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Full Transcript of Session with Larry Frank & , as Channel for .

Listen to mp3 recording here, as well as information from additional channels.

My name is Larry Frank and what you'll be hearing is my session with Erin Mackley and Adama that took place on Oct 9, 2011. What you'll be hearing first is a short introduction by Erin and Adama which will be followed by some questions I have for Adama regarding the topic of the face-to-face meeting with him.

Erin: I'm going to tune in deeply to Adama, and the collective of the Telosians and my . What they're showing me first is that the earth is going to reach a point where there is a lot of freedom, the kind of freedom we're not used to – to make an analogy, it will be like floating in space where there is no gravity, there is no more push and pull on our energies and our emotions . Adama is showing that love will be our gravity. Our only pull will be love.

And this is Adama speaking: “Once humanity as a collective is in the space where they are only guided by Source, and only pulled by Love, so much freedom is going to be available that choices will be easy and your discernment will be strong, and there won't be such a yearning for things to be different, like there is now.”

Adama shows that our whole bodies are going to be clear, crystalline, and as our bodies are crystalline, we will be able to reflect the full potential of what the Creator has to offer to us. If you were to picture a single point for example, and all of the reflections possible within that structure as the light shines into it, as opposed to just a solid rock, which is more as we are now (or have been), the Creator's can't be refracted and reflected through solid rock.

Adama: “So, when I speak of my coming, think of it as the Rays of God shining through your crystal body temple, reflecting all of the potentials in your present moment. So this change has to happen first, before anyone can actually see me, because your full creative potential has to be manifest in order for you to see fully. Thank you.”

Larry: On Sept 28th you stated for Sophia that you would appear in your light body to us, but you would need a vocal channel, and Sophia has agreed to do so. In my session you also stated you would like a large gathering of surface Lemurians to be at this face to face meeting. Is this true?

Erin: Is what she's saying that people would be able to see him in his light body, but they wouldn't be able to hear him without a vocal channel?

Larry: Yes.

Erin: I'm hearing that “it's not impossible,” and I see an image of the sun rising on the horizon [representing the rising of our full ] similar to what he was conveying before, that when the “sun” comes out, everything will be so much more clear than it was before. Adama is using an analogy here: say, if you live in the , the sun may be rising for you if you live on the but if you live on the the sun hasn't risen yet. And in the same way, some people are going to be ready to experience the sun rising, in other words, the freedom and clarity in their consciousness as the earth changes, some people are going to be ready to see that, and receive that, and experience that befo re others will, but the sun is going to continue to rise. So what Adama is saying that there is no guarantees for every person who wants to see him at that time that it will be manifest for them, but then he says it's only a matter of time, so that even if not everybody can see him at this time, that they will before too long, within a few months . And he says that he will be in his light body before everyone and that the experience will change everybody there, and I'm seeing several Telosians.

And, he's emphasizing that the event itself is more about activating and continuing to support the activation of the crystalline consciousness. So this meeting is so much bigger than simply having a “vision.”

Adama: “My presence there is a key to opening up the spiritual heart in your consciousness, regardless of whether you have a direct experience or not, of a vision. Nobody who comes to this event will be disappointed. Many will see and feel me in their hearts, and will have direct experiences according to the level at which they can receive. It's about engagement, engagement in a very strong and palpable way. There's no end to the soul's evolution, no one is going to be 'left behind.'

And when you get closer to meeting me directly, it won't be such a strong issue in your minds, because the love of the Creator will support you so much already. For many I'm like a little ray of hope, a tiny window in a dark place, and you're moving closer to that tiny little window and it seems to get brighter and brighter as you grow nearer to it. And pretty soon you'll be able to stick your face through the window and look out. And then you'll see that it was just a window, it's not what you thought it was. And once you're released from your ' prison cell' which is the restrictions in your consciousness, then the light is going to be surrounding you, and you are going to feel it palpably as who you are. And then there's no more need to reach for that little spot of light. And then we meet as brothers and sisters, in a casual way, not as some 'big grand event.' So it's about you first.”

Larry: What do you think of the idea of having just a small group first, for the local Telos people as I call them, from the Mt. Shasta area, to gather themselves and possibly experience what you said, before they have a bigger event later on in December or whenever it would be taking place? So I'd like to ask you if the so-called Telos leadership in this community were to get together in a certain place, at a certain time, and this could be video taped, would you show up, to get right to the point?

