15 October 2011


The relation between the and spiritual world

As I explained in previous messages there is a control system that is created within the spiritual world and manifested in the physical world. In the same manner what is created within the physical world has an effect on the spiritual world.

Many that are on earth right now have chosen a learning experience connected to the earth and your universe.

Learning experiences within your universe and upon other planets besides the earth.

This is true for most light workers as they have found the memories connected to other planets and life upon those planets.

The earth is the lowest frequency planet in your universe at this moment as it exists within a 3rd dimensional frequency. Life upon other planets exists within higher frequencies, some still physical, others beyond physical.

Many of you have been able to move beyond the physical frequencies upon other planets. At this time you chose to start that process from the lowest frequency possible.

One thing that you have to realize is that the spiritual world and the physical world exist within one place, all frequencies and dimensions exist within one place.

Once you leave the physical body you move into a spiritual energetic existence.

This can be in different dimensions, different frequencies.

Physicality was a creation of experience. It is a reality you created to experience the physical limitations, but more so you created it to see if you could move out of it again.

By moving out I mean bring in the reality that nothing is really physical, everything is .

Once you move into the upon earth you chose the rules of and moving through the experience levels of earth.

This means that when the physical body dies, you move into the level that you have reached by what you have learned upon earth, this can be the 5th dimension or higher.

Each incarnation cycle you learn something and you move further upwards through the dimensions when you leave the physical body.

What this means is that you are still connected to the consciousness that is on earth only on different levels or different dimensional understanding.

The entire universe was created to experience and learn about all the different dimensions and frequencies.

This is why so many beings are involved in the process that is happening on earth. They all are part of this learning experience and most of them are looking forward to the of the earth and many of you as this will bring in another level of understanding but also another level of dimensions that will become available as the of the earth has an effect on the entire universe including all planets and beings within it.

It is the entire universe that will be ascending to a higher level once the earth ascends.

Your being in spirit is connected to source through many levels, dimensions or frequencies.

Some of you will be ascending completely out of this universe and the learning experiences within this universe.

These are the ones that are now working on Cosmic Ascension.

Others that have set their goal on the 5th dimension and some have set it higher will move into the 5th dimensional experience once the earth ascends.

This is not ascension out of physical incarnation at this time, as this only happens when you move at least beyond the 12th dimension.

Now many will say, what about the masters and other being that do come into the 5th dimension, they are not physical. This is true, but this is because they have ascended out of the physical incarnation cycle and are able to move back into the lower dimensional frequencies without having to take on a physical appearance.

Depending on their ascension they have either moved beyond this universe or they are still within this universe.

To move out of the cycle within this universe an ascension is needed that reaches all the way to their source being.

This is another explanation for ascension.

Ascension happens within you own being, you ascend upwards within your own being so to speak. Or as above so below, you bring in the higher dimensional parts of your being into the physical part.

Both are the same.

The ones that are connecting or ascending within will see a greater understanding of this universe, not just earth, and the ones that are connecting all the way up to source will see a greater understanding beyond this universe as well.

Human understanding is something that is different than what your spiritual being knows and understands. The greatest progress can be made when the human starts to understand they knowledge in a way your spiritual part understand.

This is why it is important to not just connect with those other parts of you in spirit but also bring in the parts as this is where the human will began to understand the reality from a spiritual point of view.

Your human part also has several spiritual parts as your human is in fact energy just like everything else. The human part is divided in many different so called spiritual bodies, like the mental body, the pain body etc.

The ego is part of the human, the ego is the part that was created to give the human some feedback in a way that the human would start thinking about what is happening, over time for many the ego has sort of taken over as many humans lost their way and are not always thinking for themselves but have taken on the thoughts of others.

The ego has been a survival mechanism at times as the human was feeling less and less secure of their surroundings in the physical world and needed something to tell them they are not bad, they are not less than others.

The ego has the ability to understand what is happening and will change over time as the human starts to change and begins to understand the spiritual knowledge from a spiritual point of view and starts thinking for him or herself again.

There is only one ego, there is no altered ego, other ego, and some might refer to the ego as altered as it has taken over more of the human thinking. This does not mean the ego is bad or negative, it is there to help the human and this is what it will do in what it thinks is the best way possible.

When humans start to think for themselves and explain to the ego what their goal is and what they would like to see happening, the ego will adjust to this, just like many other parts of the human will adjust.

This is all a play of bringing every part of you in alignment with your own divine plan. And maybe the overall divine plan that was set out to be accomplished by many of you.

The overall divine plan is not something that unfolds by itself, it can only unfold as you work on aligning yourself with this divine plan, meaning as you follow your own divine plan and start to live within that flow, the overall divine plan will start to unfold as well.

It still requires a will and determination and work for the human part to align itself with his or hers own divine plan and this can only be accomplished by finding out your own divine plan first and from there find out the overall divine plan.

Think for yourself, find the truth and become fully connected within where you can find the truth within each level of your being, the more you become connected within, the more you bring in those parts of you, the more truth and knowledge that will become available.

This is why we always speak of discernment with everything that is being told to you. There is no reason to take everything that is being told to you as the truth, as this would make you not think for yourself but again you would take over the thought and belief of others.

Each person has their own divine plan and part in the overall divine plan. But each person has a certain part in the overall divine plan and not all parts are the same.

The understanding and knowledge that is available on different levels within you will take you step by step to the unfolding of your own divine plan. And this can be different at times as it is a step by step guide to get you to a point of fully understanding, and this is based upon what the human mind is able to understand at different times of the process.

It is sort of like, at the first step you are convinced the earth is flat, the next step completely changes that view and you are convinced the earth is square, at the last step you find out that both views were wrong and the earth is in fact round.

This is why it is so important to keep an open mind and allow yourself to change the views you have as they will change each time you receive greater understanding.

Through Petra
October 15, 2011