A Message from Master, Saint Cecilia
October 03, 2011

I sing blessings of love and serenity to all ’s children. I am Saint Cecilia. I ascended upon my death after I took my final communion. I encourage all to read my plight and the love of that still rings in my .

sons and daughters of our God, you have seen so much suffering, witnessed many unspeakable events and have been through many hardships. Know my heart goes out to all of you and I embrace each of you with my purest love, the only love I know that fills my heart and my soul and that is the LOVE of God. It was my love for God that I sang in my heart through all that I endured during my short life here on Earth. It is my love for God that has left me pure in mind, and soul.

See yourself dearest ones as I do, as God sees you. See yourself as a truly beautiful spirit of LIGHT. You are a ; never forget this dear and precious one. Your path may take you into darkness or cloudy shadows, keep the Light of God in your heart and you will come through each time even stronger than when you went it and the love of God will remain with you. This love will never leave you once you have accepted this pure, undying love into your heart, mind and spirit.

Free yourself of the fear of this opening, of your heart. Sing the of LOVE to God. You already know this as it is imprinted on your soul dear ones. Open your heart, your mind and your soul to accepting the Light and Love from God. Know in your heart HE bears no pain, no judgement, only brings love, compassion, mercy and much kindness. This full opening of YOU is also loving yourself equally. To let God into your being, you must be able to love yourself just as much. You are worthy of your own love, oh yes children. The loving of oneself without the vanities of the world and with the purity of heart and intent is most wonderful and necessary. Loving of yourself in this Light will speed healing and forward yourself along this path you have taken to enlightenment.

When you are ready to fully accept God’s LOVE and God’s LIGHT into your heart, body and soul, after you have learned to love yourself equally, you will shed any negative feelings and emotions. Your heart will be so open to the purity of that love that you will feel compelled to give Compassion and Forgiveness to all that has done you wrong and to yourself. Do not struggle dear ones, living from your Godly heart is a beautiful way to live. You do not need to be of any specific faith dear ones to reach this level of unity, YOU only need to BELIEVE in the joy and the harmony of God’s love. Believe what is in your heart dear ones. KNOW the truth as you see it to be, trust always trust that God will guide you to what is best for you even if at that moment you do not understand. Not all of your lessons will come with clear instructions; as that would be too easy now wouldn’t it? Embrace and give gratitude as each lesson comes your way. Feel the presence of your guides and of the angels that work with you even when you are unaware.

During the darkest of times, you are never alone. Empty your mind of worries and listen. Listen to the beautiful MUSIC that is within you. Listen to the rhythm of your heart, feel the rise of your chest as you feel your life through your veins. Your life is BEAUTIFUL, and you have much to contribute in this life. Remain focused on your love of God that is in your heart. This love is true dear precious one. I ask of this focus because I know there is more coming your way that will require you to ground yourself and bear down. Root yourself and grow the unconditional love that is inside of you to be shared with all. You already know you will come across a few people that will not understand where you are at on this journey, or will try and sway you to their way of thinking, there are many other examples to be used, but the point is; remain TRUE to WHO you are. All people you come into contact with, either in person or via another means all carry lessons. Some come to shake your beliefs to see if you truly are strong, but you KNOW you are. There is no need to challenge in rebuke, simply LOVE instead dear precious ones. As you send your love to all people regardless if they are friend, loved ones, co-workers, those that seem to not like you, etc., LOVE all as they are deserving of this great love that you have.

You have the song of God in your heart. Sing that song at any time you feel the need of God’s Light or to be reminded of HIS presence and HIS Love. I truly enjoyed our delightful discussion today. As I embrace this one before I depart, I embrace each of you with my song, and my love that is lightly scented with lilies and roses. I will return to speak again soon.

And so it is, Ascended Master, Saint Cecilia through Julie Miller