Erin: Just to clarify, do you mean physically?

Larry: Or in his light body. Just in some way, whatever would meet the “face-to-face”

Erin: [laughs] Adama has sense of humor. Adama is showing a pot of soup. Everyone brings a different vibration in, so it's just like creating a pot of soup. To continue, the first thing I pick up on is that there is a little bit of muddiness when I look into the energy of a group of people who are channels for Adama getting together – he is saying “You would all have to take a bath first, energetically speaking,” and what he means by that is washing away any expectation, noise, vibrational noise…The most important thing would be to be very still and to let go of , any . Let “bye-gones be bye-gones in all respects,” again he's talking about washing away fear and , and I see a vision of him with a cloth jus t running this wet cloth over people's limbs and hands and feet and faces, very gentle. He said, “To let things go and be free, and flush away all of the fearful emotions that are hiding, and he says to “Meet on bare ground, so that the people who come are standing on the earth, in a circle,” and then he shows all of our unique strengths. He shows an image of all those who come standing in a heart-shaped circle, holding hands, and sharing our strength with each other. And then I feel this big sigh of relief. He said “Not that there's any anger or animosity between anybody, but that there's just some differences that can be brought to unity.” He says we can “Allow the emergence to take place.” So there's just a lot of focus on letting go of everything and being in a state of allowing. It's interesting because the next feeling I got was of “vibrational harmony” and there's somebody close by playing a guitar, I can hear it. So, the feeling from Adama – and when I pause there is a lot of – he shows everybody climbing a stairway. And different people are on a different stair. But everybody who is a channel of any kind at this point, specifically channeling Adama, is going to reach the top of this flight of stairs together. And again, showing holding hands. That's all that's coming through, I guess that didn't answer your question directly, but it looks like Adama is taking the emphasis off of himself on this question, and focusing on our journey.

Larry: Speaking of bare ground, what site do you have in mind, is there a specific location for the people to gather?

Erin: it could be any bare ground, as long as feet are touching actual earth. If this meeting were to happen, it would be helpful for someone to write down information that comes through, but it would be more about unifying of hearts than something to tape record. [laughs] Adama says, “There's always work to be done.” So this means, from my personal perspective, if we start something, maybe we would get more guidance from there, once we actually meet together.

Larry: Some people might think that meeting Adama – is so used to it being some event in the future, that when the opportunity actually arrives, they may object to it or just don't think it's not possible, how can you address that thought?

Erin: I just want to go back to when I was just channeling, how the emphasis was more on one's personal experience of freedom, and light, and less on the event, because it feels like we have preconceived notions of what is going to happen and it's not even – I don't want to say it's not about that – but I want to say that's not the main point. So, for me, looking at it from that point of view, the point of the emergence, the change, is that of my soul opening up and experiencing that freedom. I don't think that's impossible. And if I focus on that freedom, it feels very plausible, it's happening all the time, I'm getting more and more free all the time. And so, recalling what's just been channeled, when we feel this full freedom and the energies of the Creator are reflected within our bodies, then as a result, we'll have these phenomena of seeing beings of light, so it's just a matter of where you put your emphasis.

Larry: Okay I can accept that. Is there anything else you wish to say before we end this recording?

Erin: I'll tune in to Adama and see if there's any more. Adama just wants to emphasize once more the importance of unity, letting go of baggage, and embracing everyone as they are, and not as they “should be,” that's the key to unity consciousness and will make the journey much smoother in the coming months, and make the emergence happen more quickly for us, in a way we'd like to see it happen, in other words, more direct presence of the Telosians. I just had an image of Adama giving somebody a big hug – so a very direct experience.

He says that what we're going through is similar to someone going to school who's just looking and waiting and waiting for their graduation, and it's all they have on their mind is “I can't wait to graduate, I can't wait to graduate.” And just imagine how it does feel to graduate, a sense of completion, and maybe a little bit of feeling of “what do I do now?” as you're no longer working so hard as a student. And also the endless possibility. That's similar to how we'll feel as the earth changes. It will be a little different than how we think it will be. It will be a change, and it will be so much better. But it all happens from the inside.