6 October 2011


The real Earth Grid System.

As we have talked about the holograms I would like to explain a bit more about the real Earth Grid System.

This system does not just run through the earth, it also runs through your universe and beyond as it was made from the One Source energies. This is what allowed the humans living on earth at that to stay connected within their own being as they moved into the density of the 3rd dimension on earth.

This Grid system was rendered useless when the largest crystal on earth was removed from Atlantis and the explosion that happened destroyed parts of this system. It was replaced with smaller systems that worked through either crystals or conductors.

Over time many more systems were built by both sides and at this moment there are many still working, either partly or fully.

Some of these systems are holographic as they were being placed by the ones that like and they are holographic as it will confuse the ones working on repairing the into thinking the holographic systems are the real ones.

These holographic grid systems are not there to connect you to the universal energies, they are here to either syphon off your energies, as they run on the human collective, or they are being used to release certain thought systems into the human collective, as well as fear and many other emotions. They can do this as it runs on the human collective and actually on the of the human collective so fear and anger is within that . So as a of fact they are sending your own energies of fear back to you, only stronger as it is amplified by the energy of all others that are connected to these holographic grids.

Many grids are not being used and are removed as we speak, but others are constantly under repair as earth influences do have an effect on these holographic grids and can actually destroy parts of them.

Most people have not seen the real grid and this is why in previous years we have warned against actions like firing the grid and others.

The reparations that so many light workers are working on in good faith are not really reparations on the real grid as the real grids are hidden behind the holograms and cannot be seen by many as they have not yet reached a state of that allows them to see these grids.

Now the real Earth Grid System does not rely on conductors or crystals and is being repaired slowly as it is needed for the ascension of humans as well as .

But it is slowly as the ones repairing have just become aware of this system fully and have been able to see the REAL GRID SYSTEM.

And it is still being destroyed as we speak as well by the ones in control, even though even they cannot see it fully. For example the attack on 9-11 was an attack to destroy part of this real Earth Grid System and they were successful.

Reparations can only be made by the ones that are able to see and connect into this earth grid system as the holograms will prevent the ones that do not see them from connecting into the earth grid system and assist in repairing them.

Yes many think that love and light conquers all, and in many ways this is the truth.

But when you are working on these grid systems within the 3rd dimensional there are some different rules and this is where the rule does not always apply.

As I mentioned in my previous message, the denser 3rd dimensional energies are being compressed and at one point they will have to move into the 5th dimensional frequency. But we are not there yet and no matter how much love and light you sent, it will not have an effect on the holograms as they exist within the 3rd dimensional reality.

They are collectors for any energy being sent and these collectors are what keeps them going. The holograms run through the entire earth and have special collectors and devices that keep them running and connected to each other.

Yes some of them are as you might call it. Destroying one will not help as they are interlinked and others are in place to fill the gaps if needed.

Yes a small group, and I mean very small group is working on how to solve this problem and they are in need of assistance.

But many will not be able to assist as they are still connected to the holograms and grid systems that are not useful. As well many do not have the awareness needed at this time.

And this is not to ring fear or despair or say that you are not good enough. This is the reality you live in and many have made the choice to be within that reality and that is their right under the law of one.

For the ones that feel the need to assist, become aware, grow your awareness and connection to your inner being so you will be able to see beyond the reality of the holograms.

As the Great Shift is happening you have the opportunity to accomplish this in a way that was never possible before and you can be up to speed fast enough to assist in this amazing and very necessary project for the earth as well as your fellow humans upon earth.

This is why I am focused at this point on the ones that wish to accomplish Cosmic Ascension, the complete reality of moving the physical body into a light body within your 3rd dimensional reality. As they are the ones that really can grow in awareness fast enough to assist in changing the reality of these holograms.

Choices are to be made now as this is the time of the Great Shift and time is running out in the 3rd dimensional reality.

I will talk more about this in my next message as for now I leave you with enough to think about and search about within your own being to see if what you know is really all that you know or if there is more you are able to see and know at this time.

Through Petra Margolis
October 6, 2011