Message from Cosmic Master & Goddess Hathor
Channeled by:
October 15, 2011

Welcome brothers, Welcome Sisters. It is indeed a great pleasure to be talking to so many through this . We have much to discuss, so let us begin.

There is beauty throughout your world, in many guises and appearances. Some beauty requires a further and deeper look beyond the exterior but the beauty is there if one is willing to be patient and search. I have learned during my lifetime, that not all things that are beautiful on the outside are beautiful on the inside. This child whom I speak through today, asked me if I have learned this, and I cannot lie, for it serves me no purpose to deceive her or anyone. Learning is done on all levels, especially during a time where there is so much change. What one learned yesterday may no longer be applicable tomorrow. It is important dear ones to learn your lessons well as you are moving ever so quickly along the journey to your enlightenment.

This beauty I speak of that surrounds you is in nature, in your everyday life, in yourself, in others, and of course in the vast universe of the stars, planets and moons. Everything you see, either in books, Internet, television or from real life experiences, holds a beauty that is on the surface. You see a shiny, non-bruised apple; it appears to you as a beautiful sight. A rose that has not rusted from dampness nor has any black spots is beautiful, or a bubbly child full of laughter and joy in most definitely beautiful. These are all beautiful and they are all exterior beauty; beauty on the outside. The same kind of beauty you apply nearly every day when you dress for work, school, to socialize or just to be; you dress yourself up, you apply cosmetics, perfumes, colognes, etc. This kind of beauty is what I know very well. I am known for enjoying all things that are beautiful.

There is more to being beautiful dear ones than your appearance. True beauty lies within, comes from your heart and soul. For many, this acknowledgement has remained buried for quite some time, and it’s time for it to be revealed and noticed. To shine your beautiful self, inside and out does not mean you are vain, just shows the love you have for yourself and for others. Respecting yourself and who you are is beautiful dear ones. Being beautiful is not just for the women, but the men also. There are many beautiful men in the world that have equally beautiful souls. There are few men that are secure enough to see this beauty and acknowledge it without feeling either silly or macho (in your terms).

Many of you, who know who I am, know one of my symbols is a double sided mirror. The mirror shows the true image of YOU. If you look deep within yourself and within the mirror you can see your individual strength and power. Yes, you have inner power. This power that works closely with your inner strength, faith, confidence and self-love is what aids you to carry on in your journey. Yes, you do have assistance from your guides when you call upon them, but it is YOU that is doing the work, going through the motions as meticulous as you can. You make sure you are doing the best you possibly can with all the effort you can muster.

Take comfort in your complete beauty; be at peace with ALL of you. Each and every one of you is BEAUTIFUL, inside and out. You do not need make-up, or fine clothes to be beautiful. These ‘things’ only aid to your outer beauty temporarily and require much attention, where your inner beauty rarely fades. And if it does fade it does not require any amount of money to bring it back up to its incredible lustre. It is understood that you wish to have certain comforts that brings you joy while you live in this world and reality. I am asking of you dear ones, to look within yourself more and see the beauty I see.

Every time you learn a new lesson or broaden your spiritual awareness, you are nurturing this beauty that lives inside of you. All this beauty comes from you heart dear ones; where you have been learning how to express yourself with pure Intent and love each and every time. Your speech, your actions, your written word speaks volumes of who you are as a person dear ones. It’s always a good idea to be aware of your own state of mind before you lash out on another person who does not see where your anger or discord comes from. Even anger can be beautiful but very dangerous if left uncontrolled and allowed to stew for too long.

I am now preparing to conclude today’s discussion with a few more words. I implore you to see within all living creatures, including plant life, animals, insects, humans, etc., and see the beauty that has always been there for you to enjoy. What you will find will not only bring you joy, but make you smile in complete acceptance and love for ALL. Feel the warmth of my love swirl around you in gold hues as I depart this dear one.

And so it is…Cosmic Master and Goddess Hathor