16 October 2011


UFO Disclosure, , and more

Today I would like to speak about all these subjects as they are being brought up in many messages as a desire of many.

The changes on earth are not going to begin with physical changes.

Only the spiritual change will bring about a physical change on earth.

Consciousness change and awakening within each individual person is what bring in the change into the of the physical world.

The many that are calling for UFO disclosure, they are looking outside of them for assistance in the physical world. And from there they want assistance in the spiritual world to ascend.

is a personal path and like I said and I will keep saying it, has to come from within your own being. This is the requirement for complete , completion of your learning experience upon earth. We could ascend you in a minute, but it would mean that you skip part of what you set out to learn upon earth and you would have to go back into the physical body once more to complete these learning experiences.

Wouldn’t it be better to complete it first by really looking within and complete the ascension within by yourself?

As far as Mass Ascension, this is something that many seem to ask. Mass Ascension would require many to be fully ready and wait for others to become ready so they can all ascend together.

It’s a choice but not a necessary one as each individual can ascend on their own, there is no need for mass ascension.

As far as the Occupy Wall Street and other groups that are arising on your planet.

These groups are just that, groups that are made up of people that do not agree with what is happening on earth. They are somewhat confused in their opinions at times as they only see what is being told to them by your media and they do not have the awakening within that allows them to see the real truth behind what is happening and what control is really in place upon your earth.

Many of these groups are actually formed by the control that is behind everything and they are there to distract humans once again from spiritual awakening.

There are some other things I would like to address as time is of great importance on earth. Within the spiritual world there is no time. So we do not have dates for any event to occur. We do however follow the of the energies as they are like a heartbeat and there is an buildup that moves through the flow of at this time.

This is part of how the expansion of universes works.

The energy builds up to a certain point where it seems to explode and after the explosion and expansion has taken place and process starts over again.

This is just a simple explanation of what happens as it is hard to describe this process in human words.

This process of building up is almost getting to an end and this is where it connects with the time upon earth.

You have noticed that time seems to work different upon earth these days, as sometimes it is happening so fast you do not realize it has passed, other times it might seem a bit slower but still much has happened.

The reality of how you experience time is changing, this is to adjust the reality within you to a point where time is not the direction you follow, but the flow of the buildup of energy that is happening. In other words time is being regulated in a different way upon earth as to match up with the flow in the spiritual so we can move the earth at the right point in time coinciding with the energy build up in the spiritual reality.

This is why the is important, as the time is being adjusted the of December 2012 is the point where we would like to coincide with the flow in the spiritual reality, as this will give you as a human something physical to work toward. This is not just our choice, but a choice of all of you as the physical reality that you are in is a creation of all that are on earth. You have set this as part of the physical reality, as you as humans need to have a physical to know when something is needed to be accomplished at this time.

The Mayan calendar is based upon the flow of the spiritual reality and this is why this date is of great importance. It still requires some adjustment of time as the flow within the spiritual reality is something that we do not control. And the exact point of the buildup and opening of the possibility for the earth to move through this portal is something we cannot predict fully.

We do however know it is near as we can feel it within ourselves and many of you can feel it as the urgency to accomplish the awakening within you becomes clearer.

Reason why places like Shambala, disk, and portals are becoming more important. They have been used in previous times for many reasons, good or bad and some are under control of the ones that are working against the ascension of your planet earth.

There is a small group working on clearing and protecting these places at this time as there are many on your planet that need to be activated and brought back to their original energies.

It requires certain frequencies to enter them and these places have different levels within them that can assist you in awakening more fully. But the frequency needed to reach those levels is something that you will need to accomplish within.

The divine plan for many of you is to move beyond the incarnation cycles upon earth, but the divine plan will and can only unfold within you personally.

Each of these portals and power spots on earth have an active place within the ascension process of the earth.

They are what will bring in the flow needed to allow the earth and your universe to move through the portal that will be available when the has built up to its highest point and is about to move back or through itself to a greater expansion.

These places are not toys to play in and experiment at this time, these are serious places of learning and creation as well as developing the inner guidance to follow your divine plan for awakening.

The energies in these places are being adjusted at this time to represent their original creational purpose and are to be left alone if you do not have the knowledge needed to enter.

For those that wish to take advantage of the adjustments in these places, follow your inner guidance to check if the place you are going to is already adjusted or still is not fully back to its original purpose.

Some of them might be in fact closed to any as they are being prepared to assist the earth in her ascension and that is their only purpose at this time.

Even though this might seem a serious time, and yes some parts are needed to complete the divine plan that was to be followed, enjoy the new energies as much as possible as they can lift you higher within your own being.

They can reconnect you with more parts of your being.

Just be fully aware of your divine plan and following this divine plan, as this is more important for your being than anything else that occurs around you.

Become fully aware, I cannot say it enough as this will bring in the changes you have hoped and longed for.





Through Petra Margolis
October 16, 2011