10 October 2011


We are the Tree Realms and we are here to guide and support ALL humans as they undergo the process of ascension and anchoring in the new. We note that many have forgotten us, we stand in proud support of ALL and yet are saddened when those who may benefit from our wisdom do not take time out to BREATHE. We wish to guide on how to breathe and we offer our love and our strength to ALL who are struggling at this time.

We have stood over the human BEings across the planet for aeons, standing tall, listening to YOUr pain and YOUr worries, all the while unseen. Now is the time for us to step forward in support and guidance of ALL humans. We offer our gifts to YOU at this time along with the other realms who work closely with us. Visit us dear ones, reach out and feel the strength that pulses through us. For we are YOU and YOU are we. We are here for ALL now as the new begins to unfold across the planet.

Many human children pass by us without a second glance, swept away in the cars and vehicles that their parents have them in. All the while unable to breathe. Humans across the planet have kept away from nature for too long, we ask YOU humbly to remember us. To look to us for guidance, we will listen and we will gentle send YOU the LOVE that IS from our very roots to the tips of our branches. For we have learned the secrets of the universe dear ones. Whilst YOU rush from moment to moment reinventing YOU and struggling to keep up, we stand tall. For we are who we are and we have been this way for aeons. We seek not to rush and to change for that is merely illusion taking YOU away from TRUTH. For LOVE is TRUTH dear ones and we send much love and healing to ALL at this time.

When the emotions seek to overflow dear ones then we are here for YOU. Take a walk in mother nature and listen as she sends YOU guidance. Use not YOUr ears for they are masked by illusion, open YOUr hearts dear ones and YOU will FEEL her love for YOU. Too many are swept up in change, swept away on a tide of emotion that sees them struggling for breath. For to live through the unfolding of the new dear ones is to BREATHE. How many of YOU seek to breathe the fresh air provided for YOU across the planet? How many are now seeking to change themselves by staying cooped up indoors, fearful of nature, for illusion has taught YOU that mother nature is YOUr enemy and must be harnessed. YOU are a child of the universe but YOU are also a child of nature. The natural state of a human is to interact with nature. For we are YOU and YOU are we. Do you understand our guidance dear ones?

We have become another commodity across the planet, we are used in the consumption of goods across the planet. Not a second thought given to the harm that destroying forests will do to human health, for without trees dear ones how will YOU breathe? We do not sit in judgement of those that take our lives dear ones, for that is not our role. We implore YOU to take time out and to BREATHE for many of YOU are suffocating under the teachings of illusion. We seek to help YOU find a route out of illusion so YOU may once more be in harmony with ALL that is around YOU.

Humans have built homes that insulate them from the outdoors and we look on with sadness as many are cooped up in homes that do not have a token of nature within them. Surrounded by concrete, surrounded by everything that is not nature is alien to the human BEing and we watch as many fall to the illusion of inner cities and wonder why society breaks down. It breaks down for YOU have severed the connection to nature that is the natural way of YOUr BEing.

Many humans have decided to allow nature into their lives and to those we send much love and heartfelt thanks but this is not about those who already interact with us. For we send our healing out to those who are deep in the illusion of “man knows best”. All across the planet illusion drives the consumption of goods that destroy that which YOU are part of. We ask ALL to connect with the heart, to FEEL the message that we try to reach out to YOU with at this time.

We need YOU and YOU need us, for we are YOU and YOU are we. For those that toil in offices and never take a break, look to YOUr health, for illusion would suffocate YOU lest it reveal TRUTH to YOU. The emotions that spill out over the planet need to be transmuted back into the LOVE that IS yet many try to fill the hearts of those around them. Spilling the lower level emotions out to any who will listen. Whilst humans dear ones are struggling with illusion we have lived outside of it always. Tell us YOUr woes, take a walk in nature and talk the BEings that share that walk with YOU, for ALL are around YOU dear ones and ALL hold the space for YOU at this time.

We have been here for aeons dear ones gently protecting YOU and shielding YOU but in the shadows. Now is the time for us to step forward. ALL realms will begin to step forward dear ones for the humans across the planet that struggle. Freedom was never meant to enlist a struggle dear ones but illusion has taught so deeply that many cannot see the open door before them believing it locked and bolted. The doors are wide open dear ones, human BEings no longer contained and suppressed but still many follow the rules of illusion.

We ask that YOU step into nature, allow the winds to blow the cobwebs from YOUr BEing dear ones, breathe deeply of the air and allow it to fill YOUr lungs, for the time to breathe is NOW dear ones. We urge ALL to look to the new with wonder and to relax and to begin to feel safe for ALL realms are around YOU protecting and guiding at this time.

We are the tree realms. Look to us dear ones with fresh eyes and open hearts. We have never stopped loving YOU for YOU are we and we are YOU. ALL ARE ONE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, All rights reserved.

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