A Message from Ascended Master, Afra
Channeled by:
October 08, 2011

Dearest people, of all colour and of all race, I AM pleased to come forth today to speak to ALL of you about many things. My name is Afra, and I was the first ascended being with black skin. I am brother to the people of and to all people. I AM also a member of the . I have come to speak of unity and of love for all people.

All the races that are in the world today, all come from the Heart of God, through the seven rays. I will explain the colours to you dear ones. White was meant for purity, Yellow meant to be understood as Wisdom, and Pink was chosen as the colour of love. The combining of all three was combining the Mastery of each, into one. We of the Divine do not look at the colour of the skin the covers your body; it is your spirit that is seen. There is no racism or judgements based on how you look. The members of the black race came from blue ray and purple ray. The skin on the people of Africa would glow a hue from either colour. These colours represented the and Omega. People with red skin were intended to amplify Divine love of the Pink Ray. Each skin colour was represented with a Divine meaning and was meant to be combined to Master all and each reference, not to cause separatism. During the time when I was physically a part of Africa, there came other beings that had other ideas for the continent of Africa. The Three Fold Flame that at one time was incredibly large began to diminish. The people of Africa began to lose their spark that connected them to the Source of their Faith. Many wandered off the path of Oneness and the unity once had, became lost. But not all is lost forever.

My great love is uniting the people of Africa back to the Pure Light of God that lies within their own beating hearts. I see this happening more and more and it pleases me so. To see ALL people, regardless of skin colour be able to embrace one another, work together, live and love without conflict. It is not perfect, but the guidance from the many masters is helping as well as the many Light Workers that have been expressing their undying love for the people of the African land. To be able to look beyond the skin colour and see those colours I have mentioned above on their spirit instead is commendable.

Not just the African people or their descendants in other countries, but ALL people of the world are to find a brotherhood, a unity that connects to them to a common goal and that goal is Unity with God. The connection was never completely severed, but for some it is need of repair and additional love. The people of Africa and the people of the world will indeed return to the Oneness they originally shared before the Fall of Eden. It does not matter what you skin colour, race, religion preference is; all people are in need of love. ALL beings on the wonderful planet are deserving of respect, love and compassion.

It is time dear ones to put aside those differences that were based on colour, race, religion and other discriminating categories and to purely LOVE. Love all unconditionally from the purity of your God-like Heart, with unspeakable compassion and kindness for everyone. I see this happening slowly and this great LOVE for the world’s peoples will continue to grow as more and more awaken to the Light of God. You will find your Christ self and begin to live through your heart. When you begin doing this, you will see the world around you with different, fresh eyes.

If need be, forgive yourself if you have caused any wrong towards other people of colour and forgive these people also. Accept this forgiveness as a lesson dear one as a necessary part of your journey and move forward to the next awaiting portion of the journey that is bringing you closer and closer to the Oneness of your heart and to God. This does not mean dear one you approach the first person of colour and apologize to them, they would think of this as strange behaviour. Make the forgiveness to the people of colour to their spirit and to God, so God can release these tight holding energies from your spiritual body and ease the weight you carry.

Each of you are precious and loved so dearly. You may call upon me or any other Master, angel or deity and we will guide, support and love you. But it is you that must do the work to make the necessary changes. I believe you can make the necessary changes to your beliefs that will enable you to love all beings that reside on this fine earth with you. You share a beautiful and bountiful planet, take your time to get to know one another again, and see not just friendships blossom, but wisdom being shared. This is a time of great change in so many ways and areas of the world dear ones, take advantage of these changing times to Shine with the Love of God, streaming from your unconditional heart for all people, working together for the Greater Good and for Oneness of spirit with God.

I AM preparing to leave now dear ones. There is plenty here yet to speak of, but we will save that for another day, as there is plenty of time. My love for all of you is infinite; you never have reason to doubt this.

And so it is…Ascended Master, Afra through Julie Miller


* For more information about the colours and Ascended Master Afra there is a book:
Afra, brother of light: spiritual teachings from an ascended master By Elizabeth Clare Prophet.