By Bret Varcados

All that we are is the of what we have thought – Buddha

~ True beauty comes from within, Physical appearance only enhances the of ones conscious perspective.. Because The most beautiful people have an inner light shining through their physical ,

~ The beauty of a dream exists in reality only when it is processed through a cause. The completion of task is felt as a gratifying within and this reflects to those around us as inspiration. Your beauty inspires many people in many ways, But the most powerful reflection you have to others is that of your happiness and your for life ..~~

~ The is the conscious souls container, the vessel of the universal 's transformation.

Through our attitude we control the substance of our joy, and the love for one another, It also provides the energy our thoughts require to transform into the physical world of our reflections But, To find inner peace of mind, We must look through our ego and into our heart. The result will be a clear picture of what's important to your soul and the world as a whole. ~~ ~~

~ We are all children admittedly or not, Our growth is in the acknowledgment of the and consciousness.. ~ To enjoy our path is to enjoy the journey with a , This because, The light of joy is not an issue but a container we drink from.. Enjoy the journey within and the world becomes a brighter place.. ~ =o)

~ To proceed in a progressive way, one must create the proper perspective, and then a better day by laying the foundation for it. Whether you enjoy the journey or not, it is what you make of it..

~Enjoy the beauty and attitude you create in your path within the journey of life..=o)

In lak'ech my friend ~