you would like to join the real world as it were, or if you will prefer to linger in the old and crumbling one. Make no mistake, those that choose the latter will have a hard time indeed, as they will continue to experience the darkest side of life in each and every aspect of their existence, and as such theirs will be a life filled with a mounting burden of fear. Whereas those of you who have chosen to step into the light, will finally find peace in your hearts and joy all around you. It might sound like a simple little fairytale from one your children´s books, but this is in plain fact what will happen. Either you choose to open your eyes to the dawn of the new day, or you choose to stay in permanent darkness where the fear resides.

And now the time has come to make that choice, not only for you, but for the rest of humanity as well. Time is running out on that old order, and if you do not decide to open your eyes to this truth now, you will not get a second chance. Time waits for no one, and as we said we will not take up stragglers or wait for those dragging their feet not able to make up their minds. And not choosing is also choosing, as then you will stay put just were you are. In other words, this is a were you all play the main role, and as such, it is entirely up to each and every one of you how you will react in this upcoming period. is nothing you do by staying passive, it is a were you and only you decide the outcome. Either you stay in fear, or you release the hold it has had on you for eons and eons, and remember that releasing something that has held you in it´s firm grip for such a long time actually creates the feeling of fear. Again, you must keep your minds clear, because as you have all been well trained to fear change more than anything, this will engender much fear in so many of you. Never have anyone gone through such a life altering change as you are in the midst of now, and as such this have already scared so many of your fellow traellers back into the dark corner from whence they came. Never forget, you are the bravest of the brave, and this final stretch of the metamorphosis into a totally new human being will entail such a vast amount of change it will stop many in their tracks and send them running in the opposite direction. We do not say this to create more fear, but in order to reassure you all that this reaction is indeed nothing but natural, and if you see it for what it is, namely the last vestige of your old ego and programming trying to hold you back, it might be esaier for you to break through that seemingly impenetrable wall of fear for the final time in this existence. Once you manage to do so, no fear can ever touch you again, and you will be able to hold on to the knowledge that you are in fact safely removed from the darkness that held you down in your former existence on this planet. We salute you all and wish you a safe journey, as you are to embark on this, the most important part of your journey towards the perpetual light.